Thursday, February 24, 2005

FACON Educational Fair 2005

thought today would be a day to rest... but events keeps on coming in.. went for the education fair with bj at 1pm that was being held in syuen hotel..

saw alot of ppl there.. first person i see is ei leng and vi gie.. they're heading out from the building and ei leng told me that ian's inside with jo.. haha.. saw yee weng's whole family and mei yin's parents too.. we only asked about NTU, NUS and INTI.. but took alot of brochures and pamphletes..

went to boon jin's house right after taht where ian and yee weng joined us later.. supposed to make the 'cny video' that we directed in genting.. but in the end, they only went to view all the pics being taken in genting..

basketball in fair park at 530.. there was 8 of us there.. ferdi ; yee weng ; boon jin ; ian ; OJ ; me ; yen kheng ; jason.. then later, andy and some unknown guy came to join us... our game stopped after i made an offensive foul towards yee weng... his glasses crooked liao.. :( but later aft that, an uncle and a topless guy wants to play with us.. 3 on 3.. ferdi joined them.. and man, we kena trash teruk... but apparently, that uncle happens to be perak state basketball coach (dunno whether current or former).. he's damn good man.. crazy wan...

all these event is very exhaustful to my mind and body..... guess i really am gonna sleep early tonight.. :/


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