Tuesday, February 08, 2005

in the middle of my dream + reality, i hear a very familiar voice... it was rosemary! they're back! then i woke up, saw christie in the living room..we looked at the wedding pics and sache's honeymoon trip in hanoi...and then, everyone's rushing me to get dressed to go for breakfast... went to canning gdn hollywood for breakfast then went to jj to buy clothes for cny.. i bought this khakis at the lobby and then a white shirt from the departmental store.. quite a lot of ppl was there... took christie to the camera shop so that he could replace his car's controller's battery.. and then went to the supermarket to meet up with the rest... went to tesco after that to loook around and my bro bought a carton of jolly shandy... (no more stock for anglia)

came back for lunch and my brother cooked this australian style 'dory fish.. haha.. it's very nice and the lunch was very prosperous.. we had 'siu yuk', chicken, duck, fish, vege, chicken legs, etc... but our lunch was quite late though.. around 3.. cause by the time we came back from tesco also was like almost 2... i wanted to go to see the doctor for my throat, but in the end.. decided to just make and drink those herbal chinese tea..

whole afternoon after lunch, helped christie to fix some of his cave pics that are too underexposed by editing it in photoshop.. taught him some of the basics of the camera and also photo editing lar... haha. they were so amazed at what adobe can do for them.... lol...

slept after that, had dinner at almost 830... after putting money in the ang pau for my dad.. had white wine for dinner.. everyone's going out later.. and i? well, have to stay at hoem and do house chores.. haha... not that sad lar.. have to lar... swept and mop the floor and the help my mum peel some err.. thingy.. lol... while burn cds for my dad....


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