Friday, February 25, 2005

never knew i'm that sporty.. back when i was in form 1/ form 2, my stamina's one of the worst among the scouts.. but thankfully for scouting, it did improved me alot in terms of physique and stamina... for example, today.. we had this training for capt ball.. where he had to run outside for stamina training.. reminds me of the 6km run.. i actually jogged non stop for like 15-20 min or so... uphill, rocky roads, cars at the side, etc.. was even one of the few ppl who're in front.. lol... guess my stamina ain't that bad after all eh...

capt ball started at 5.. one hour training and one hour playing.. my jumping skills not at optimum level liao.. probably of the one hour training b4 that.. it exhausted all my energy.. but it was good lar.. at least, can exercise more often from the fact that it's quite useless for me to stay at home... :/


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