Monday, February 07, 2005

my first chore when i woke up was to clean the room's netting and cleaned the computer table... well, that's about it.. haha... played LOTR the whole day while doing house chores at the same time.. (believe it!) but it's just minor stuffs lar... like taking out the mattress to be 'sun-tanned', fold the clothes.. actually, i feel kinda bad lar.. seeing my dad wipe all the subtle things that i wouldn't have noticed... he's preparing for the arrival of james and grace lar... expecting them to be home at aronud lunch time..

went for basketball in the evening and it was really 'tiring'.. haha... i warmed myself up by jogging all the way there... saw alot of old faces there prob with the fact that it's cny and everyone's home again... by the time i went back at 7.. koko and grace already came back... gave me the Canon A80 accessores and had dinner.. was sweating all over by then... haha.. my mum's jealous cause i bought something so exp for my dad for xmas and nothing for her... lol... but it's because i bumped into that thread in lowyat and it was very cheap.. and my mum? i dunno what she wants...

supposed to go out with my sis to do some cny shopping but end up she went yumcha with siva.. supopsedly siva's hair style is like guy's sebastian... the afro type.. lol... oh, omega's farewell's is held on the 12th according to the official farewell planner... but because siah couldn't make it, she has to change the date.. in a way, good also lar, then i no need to skip church... haha...

later at night, brandon came to take the cable for his camera.. then, we played magic for 2 rounds.. he used my cards to built a deck... haha... kesian him he kinda kalah teruk but i also dunno how to play liao.... sigh... have to sleep early today, hopefully my throat will be cured the next day..

ps: my throat's getting sore!! think i ate too much choc biscuits in cp's house yesterday.. sigh.. drink so much water today also uselss... hope it gets better otherwise, bye bye cny food.... :((


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