Monday, February 21, 2005

i needed to courier back the dvd writer to mika.. dad insisted on it cause whatever goods that you buy, it need to come in perfect condition... woke up early just to wrap the writer.. i even have to pay the postage fee myself..
i tried watching movies on tv thru my comp... watched a korean movie called 'the classic'.. actually, korean movies are not bad after all.. i've always thought they always end up bitter leaving the audience tears in their eyes... but after watching my sassy girl, it's kinda nice though.. then this 'the classic' is not bad after all.. talks about love btw 2 generations..

played sports in the evenin.. actually, sketch first at 430... then only played basketball at 5 till like 6? went to yee weng's house after that to play ping pong.. tehre's 6 of us! gary, ian, jason, yw, bj and i... haha.. all going for the genting trip tmr except for gary.. oh, and i still suck at ping pong.. then the father offered some ha peng.. i ate alot.. lol.. and drink alot of the F&N orange crush..
supposed to do shopping that night wan for the trip tmr.. but everyone lazy to go.. and i still havent packed yet.. sigh.. :(
oh, chatted with becky just now.. for once, i didn't provoke her.. haha.. sigh, feel so sleepy.. but my last time to chat with omega and shake.. and that hw finally wins me in minesweeper..sigh... oh well, i'm just not concentrating.. haha..


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