Sunday, February 20, 2005

last day outing with sheikyan and omega

woke up at noon.. aih, and i just online and sleep only... until like 6 plus when i'm supposed to go to jusco with sheik yan and omega.. watched shall we dance at 645.. the show's very nice i think... talks about ballroom dancing...
after the movie, we went shopping, or it's sheik yan and omega went shopping while i was the potter.. went to guardian to buy facial products, then, buy stationaries, clothes, socks and top up card.. met up with sek hee cause we're suppose to go supper together with his sunway friend and yee hui.. oh, jason came while we were buying stuffs... i actually bought the delifrance garlic bread, and i finished it ALONE!! the others dun wanna eat.. pity me throat.. all because of my greediness and the aroma of that garlic bread.. sigh..
for supper, we went to yes cafe behind jusco.. the girls finally get to eat their dinner (my treat) and ate tom yam fried rice... we shifted inside cause there were too many mosquitoes... haha.. and ordered ice cream inside.. sek hee's friend quite funny lar.. abit the not so outgoing type.. but he's friendly though.. keeps on asking about studies, uni, career and stuff.... :)
anyway, followed yee hui back... we dropped by in his house cause wanted to take something for sek hee... sigh, guess that'll be the last tiem i'll be seeing sheik yan and omega b4 they leave for australia.... hmm... =/


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