Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

First duty for Valentine's Day is to help my mum in her school; as a photographer... cause they hired some lion dance thingy to be performed there.. my mum called at 830 and i was still sleeping buy then.. haha.. dun even have time to the toilet and went straight to school... saw sze yan there..

While i was surfing the net, my sister suddenly rang up.. I picked up the phone and she said "eh, come down to kl now!".. i was like dumbfounded.. haha.. apparently, the person's that she's supposd to come down with for a business trip suddenly had a meeting and couldn't make it.. so, it's a bit dangerous for a woman to go down to kelantan alone.. therefore, it's either me or my dad whose supposed to go down to kl today and the next 2 following days to kelantan.. and i pushed it to my dad.. =/
luckily, managed to get a plusliner ticket at 330 and fetched my dad there... i went straight to ian's house after that though... just to visit him..
he showed me some video that he made himself for valentine's day and alot of other pictures with his church friends.. then, apparently, yee weng actually DID went out with mei yin.. haha.. michelle called ian and said that she saw yw with myin together.. haha. and commented that yw dress like very err.. (going to interview type; tuck in shirt, etc.) while myin dress till very class. haha.. so glad for him..
(btw, we kinda planned alot of things lar when we went to bj's house last night... helped him set up a date and played NFSU2 with ts and yw..)

i've to catch a movie at 630.. and von only told me bout it at 445 like that.. so, i've to really RUSH to get ready.. cause i've to water the plants (that needs to take half an hour), eat, bathe, feed the fish and peel mandarin oranges (cause gonna busuk liao) haha.. plus i've to pick up sheik yan some more... anyway, managed to leave the house at 605 and reached jj at 635.. haha.. not bad eh? we watched constantine! very good show.. though i dun like the idea that angel gabriel is evil.. haha...
show ended like about 845, then we headed to onn kee to eat nga choi kai.. meanwhile, i went back home to put back the car and omega will be picking me up from my house.. (she joined us after the movie) the nga choi kai also quite nice... 8 of us all summed up to RM50.60 i think.. kar wai and another von's friend is there also lar..

later, all of them came to my house after sending siah back home when her mum came to pick her up at the nga choi kai place.. came my house for the mahjong.. since von's house dun have and they wanna learn how to play.. well, we played mahjong, black jack, in between till like 1am or so... then everyone went back...
oh, did i mention about cp's case? aih.. while i was in the cinema, she called up and ask me where grassland is.. i misund and tot it was medan gopeng and i gave her wrong directions.. in the end, she got fed up & lost and didn't want to talk to me anymore... sad case.. haha...
well, so much for valentine's day... quite nice lar... get to spend it with friends.. wonder what's installed for tmr..


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