Wednesday, February 16, 2005

last day in ipoh for eng kiat

i woke up on time today to do my house chores at 930... and i'm supposed to go for breakfast with von, ek and siah to drink white coffee at ah chow's coffee shop.. von fetched me at about 11 when i had just enough time to finish my house chores with a few minutes to spare.. reached the place at 1120 and siah still wasn't there... von called her up and she was still at home.. lol.. we ate some pork noodle with our hot coffee (cold for von) while waiting for her..
Eng kiat still havent buy his bus ticket back.. haha.. and he actually planned to leave at 1.. anyway, we headed of to sri maju bus station to buy his ticket after our bfast with siah along.. but there was no stop to malacca.. therefore, we went all the way to medan gopeng and purchased a 3.00pm ticket.. he changed it to 3 cause we're supposed to have lunch at siah's house where her mum will make yee sang for us to eat..
Hence, we went to siah's house at 1220 or so but only managed to reach her house at 1300 cause of traffic jam.. finally, i'm able to recognise and familiarise the first garden road so that i can go to her house next time.. haha..
Anyway, while we were at siah's house, we played her new apple i-book.. it's my first time playing with a Mac comp.. then, we played this nanosaur game and also some marble extreme game thingy.. where you control a marble in a 3d environment.. it was quite fun.. haha.. oh, then i was kinda excited to play with siah's shih tzu.. but the dog was terrifying.. so fierce and unfriendly.. his hair was like all trimmed up (must be siah's fault) and was barking all the while.. then, i tried to be friendly with it by feeding him biscuits.. but after feeding him, he still kept on barknig at me.. horrible.. sigh... then, her mum came back after fetchin yuet whey from school.. she didn't have time to prepare the yee sang, so we had noodles instead.. actually, good also lar.. cause we kinda had a late breakfast and i had lots of layered cakes b4 that when siah's mum offered them.. it was so delicious.. but quite 'chai' la..
had lunch with siah's mum too and we talked about studies and places to eat around.. haha.. but too bad we can't stay any longer cause it was around 230 and we had to make a move.. but luckily i was smart... i said "auntie, we still wanna try your apple cake b4 we leave" hahaha.. i was capable enough to finish of 5 pieces in like 5-10 min or so... lol. it was SOO DELICIOUS.. then i asked auntie for the recipe but didn't really give me.. haha.... but she was kind enough to let me take back some home to let my mum try it.. 5 pieces altogether.. 5 for me and 5 for von.. yeah, it's still on my kitchen table waiting for my mum to be back...
Siah's mum led us to the shorter way to medan gopeng since it's 20 to 3... we managed to reach there right on time.. wished farewell to ek and home! was able to get home early to actually blog and have to go to the new house later to water the plants and also to von's place to copy some pics..


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