Saturday, February 26, 2005

for the first time, after so many months.. it rained heavily!! it was literally pouring, with thunderstorms and the wind could even blow the umbrella away.. i was at church that time... had to venture thru that curtains of raindrops.. (dunno whether it's the right metaphore to be used)

suddenly, gaming's back to like 10 yrs ago.. played nintendo emulator games with bj.. haha.. it actually does support multiplayer.. too bad ian's not around... he would have loved it.. imagine, things ppl do when they're bored.. but at least, thanx to jinann, i get to read 'angels and demons' for the time being.. :)



JacQ said...

Jinann? Ooi Jin Ann? How's she?

P3rSeUs said...

jac victor?? haha.. i wish..
yeah.. ooi jin ann... you sound like her long lost friend.. she's much thinner now compared to last time.. (but still gained weight from time to time)
anyway, if you want her contact, do tell me or something.. she's doing great now..