Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cameron Highlands, here i CoMe!!

finally, a day that i can actually get out from this super warm weather.. we departed from ipoh like about 10 plus and had bfast in gunung rapat.. grace couldn't go along cause there wasn't any place left in the car.. it'll be either me or she that would stay at home.. cause christie's quite big and there's my bro in front and rosemary at the back too..
The trip took longer than expected cause my dad drove quite slow and there was traffic jam in all the major centres.. especially brinchang.. met up with 'sai lui and her husband' and 'ah chia' over there... went for lunch in brinchang where it's supposed to be the makan place in cameron cause tanah rata only offers malay food...
oh, when we reached err... kampung raja that area, we winded down the car's window and it was sooo nice!! haha... the wind's cold and the air is freshy cold.. get to see alot of 'pluck your own strawberries' places and flowers to be sold..
Anyway, as i was saying, since it was sai lui's bday, my bro so sai sum and bought a bday cake nearby to celebrate with her.. then ah chia's quite happy with christie cause he's quite friendly and very 'chin chai'... they went to buy 1+3d in brinchang.. haha.. We're supposed to go yum cha over in brinchang but my sister said that the place is like so congested and doesn't have that 'feel'(after walking for so long), so, suggested that we move on to tanah rata to have a hot cup of coffee in the smoke house.. Since lunch was paid by sai lui's husband, michael, they agreed that it's our turn to pay for the 'yum cha'.. ahaha.. it was a funny sight though; michael, james and christie all 'rebutting' to pay for lunch at the counter... lol..
oh, while we were walking around brinchang, went to several shops.. first was a phone shop, and the other a souvenier shop... there're some pewter paintings that costs almost RM1000!! crazzy... (RM950 to be exact) then, wanted to buy some cute collection of tea bags of various flavours for omega's farewell present.. haha.. but ended up not buying... (didn't think she fancy tea that much)
oh, the fun part was at the smoke house.. it was so 'london'ish.. although the drink there is blardy expensive, but it's quite worth it for a one time thing cause we have to pay for the setting and the ambience too.. there's this red phonebooth that's similar to london's type... and we pose and took pic there... haha... well, we took ALOT (and i mean alot) of pictures over at smoke house cause the scenary was so DAMN NICE!! they've got a award winning garden, and the setting in the house (where all the tables are in) was beautiful.. my brother pose at the grand piano and there's even a bar when i posed as a bartendar and i was serving wine to my sister.. (we took the bottle and the cup from that place.. lol)
then, christie and i went to the "for private residents only" and took some pics at the stair case.. then, there's a route to the back garden and we took pictures there... it's so beautiful.. haha.... probably shall put in some pics later...
after had our coffee and garlic bread.. (that meal costs RM89.90 for 8 ppl where we only had coffee and tea and 2 plates of garlic breads)
next, we went to some "taman permainan" to take a walk and savoured the cool air.. we had our 2nd child hood there.., hahaha.. we did so many poses ... we became statues, kung fu fighters, christie became spiderman, my sister went on the slide, etc... hahaha.. it was so fun... imagine, us adults playing and taking pics where all the kids are around... lol...
next, we went to shop for strawberries and flowers.. the flowers are so cheap, and my bro bought it since monday's valentine's day... haha.... and could last till that time... if i had a gf i'll probably buy back a bouquet of roses from there.. lol.. he bought RM10 and there's like one big bunch of flowers.... haha....
sounded like it was quite a short trip rite? but it lasted till quite late and we reached home at 650.. we spent most of the time wasting time on the road also.. due to the traffic jam.. oh, and the car's got this burning smell and we suspected that it's the clutches fault cause it was like stop and go, stop and go; at the hill slope..

Part 2:
Omega's Farewell
Back at home, we rushed to church and obviously, late for it since we only reached home at 650 (even though we dind't bathe).. but the mass was quite short though.. ended at 745.. homily was short and was conducted by a foreign priest... anyway, followed von and she drove ourselves over to omega's place for her farewell.. actually, kinda dumb though cause amy was in church and dind't follow us.. haha..
everyone was already in omega's house when we arrived (except for amy lar).. there was cmay there also but no siah... went to eat steamboat at a shop behind her house at RM18 per person.. dind't eat much though and i think it's quite pricey (not to mention oily and very yit hei cause can fry wan)
went back to omega's house after dinner and played cards(but cmay and delicia went back after dinner)... jason brought the playing cards when he joined us halfway when we were having dinner... we played tai di and shake always win.. played black jack where i became the dealer and lost!! =( [gambled 10cents only].. haha.. learned some new game.. dunno wat you pair up 6 cards so that each pair adds up to 10, etc....
but couldn't stay for long lar, von has a curfew cause she drove and went back at 12.. quite a tiring though but had fun lar.. too bad can't make it for lik wai's bbq thingy.. can eat more... haha...


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