Friday, February 18, 2005

sports at night

damn tiring lar... halfday i was like a pig and the other half play sports like mad... oksy, let me tell you bout the first half...

First Half:
woke up by boon jin's call at 10 to bank in money for the DVDRW to mika... after banking in, i went back to sleep.. i told bj i'll come back online at 1030.. but i slept till 1130.. haha.. online lo, then i watched charmed at 1330 like that while having lunch.. helped my bro download smallville and stargate SG-1 too.. after that, sleep back till 330.. then, adrian came at about 345 and that's all for the first half..

Second Half:
reached elim at 350 and i went inside the church to while waiting for the others to come.. at that time, james was playing the piano while adrian, edward and lai yee went out to buy ball.. eventually, everyone's here at 430 and hence, our practice starts... we started off with an unofficial monkey game.. then, we had this training where there will be groups (2 girls and a guy) and they will try to score a goal while passing to each other from one end to the other.. each drop of the ball costs 5 pumping.. lol..
after that, got this stamina training thingy where we ran one big round starting from elim hall, around chateau garden and then back to elim hall.. our game then started.. played till like 7pm.. followed kian mei back.. she had to fetch kar poh first in pasir putih... then, we kinda got lost there.. lol.. after fetching him back, he ask us to patah balik cause he forgot to take something... took us sometime to find our way back.. then, we went one big round just to get back home.. lol... went to buy drinks at the shell station near my house.. the 100 plus can is so expensive... RM1.60 each.. so, i bought the 100 plus bottle which differ in 20 cents with an additional 175ml..

came home, settled down and rested for a while b4 heading off to cgmc at 915 for games.. ian offered to fetch me though and came at 920.. anyway, reached cgmc and there they were.. the usual ppl.. jason, ian, yee weng, johnathan, boon jin, mike and andy.. we played basketball, ian's version of dodgeball, galah panjang, and then back to basketball.. ended at about 1130 and we went off for supper at weng fatt in ipoh gdn south.. i ate ham & bacon sandwhich that costs RM3.50 while the board outside states RM2.. aihh.. then, drink 2 cups of water, kopi o ice and iced leong sui.. went home at 1230... bathed for the 2nd time.. had to wait for my hair to dry and take advantage to blog... apparently, mika sent the dvd writer dee.. hopefully can get tmr.. and nanodoes got his rune cd liao. :)


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