Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Genting Trip - Day 2 (last and final day)

bj's phone alarm rang first at 830.. while mine rang at 845... well, i've to wake up at that time cause i've to call sheik yan and wish her a safe flight to australia.. i went out of the room, go knock ian's room door... seeing there's no reply.. i went back to sleep... ooh, and bj already woke up by then cause he tot everyone awake liao.. haha.. while he was bathing, i went back to sleep at 9.. and woke up an hour later.. hehe.. that bj 'entertained' himself by drying his hair for one hour!! lol.. oklar.. abit exaggerated, cause he got read reader's digest also..

in the end, it's sai to the rescue.. haha... first thing i did was call jason's room thru the 'room to room' service.. and luckily i did that.. cause kf still has to work and when i called, he was like "shit! 10 oclock already ar!?!??" (his work starts at 10) then, i go kacau ian they all... go bang on his door until he opens it up.. (haha.. i love to exaggerate..) after that, everyone wakes up dee.. lol.. everyone bathed (except for me cause i bathed the night b4) and this time, our 'meeting room' is the 2nd room.. cause the 1st room really in a mess lar.. ate buns, twiggies and cup noodle for breakfast... played tai di till we check out... our check out time is 12 and i bathed at 1155.. hehe... by 1215, we still in room B taking video of OJ committing suicide.. lol... we kept our luggages in the bell counter while we continued our last day roaming..

went to kyros kebab for our lunch where we met up with kean fatt, jason and yoong sin there... saw amelia (sc2 girl) and her amc friend + bf... FYI, i didn't eat while the rest did.. :) Yee Weng and OJ actually bought 2 meals!! after that, we walk to OSIM where we enjoyed the massaging service.. haha.. sat on a 16k chair.. and it was AWESOME.. even better than the one in lowyat plaza.. it was goodbye to kf, and we walked to some 'jungle' then to a garden.. we splitted up with jason they all cause they had to start work soon at 2..

then, it's our 'gila' time again.. we actually planned to do a 'cny video clip'.. haha.. you know, where all the kids (usually little girls) will dance and sing all the cny songs... then we 'imitated' them lar.. bj's the camera man.. using his own camera (no sound cause we intend to put in our own music later) while all of us the singers (except for OJ cause he scared malu).. we went to all kinds of places.. from the hotel lobby to the gardens outside to have our 'scenes act out'.. haha.. there was this fountain at the 'main garden' where we directed a 'porn' picture show.. haha.. some of us lies down on the marble floor and then bj will take the pic in a way such that the fountain will look as if it was being 'ejaculated'.. lol... then we did different types of poselar.. some drinking, licking.. and even filling it into a

we were so exhausted and tired after all those; went back to first world hotel lobby to rest... i was damn hungry at that time and i HAD to walk back up to buy myself lunch.. went to marrybrown and purchased a RM6.07 (including tax) burger.. it felt so good swallowing each bite of the burger.. haha.. then that jason, seeing me eating, felt hungry himself too.. so ian, oj and jason went back to kyros kebab to buy another lebanese bread.. BJ and YW was playing chess while i was wandering around... enjoying the last moments of the cold surroundings.. oh, while i was away to buy myself lunch, melissa chi (jason's sister), loo ann and gang went to genting.. bj said that she sniped our group like a shotgun.. haha.. b4 long, we went to collect our bags and we realised we were late.. we planned to be at the cable car at 345.. but at that time, they were still in the toilet.. picked up our bags at 350 and brisk walk all the way to the cable car.. and the worse thing is, the cable car suddenly stopped once we "lifted off".. the gondola was swinging and that yee weng was so afraid.. how pessimistic (thus, the small anus) but all went well after that.. we managed to reach the bus station at 425 (our bus was scheduled to leave at 430)

all of us was too tired and slept throughout the trip.. reached ipoh at 645 where we waited for our parents in medan kidd.. and good news for me from my dad.. the dvd writer arrived earlier in the morning and also the lowyat shirt.. once i arrived at home, straight away i open up the package, had dinner and installed the dvd writer.. and everything works perfectly.. chin ping came at 8pm to check her mail while waiting for guan sing to come pick her up for they're going to watch movie later..
most of the time, was busy editing pics and transferring pics with bj... i tot i would rest early that night.. but in the end, slept at 130.. sigh..


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