Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Hair Style

after 20 yrs, i've finally decided that i'd give it a try to change my hairstyle.. haha.. at first, i thought of cutting it 'bald' type.. (those commando style) but come to think of it.. better not.. haha.. the day b4, while we (jason, ian and i) were working, we come out with different type of hairstyles lar.. looking at passerby's hair.. (but noticed most of them are bald)

in the end, ian took us to his 'hairdresser'; a saloon near antap cafe.. we were being greeted and served by ladies in their mid twenties.. lol.. i let the hairdresser to decide for me what kind of hairstyle suits me.. she said my hair is TOO wavy and thick.. ask me to cut short.. oh well, whatever goes... since i havent changed my hairstyle for the last 20 yrs..

the outcome was quite nice lar.. not bad at all. and it's only RM6~! (student price).. but i did the most horrible thing... when i bathed that time, my hair terkena water.. then gel on the fringe wear off dee.. came out, all slump down dee.. sigh.. tehn i tried to fix it.. but couldn't manage to lar.. partly, i was rushing for work also... in the end, when i was in ian's car.. they go laugh at me.. sahy my hair looks like some tokoh sejarah from sabah/sarawak wan.. aihhh... in the end, go change back to my normal hairstyle.. :(

then, during our dinner break, we went to shop for hair gels.. and i bought this "wax" thing.. recommended by euwen.. he said it's the latest trend right now.. haha.. the rest of the story.. hmm.. ntg much lar.. still the same old boring work life.. sigh.. but it's gonna end soon.. yay!! =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Planet Shaker's Concert...

finally.. after days of work.. have something to look fwd to... planet shaker's concert! lol.. life these days have been so mundane... sigh.. and i actually lost this 'yellow pass card' yesterday night.. hopefully i dropped in ian's car lar.. otherwise, need to pay a fine of RM10.. which is like about 2 and a half hours of work.. lol...

purposely ask for a morning shift so that can go for the planet shaker's concert which is held in yuk choy school at 730pm... my shift finishes at 6 while ian and jason at 7... pity them though, cause they have to rush.. while for me, i even took a nap b4 driving all of them there... hehe

the concert was quite alright.. started at 8.. in which all of us have to wait outside cause they won't let us in until 8.. it's really kinda stress releasing.. praising God, shouting your lungs out and jump till you it was quite fun.. the speaker qutie good lar... the band quite happening... managed to sell one mariaville ticket to kitmay... hehe..

tmr might go cut hair in ian's saloon.. hehe.. for the first time in 20 yrs.. i might change my hair style.. lol... wonder how it'll look like... and work for another 4 more days only... yay!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


easter sunday~! for the first tiem, i'm actually contributing something to the church.. by joining the choir...the songs are actually very nice though.. got 2 acapella songs.. one is "this is the day" and the other is "hallelujah chorus".. and i kinda blur blur that day.. dind't know that mass starts at 900am.. then i'm supposed to fetch my sister.. at 830. she still bathing... lol.. then i told her i needed to be there at 830 (and also thought that it starts at 830).. so, she followed li leen there and i reached there on time.. (in which got alot of later comers also but b4 9 la)..

after church, we took some choir photo and i joined my sister for breakfast in central canning gdn... sister wanted to treat a meal for my results and also since it's easter, so, my dad brought us to kok thai to eat at 12.. (chose there cause i can just walk to jusco to work later at 1pm)

btw, today's sales was extremely good.. actually made it about 2k.. 2.2k actually.. i think i can be some salesman liao... haha... managed to persuade 2 customers to purcase Rm150 above to get the travelling bag worth RM199 at only RM18 (purchase with purchase).. lol.. then pity jason they all.. cause they thought their pay is 500 over.. but after counting properly. it's only 400 plus (near to 500 la).. hmm... mine only 300 plus.... =(


Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday...

actually, this post has nothign to do with good friday... just that, i've to work FULL DAY on today... with ian and jason too lar of course.. lol... today, our working place has became the 'cgmc corner'... so many cgmc ppl came to visit.. from lil girls to youth to aunties & uncles.. lol.. ppl i know are just joanna and mike, kitmay with her family.. then the girl ian told me about, sitt fun.. was there too.. lol... that ian so hebat.. all started from a 'hi' in lower 6 during marching practise.....

sigh.. working full day can be a torture.. 10am to 10pm... and i've to go church at 8pm for good friday.. well, i did play some fault abit lar.. when i left for church, kinda like counted for pay.. so, for my dinner break, i only used 15 min and tried to make up for the 1 hour i miss to go church... and go church also... have to stand.. cause no place to sit.. to make things worse, have to walk to church....

now my leg also numb dee.. my tapak kaki.. rendaming in the hot water now. dunno whether it helps anot.. lol.. sis coming back later.. so late liao...=/


Thursday, March 24, 2005

work today was kinda 'interesting' though... we had our 'perverted' day.. lol.. the story goes like this.. there's this gal working in sub.. at first, she was wiping the glass window lar.. i was out for toilet then.. when i came back, ian told me bout the gal.. everytime she bent down.. can see her butt wan.. and told me he was distracted by it... lol.. then later, when jason's around.. she was doing some packing stuff... then told jason la.. haha.. then he purposely take out his specs for a better look.. really quite obscene lar.. can see almost half off the butt... the butt line.. eeww... then jason got attracted to her liao.. say her body very nice... hahaha...

ooh, then there's this customer (guy).. damn freaking rich.. he went to jason's dep and bought 2 items from there.. 4 items from my dept and a few items from the other depts.. crazy man.. he's the first customer who managed to reach over the RM150 limit and get a Rm18.00 emilio valentino travelling bag worth RM199.. interested? come and shop.. :)

went to church at night for holy thursday.. can see the priest, and the "12 disciples".. 6 ppl on his right, another on the left... then got washing of the feet.. tmr work full day.. die.. =((

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

man, i'm so not used to working.... b4 this.. i've the day all by myself.. i can do whatever i like.. time is my ally... but now... i dun even have time to bathe man just now... the moment i came back from work, i though that i could have at least some one hour of time for myself.. but see see, i've to help my mum go scan some pics, edit it.. and go print it out.. dunno why, but i felt quite frustrated + irritated by then... but i shouldn't be, cause i did tell her that i'll help her... then this ferdi another case. cause he's supposed to be in the church choir.. now he wanna back out cause i can't come for prac on saturday.. sigh, i dun give a f* bout it dee... sick of persuading him to come..

tmr, i've to wake up early to work.. luckily at 10.. but i've to stand for 9 hours.. luckily got one hour break in btw... and come to think of the no time for myself.. sigh.. i've to skip all my capt ball practices, skip my choir practise.. luckily i can still go for easter mass... and my sis's is coming back this coming weekend.. won't really see her that often i guess.. oh well... who go ask me to work...?

then again, on the brighter side.. after this 2 weeks of *suffering*, i'm gonna be loaded with extra cash... AND.. i'm gonna appreciate the rest of the holidays awaiting for me.. =D


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

WORrrK~@! (and new car)

i was out with gary in the morning to get his BSN slip... he can lose such an important thing... that's the only ticket to apply local universities... later, as we were having lunch behind jusco.. we bumped into thean seng, yee hui, ian and jason... then we chatted there lar... ian then told me that there's still vacancy at where he's working at.. so i thought to myself, "well, what the heck, why not give it a try?"..

so, i went to jj with gary after that... at first, wanna ask the job but the boss's not around.. then, we went capcom, shop for dvd medias.. haha.. then i played that drum thing for the first time (2nd time actually).. quite fun la.. and dumb.. rm2 man.. crazy... gary wasted some tokens to fly a plane.. haha.. the moment he lift off.. he crashed liao.. GAME OVER>.. there goes the 3 tokens... when we're gonna leave, then i thought why not go find the boss agian... and voila... he go ask me to start work at 6pm.. lol.... quickly went back, helped gary with some IPTA stuff.. and went home to rest..

sigh, working in jj can be such a disaster.. firstly, i wore the wrong dress code.. luckily the guard say since first day working, then he'll let me off... then during the sales, i kinda got confused with the 50% and the 70% stuff.. then, i go sell 2 shirts 70% off when it's supposed to be 50% off.. fark man.. then i feel so guilty afterds... later, i decided to call the boss to make my confession.. haha.. sigh.. working there is like standing like a dog only... luckily there's euwen (a familiar face; more or less) to talk to..working for 4 hours is like whole day dee... i can't imagine how i'm gonna survive working tmr from 1 to 10pm.. sigh.. luckily it's only for 2 weeks... if it's longer.. i think i can die.... worse thing is, after standing for hourss... i've to walk home.... =/

oh, bout the new car.. mum's car finally arrived... the kelisa.. guess next time there's a car for me to drive liao.. yay... haha...


one big joke happened today... can't believe i can fall victim for it... sigh.. my mum asked me to help her troubleshoot the fax machine in her school.. fine lar, i tot it's just something simple.. cause it only involves simple faxing stuffs... well, so i did try la.. read the manual and follow exactly the steps.. but apparently there's no respond from the remote machine.. tried other ways and still the same... then only i realised.. the blardy phone line is not connected to the jack on the wall.. damn *char tou*.. sigh. i tested the line with another phone lar.. mmg no dial tone geh.. haha.. guess the first thing that we need to check is the connection on any machinery...

and i respect gary.... can actually make such a great move.. one giant leap with a girl he only know for a few hours.. lol.. better not put any details here... anyway, he kononnya wanna go gym in the evening.. but see see, go take me to his house for tea.. sigh.. then at night, i went out with him and ALOT of other bunch of ppl for futsal... though i dind't play, i only go there cause gary said he'll treat me ramlee burger after that... hehe... in which he did... yummy... :D (sigh, i'm gonna get fat)


Sunday, March 20, 2005

sleep is your friend... sleep is good... sleep is like drug... once you get overdosed with it, you'll want it more... and that's what happened to me today... woke up at 11am in the morning... ate lunch, slept back at 2pm till 5pm.. haha.. well, the only thing that's beneficial that i've did is that i went for choir practise at 6pm.. sigh.. sad case...


Saturday, March 19, 2005

USM talk.. *sighs*

lack of sleep, lack of sleep... sighs... slept at 1am plus in the morning but had to force myself to wake up at 545... i got ready by 6 but cp's parents only arrived near to 630.. then, off to penang~!

was crossing the penang bridge at 8am.. the talk starts at 9am but our stomach doesn't permit us to go straight there, so, cp's dad took us to bayan lepas (on the way there act) for breakfast.. quite cham go png to eat.. cause almost everyone speaks either hokkien or mandarin.. in which, both also we dunno.. haha.. so, we kinda communicate like broken english like that la.. hehe.. we ate bihun there and also some half boiled egg with butter toast bread.. quite nice.. :)

reached USM at 9am.. i was told that the whole thing supposed to be from 9am to 4pm.. k la.. fair enough.. but see see, it was such a big joke.. all we did was fill in some form, stating the courses that you want, and how good our grades are.. then, we go inside the room, and it happens to be some sort of a counselling session.. a man will talk to you on the job prospects, the requirements for a particular course;whether our grades fair enough to apply anot.. those stuff.. and in less than an hour, we're all done.. ready to go back.. lol... and it was just 9 smtg.. sigh..

as we could't decide on where to go... we spend the whole day in gurney plaza.. ya, you must think that it's very fun... but heck no~! it was bore like shit~!!.. it's kinda like going shopping with my family... cp's dad went off somewhere while he say will come back and pick us up.. then cp and her mum (like my sis and mum) went girl shopping while i just follow.. aihh.. but i did wander off myself la.. hehe..

went for lunch nearby.. ate those mee, mihun,ho jian, those type of stuff (kinda like hoong tho type wan, served in big plates then all of us share).. after that, as it was too hot for us to go anywhere, spend another 2 hours or so in gurney plaza again.. aih... rot again.. :(

after that, went to pulau tikus for some laksa while i had koay teow cause i dun take spicy food.. but i had a taste of the laksa lar.. damn good, very thick.. but very hot...~! wanted to go back aft that dee... but cp's dad wannna go carefour first...
only that, left png at around 545... went straight to church once i reached ipoh at 715.. it was palm sunday though.. they were all reading the psalms when i reached there....

went to stadium for dinner.. had a nice chicken maryland... ate out the whole day.. and i'm damn freaknig tired... but dun think that i'll be sleeping earlier tonight.. haha.. see lar... see my stamina can take me how far... :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sports ALL Day~!

sports in the morning, sports in the evening and sports at night.. sigh.. never knew i'm Thaaat sporty~!.. lol... actually, i almost missed the morning sports caused was still sleeping.. but luckily bj called me at 8 and i rushed; managed to reached there at 830 instead of 730 that was planned.. not many was there though.. only got bj, yew lok, kiat win and jason.. but at least, i'm not the latest.. ferdi was waaayyy later than me.. ;P

sports in the evening was as usual lar.. capt ball practise.. not much different though.. oh, and i finally wrote my 'essay' for the ntu scholarship liao.. haha.. but first, must send it to my sis for 1st evaluation b4 submitting it.. :)

sports at night wasn't that happening again.. not many ppl.. the same old guys la.. haha.. guess the 'jinx' is right lar.. b4 we started coming for it, there were so many gals.. now, hardly can see any... but there's a new face though, some std 4 kid called andrew. haha.. he so bersmngt wanna play lar.. and he's quite cocky for someone his size.. we played a while only.. left at 1130 to stadium and reached home b4 12..


Thursday, March 17, 2005

these days, malas to apply stuff dee.... dunno what to apply, and i dun like to fill in forms.. sigh..

in the afternoon, ferdi came over to practise the hallelujah song for the choir with the accompaniment from the piano.. haha.. so freakin hard lar.. i think it's quite impossible for us to reach that high note (tenor part), so, we sang an octave lower.. lol.. then, we played raiden 2 cause dunno what to do... he wanted to go play dota wan.. but he dind't drive... but later, he called yen kheng out.. and he fetched us to imax right after dropping by in his tuition centre... we didn't play dota though.. cause yk has to go back early... instead, we played condition zero.. haha.. quite dumb lar.. 2 of us vs yk...

after a short nap, went to get ready to go for some STPM talk by the MCA ppl... it's so stuffy, cramped up and HOT~!.. and the best thing is... we've no idea what they're talking about... everything's in MANDARIN... therefore, halfway during the thing, we went back.. hahaha.. then that jason havent had dinner, so we went somewhere nearby... and guess wat, we went to play dota after that.. lol.. instead of going to some educational seminar, we went for dota.. haha...

ian's cousin, euwen(quite hebat wan) and ferdi in one team, while ian, me and jason another... well, it was by far one of the interesting games i hadlar.. durin the beginning, we kinda almost lost lar.. cause ferdi's using furion and keep on pushing and euwen's kinda good... but towards the later part of the game, esp when i got the eye of skadi for jugger, everything went better... ian (rhasta) and i kinda tagged team to kill euwen(Lina) cause he keep on killing us.. lol.. then that jason always kena kill wan.. haha...


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

early in the morning, had to go to school with bj to certify the remaining certs.. we waited so long for mr louis to be free to verify our certs.. though, we 'chop' the certs ourselves and left it on his table lar... then, we go outside and talk to the ppl who are there... we sniped porn star's pics using bj's pda.. haha...
later, went to post office to post the NTU certs as well as the STAR education fund...

played dota at 4.. with jason, ferdi, yw and boon jin.. haha.. bj quite cham.. we always find him to kill wan.. cause it's free kill... lol.. but quite oklar.. had fun.. jason had to go for meeting at 5.. but we palyed till 530.. lol... game addiction..

went out with cp at night to replace the ink cartridge.. wasn't compatible, the one that she bought.. so, her mum fetched us to tesco to replace them... then she bought RotiBoy for me.. yay!.. haha.. first time eating them.. lol.. then went to bj's house after that where yw's already there.. they all play snes games wor.. then i go there, watch them play only.. haha.. went back at 11 plus...


Monday, March 14, 2005


planned to wake up at 9am and get ready to go school.. but was disturbed by a phone call from cp at 830.. she said she can't sleep and is too worried.. aih... then i've to fetch her to school, asking me to hide her hedious face (from crying) and help her certify certs... at first, i almost couldn't drive there.. cause car got some water leak and had to go servicing.. but the mechanic say he not free today or something, so, i was able to drive there lar...

reached school at 10am, just in time to listen to the announcements of the top students for our school.. apparently, that boon jin is our superstar.. he scored 5As.. and was at the education department when we reached there.. he's the 2nd in perak supposedly...
then, the rest, all combination of A's and A-'s.. jv and yew lok got 4A and 1A-.. sigh, my name was not announced.... then i know i got a B dee... so sad... altogether there were 17 of them.. even ei leng got 1A + 3A-;same results as jason.. anand and ferdi 2A + 2A-.. yee weng missed chem 3A + 1A-.. thean seng and jason was very dissapointed... ts got 2A only.. so did jason... sigh.. well, for me.. i scored 2A 2A- and 1B+.. blardy PA.. i got a B+ for PA! sigh.. i hate BM!!.. then, my A- is for physics and chem.. aihh.. and that cp.. she so keng.. she got 3B+ and 1A-.. she said all she asked for is she dun wanna get a C.. aihh.. but after getting that results.. she wanna ask for more A.. sigh.. (humans, can never be satisfied).. ian got 3A- and 1B-.. jinann and liyen dind't get what they had in mind... below their par, their expectation.. and my parents, they all quite happy with my results lar.. cause basically, my siblings never get super good results wan geh.. hehe..

later at 11, we got a taklimat on to apply and stuff... wasn't very useful actually.. then, i've to wait for cp to certify guan sing's stuff in the office.. i took my 1119 cert from there also la.. had to fetch bj to jusco (cause he left his car keys in his sis's bag), yw,cp, and ts too.. went to photostat all my certs b4 going home...

in the afternoon, was supposed to play dota wan... but i got no tranposrt to imax... aihh.. plus, there isn't any electricity at home... and i'm stuck at home with nothing to do and no fan!! i've to sleep on the marble floor... luckily at 530, got bj to play basketball in cgmc.. only 4 of us was there... just shoot balls only.. never play games.. hehe.. went home slightly b4 7pm...

8 something, i walked to ian's house to apply for stuffs... went to search for scholarships and etc.. was there only for like about an hour or so... i came home, fill in the ipta online application, and also the star education fund.. have to go school tmr to certify all me certs and send in the supporting documents liao..


Sunday, March 13, 2005

last outing b4 release of STPM results

i went to church in the morning and by the end of it, miss kawalo suddenly asked to see me... apparently, she wants me to join for choir just for easter,.. cause they dun have enough man power...

brandon called me in the evening to go out with him as he only has another 2 hours left here b4 leaving back to kl.. so, he came and pick me up.. wanted to play foosball but he said the foosball table in wooley sucks big time... ended up picking yw from makro to play dota... and that brandon so funny.. go ask yw to buy mcD ice cream for him while he go and fetch him.. by the time we reached there, the ice cream all melt dee... haha...

went to imax for dota.. and brandon says he wanna leave by 6. and i've to go church at 6 for choir practise... i asked ferdi to go with me there... but he got church in st michael's at 530.. then, we finished a game at 540.. but that stupid yw say wanna play one more game.. and as game addicts as we are... we agreed lor... ended up, 630 liao.. only wanna stop playing.. brandon only stopped when his mother called him..
the best thing is, ferdi went straight to my house after church.. but i was in imax.. lol.. ended up, he come all the way to imax to pick me up to go church.. and brandon was already late, he had no time to fetch yw home also.. finally, ferdi dropped yw in church and his parents fetched him from there..

choir practise was quite alrite la.. i tot will get scolding cause almost an hour late.. but miss kawalo dind't seem to be bothered as much... so, we just joined in their choir practise la.. singing easter songs.. there's this song that's so damn hard.. some hallelujah song.. got some 'yeoldeing' skill... high and low notes, high and low notes.. crazy.. damn tiring...

after practise,i went with ferdi for dinner with anand, yen kheng and chin ping.. cp was there cause i've to help her buy ink for her printer.. we ate in fok tsing after meeting up in imax... one the way to tesco to buy the ink with cp, called yw and he told me he on the way to bj's house liao.. and i'm supposed to go there.. at that time, i tot i won't have tranport to go there.. so, i quickly hasten up to buy the ink, hoping i'll be done b4 yw reaches bj's house... well, it took quite fast to buy that miserable ink... but when i called that time, yw just reached bj's house.. sigh.. DAMN! so, have to make my way all the way back to imax and join them for dota.. haha. that cp learn how to play also.. but as a girl, she quite suck in it la.. have to help her.. luckily, she's going out with guan sing later.. then, i can follow guan sing to bj's house; which i did...

when i reached to bj's house, jv, thean seng, jasonlee, and yw already there.. with 2 comps in the living room.. first thing bj told me when i enter the house was (shit la, i dunno how to network 2 computers together).. lol.. and he's supposed to be the 'network king'.. that jv busy playing virtuacop2 on the pc.. he quite hebat also la.. accuracy quite high.. after he's done.. 6 of us made 3 teams (according to handicap).. yw and jason beginner level (cause yw sucks and jason is a "cilivian killer").. bj and i intermediate and then thean seng and jv the professionals.. lol.. that thean seng practically memorised everything.. where mobs will come out, where hidden weapons ar.. then that jv is based on his accuracy.. lol.. quite fun also lar....
later, we played cho tai di while ts plays msn and jason play gun bound.. we took turns la.. basically, we wanted that night to be some 'mini lan party' but ended up 'arcade party'.. after jv and jason left, we played super nintendo games... 4 of us, play 2 player game in each comp... starting at the same time and play the same game.. we compare la.. he can defeat the boss faster,e tc.. haha... we played this aeroplane game... (another which thean seng memorised liao)... and never completed it. haha.. the last mission's too hard.. we left at about 2 something in the morning... with little hours to sleep b4 the release of our results.. in a way, it's a good thing la, cause wont be able to simply think while sleeping, cause will be too tired.. :)


Saturday, March 12, 2005

somehow, everytime when i've to wake up early in the morning.. i always get insomnia.. and the night b4... i slept at like 3 something when i've to wake up at 6 something.. gary's supposed to come at 7 to pick me up for a waterfall trip in simpang pulai... (yeah, i never realised there's a waterfall there too.. it's on the way to cameron highland's) but, he only came at 730.. sigh, msian time.. we had breakfast first though in canning b4 going there..
At the waterfall there.., well, we dipped ourselves in a hot 'spring' for a 'warm up'.. aaron drove us there with anand doshi sitting in front, gary next to me and his gf next to him... after the hot tub, we went on some 'jungle trailing'.. had to move through steep and hilly trails to lead us to the "waterfall".. well, once we reached there.. only to realise that it wasn't as good as b4.. the waterfall is actually a dam where water flows down.. had some fun there though, despite the fact that it's not as deep as b4.. it's merely knee deep when it reached their necks when they came last time. probably due to the damn draught.. haha.. i went right under the 'waterfall' falling down from the rocks... there's one where the 'force' is so great, my pants nearly came off.. lol.. luckily i had swimming trunks inside...
somehow, thanx to some ppl who decided to go to cameron. *ahem* we actually did go there just for the fun of it.. that gary say it's just 15 minutes drive from where we are.. see see, about almost an hour only we reached kg raja.. and the best thing was.. we went all the way up there, just to get petrol (and some fags for those faggers) and we came all the way down after that... the trip down was dreadful.. 80km/h on bends and 100++km/h on straight roads... gary almost puked after the ride (heineken did some contribution to it though).. reached ipoh at about 1 where aaron has to drop gary's gal in amc there... where her mum's supposed to pick her at.. hehe.. all of us was so tired that time..
went home, ate lunch, and straight to bed.. after 2 hours of nap, i've to wake up for capt ball practise.. practise was as usual though... went back at 6 and got myself prepared for the harvest event at yuk choy.. gary and i was supposed to go together there.. by 630, he said he'll be there in 10 min time.. i've to rush cause havent had my dinner and my bath yet.. see see, only came just b4 7... and worse thing is, aaron had to eat dinner and fetch some of his friends there... in the end, we only reached there at 730.. well, it just started also lar at that time..
the harvest event was quite so so la.. starting part was quite er.. not so interesting though... with ice breakers game and stuff.. then the 'concert' wasn't that good.. the vocals kinda like out of tune, and the songs.. haven't heard of them b4.. so, can't sing along... later, there's this speaker from australia.. when i hear the first few words he say, can see that he's a good speaker.. but unfortunately, there's a 'translator' who translates everything in chinese.. sigh.. spoil everything only la.. some translating was quite bad also.. meaning totally out..
but towards the end, it went much better... with 'healing' and 'prayer' session.. it was good though... the ended with a blast. everyone shouting, singing, dancing... well, at least the ending's good.. but all in all, it was quite alrite la.. oh, and the cgmc sketch.. hehe.. ian did wonders on the video la.. lol... then they had the real sketch on stage too.. by far, it was almost one of the best 'agenda' that's laid out..
after the event, followed jo back and had supper behind samtet with jason, jo, tim and suk mun... reached home quite late.. almost 1am.. have to follow ferdi to church tmr.. *feeling tired*


Friday, March 11, 2005

news about STPM results..

damn... results are out on monday!! all of a sudden.. ppl come and tell me it's on the 14th... but only got 2 sources though... one is from the radio, and another is thru BERNAMA papers... sigh.. it was supposed to be on thursday (according to some chinese newspaper) and now.. i dun feel prepared at all to know what my results are... =(


Thursday, March 10, 2005

feel so lazy these few days... been waking up in the afternoon since the past few days. getting lazier and lazier... and more unhealthy... sigh, what do i do?? i need to get out from the house~~!!...

well, went for basketball in fairpark... was at cgmc geh.. then bj told me that everyone's in fairpark.. namely: anand, yen kheng, ferdi and etc. then, those cgmc ppl (jonathan, the small fella ,etc) come also.. say we not in church then not fun play dee.. then they come and find us... lol..

later, was supposed to go out with cp for ramlee burger. then ian asked whether wanna go pm anot... in the end, we ended up calling jill and jason along.. but we didn't go pm though.. we went to cgmc's makan place... just talked there... after sending ian and jill home.. jason, cp and i went to the pavillion there for ramlee.. hehe.. jason and i went into BT and played some arcade game.. lol... quite stupid la we all... sigh..2 nights in a row had ramlee.. sure gonna get fat lar...


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Photo Malaysia Outing

As i couldn't slept soundly last night (due to some stupid insomnia), felt kinda tired when i woke up in the morning.. Parents bought back breakfast for me and fetched me to JJ where we're supposed to meet in front of coffee bean at 930.. and i reached there at 930 sharp..

At first, I couldn't see anybody in front of CB.. but as i walked closer, some guy looked at me "friendliny" and smiled at me.. so, i suspected he's one of the PM members lar.. then he gave me this sign language of a person taking a photograph, i reached out my hand.. and shook his... he's "mic". Not long, 2 man came along, apparently, they happen to be 'zaman' and 'hliew'.. later, 'jetfynn' came.. and found "sebelas" lurking around at the entrance.. it was almost 10 and we were still waiting for the remaining ppl.. 'maxby' came in a waja together with 'gliblit' at around slightly after 10.. oh, there were also zaman's staff... maniam (van driver) and another malay guy...

We left to ulu chepor waterfall at 10 something.. kindly, 'hliew' offered me to use his Canon EOS-1D Mark II with all the accessories all attached ; the super heavy lens.. i think that camera weighs almost 5kg or so.. The others made the remark like "woah!! what a big camera" and "jetfynn" who happens to be quite a pro made a remark that the camera is one of the very good high end cameras around.. We ate our breakfast in a malay stall at the entrance of the waterfall.. there, maxby showed us some of his 'antique' cameras where it's mechanical and doesn't need a battery to be operated.. Later, he showed us a wide-angle camera that goes up to 173 degrees wide.. and also a 2 lensed camera.. Anyway, we made our way through the trails and went on our separate speed, taking our own sweet time to take pics.. And as i was just a newbie, i just fooled around and take some stupid pictures of the rocks and the waters... haha.. even took a shadow of myself... went all the way deep inside until we reach a place where we consider it as the "waterfall".. (the rock is quite high up and the water just falls down)

after that, we went to jetfynn's photo studio in bercham where we just lepakked and chit chatted there abit... But we were there for a while cause all of us started to get hungry.. Unfortunately, jetfynn couldn't join us cause he got a model shoot out at 3 later... we went to menglembu for lunch at this place called "good's shack" (or something like that).. this zaman, go order food la.. he ordered 2 types of chicken, 2 types of fish, mutton, KING sized prawns, vege, etc. There was so much lar... and we ate quite a lot.. haha... luckily, we managed to finish all the major dishes and left the vege and stuff unfinished.. it was zaman's treat.. in fact, breakfast also was his treat..

They decided to go to lumut after lunch where we visited the "mangrove park"..we slept on our way there as it was quite far away and a looongg road trip.. well, the trail was quite broken down as all the bridges wasn't properly maintained.. they stopped half way cause they think it's too dangerous to go further on... but i did go further in instead.. lol... was so afraid i would drop off (not my life, but the camera!!) it's like some obstacle course.. but it was fun lar.. haha.. over at the entrace, there's alot of monkeys wan.. and they're greedy!! i offered my drink to them, and they just deliberately take it out from my hand, open the cup's cover and drank the sugar cane water.. haha.. how cute... when we wanted to leave the place, there was this commotion at the entrance.. apparently, a monkey stole some malay lady's handphone.. then they monkey go climb up.. the phone rings and the monkey got bite the phone.. haha.. pity the lady..

it was getting late and maxby wanted to call it a day... but then, we decided to go to the beach for a while since it's just nearby.. at first, i was hoping to take some sunset pics, but it was still early in the evening... not even 5 yet.. so, we just experimented on the pictures lar.. gliblit got a very nice pic though.. think i'll ask him to send it to me.. haha.. :P we left at around 6 plus.. reached jj at 8pm.. although it was tiring, but it IS sure fun!.. first time outing with unknown ppl where i've only heard of them by their nicks.. haha.. think i'll go to bed and sleep now... *tired*

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a pic i took against the sunlight.

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me and my shadow!

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pls, it's not something fat mou!!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

woudln't want to wake up for badminton today at 9.. haha.. prefer sleeping at home... but eventually, i was woken up by ian's phone call at 11, said he wanted to come over to apply for the NTU admission...

Went out with ian to lepak a while.. lepakked around in stadium; ate there... but had to return early cause mum needs my help with sending an important mail to some dunno who... sigh... felt kinda 'dunno-what-to-do' in the afternoon liao.. past few days was either to watch summer scent or to read book.. in the end, i wasted my afternoon by playing super nintendo games by myself.. slept throughout the evening after that.. capt ball was cancelled though...

played games in cgmc at 930pm.. it wasn't as fun as last time though.. mainly, just played basketball and clumsily, i sprained my ankle... :( went to stadium to yum cha.. saw kiat win and his gf there... it wasn't as happening as last tiem la, but then again, at least, get to spend some time with friends... :)


Thursday, March 03, 2005

yay! finally.. i was able to finish off both the book and the ko. series... i actually stayed up till 5 plus just to finish reading the book.. it was too kan cheong lar.. haha.. then, slept at 2 plus to finish off my last 3 episodes of summer scent... finally, can get rid of this 'bond'...


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

for the past few days since i last blogged... i've only been doing 2 things at home..
1. Watch the korean series "summer scent"
2. Read "angels and demons"

well, today was slightly different.. in fact, i dind't even watch summer scent at all.. haha.. i went to ian's house in the morning.. (afternoon actually cause i woke up at 12pm) to give him suggestions (actually, he only wanna let us see his masterpiece) on the sketch's video he's been editing.. Needless to say, he made miracles.. the video was actually a failure by itself.. so annoying and no storyline.. but with the power of video editing and ian's creativity.. he had saved it... made it more interesting and logical..
went to lunch with ian and jason ling came later.. ian had to fetch the sam tet president guy to his house to let him see the 'makeover'.. cause, he actually "demanded" for the video to be remade.. but he himself say that the video was very good after editing.. actually, i pity ian though.. cause the video is not his responsiblity at all.. but he put so much effort into it.. such a nice person he is rite?

anyway, evening went for basketball with the usual ppl.. but it rained heavily all of a sudden.. so, we just stood by the side, chatted among ourselves.. by the time rain stopped, we continued playing ; the 4 of us.. (yw had a date with gary)
spent my whole night trying to edit back my sister's wedding video... sigh, my comp's not fast enough to handle video editing.. and therefore it's quite frustrating having to wait unnecessary time... too bad my movie maker ain't working, cause it only uses up a little of the comp's resources.. hopefully, the magix video edit will be better enough for me to make the wedding dinner's video..