Thursday, February 03, 2005

didn't wanna wake up so early cause my bed it's soooo comfortable... but then, it's gonna be 1130 and i had to wake up.. thought of playing Battle For Middle Earth once i get up but was afraid kena lecture again.. so, first thing i did was.... have my breakfast then wiped all the ceiling fans... meantime, my dad did some painting job in the kitchen.. and well, after cleaning the fans, i've to wipe the wet kitchen's toilet's window (which was all greasy.. eew) and had to paint some parts that my father couldn't reach with the wooden chair..
played battle for middle earth in the afternoon, then slept till 6 plus... had an appointment with gary at 730..
anyway, after dinner, waited for gary and he came with aaron and anotehr guy at about 8... went to mike's place... had a bottle of beer, 2 cups of whisky (venom) while play cho tai di with gary and then went to eat at the shop next to mike's place... was with gary, aaron, jon and diana.. ate koay teow and after that, went back to mike's place and had a bottle of house wine... well, kinda drank alot but it was ok then... the worse was 2 shots of whisky straight down the throat cause had to join them for supper next to mike's place... my face was like a pumpkin they say.. hahaha..
anyway, luckily aaron had to go home early. (at 1130) so, i can follow him back.. otherwise, God knows what tmie only i can go home.. supposed to bank in the money for the crystal, but by the time i came back online... i can't do that anymore.. (some maintenance thingy i guess) i suppose had to do it early morning tmr... hmm..


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