Thursday, February 17, 2005

dad's returning today.. took advantage of the car to go to the bank to bank in all my ang pau money and went to the post office to deliver the rune cd to the lowyat guy... Went to ian's house after i'm done to just lepak there... we tried to admit ourselves in oxford uni and scholarships that are attached to it.. haha.. nbtd...
couldn't stay for long cause i've to pick up my dad from the bus station at 12.. i just had like 10 min or so when i reached home b4 setting off again.. i reached medan gopeng right on time... surprisingly this time, my dad let me drive home.. cause usually once i pick him up, he'll drive the car wan... but we made a pit stop at my mum's school to pick up some stuffs.. then my dad came down just to say hi to my mum.. must have missed her cause few days never see liao... how loving... hahaha.. (eeww.. it's my parentS)

Joined ian and jason for lunch at wooley about 1.. but i had my lunch at home first lar.. oh, and i made a discovery... wooley upstairs punya recreation part actually has a foosball table and all the arcade machines costs like only 20cents per game!! haha... the foosball's only 50 cents for 6 balls... not bad eh?
jason got a call from anand while having lunch and we joined them for a game of monopoly in ee lin's house.. there was this one big group over there.. anand, ee lin, michelle, yen kheng, ferdi, me, ian, jason and yw (who came late) ferdi, jason and i made alliance while the other 4 (yw substituted ian who went home early due to thunderstorm and his pc's not off) another alliance... it's like perang salib.. haha.. christian's vs non christians (coincidentally) but we lost.. haha.. cause go where also got discount rates wan..

Went to cgmc after ee lin's house where i went there to sibuk about the sketch that ian they all are involved in.. yw went back early cause he complained that his leg was still hurting due to his injury (but i think he got masalah cinta) and bj came.. he tot got sports but ended up watching the sketch.. haha..there was jason as the dad, ian the director, and some other younger kids.. oh, then there's this f5 gal from amc.. looks quite pretty though.. happens to be the scriptwriter too..
was kinda hoping that shake was free geh... cause was supposed to watch seoul raiders with her.. but she was busy buying stuffs the whole day... hopefully there's some other time la.. (but she's gonna leave on wed liao)

night time, wathced new police story! the show's very nice lor.. haha.. and the vcd quality is good... think i can return it next year cause von won't be around dee.. haha.. oh, and i accepted this invitation on some blog called "stupid ppl" started by huey wen.. =P

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