Friday, February 04, 2005

back to school again..

had to get up early to prepare myself to school again... but this time, the mission is to sell the computing books.. but first, i had to teman bj go to public bank to help in transfer money for the 'seed' thing.. oh, b4 that.. i've to re-activate my maybank2u services cause last night they rejected my password for 3 times.. sigh... had to call the customer service... as i was saying, after banking in the money in public bank, we came back to my house,scan the receipt and sent it to the seller.. then my mum came back and gave me some lecture on the mariaville carnival thing..

off to school after that, parked inside and got stopped by the jaga.. say cannot park in school, bro matt will scold him, bla bla bla.. so, i told him that we'll be seeing brother matt later and tell him about it.. (which was obviously a lie) anyway, we came off clean by the time we left school...
oh, this time out computer lab trip was quick compared to lasy week... went inside, sold off old the books quite promptly and went off... wanted to look for jv to get details on some t-shirt printing shop.. but couldn't get him.. so, tot of looking for wan yoe lor.. but she said the contact's number with the end, had to go back and ask sinnyi for shum's number... went for lunch in the canteen lar b4 going back.. this time got no thean seng though.. he's supposed to join us to go to parade.. but we changed our mind and go home instead... so, he went back to his CF... haha..
did i mention about bj's fate with bj's "my girl"?? haha.. go where also can see her wan... from the CF room to the comp room, then staffroom.. and all the way to the car park.. lol.. oh, then the money from the book... dind't untung alot lar.. cause has to pay back bj for the graphic's card and stuff... hmm... but it was ok lar.. at least some side cash to use... :)

went back, online, slept a little.. then help my dad clean the living room b4 going for capt's ball... but anyway, never got to go cause it was raining heavily and adrian never showed up... ended up helping my mum do some homepage after helping my dad with the chores...

at night, went out with von they all... walked to jj first to meet up with shake there at 930 b4 proceeding to question mark cafe at 1030.. omega came along la... and i actually joined them at about 1015 or so.. sigh.. at least, there're books to entertain me in mph.. tried to play ez2dj but i kinda suck in it.. dunno why 02jam looks so simple.. that was because there was this whole bunch of convent girls outside mph la that's why ended up in capcom.. got su lyn, kian mei, the sc3 indian girls, shake and omega lor.. haha.. one big group there... after that only i met up with them and jason fetched us to ?cafe..

but he left shake and i there first while he and omega go fetch his sister and the rest.. so, we were stuck there for about half an hour b4 they come back... sigh..
all of us ordered lamb chop... haha. but all different flavours.. oh, there were von, omega, jason, delicia, shake and me... was quite fun talking to them... and we chatted till like 1230 b4 we go back... kesian jason,.. his curfew was at 12.. haha.. but the food only came at 1130..


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