Tuesday, February 01, 2005

another day to rise early... had to go to the dental clinic again.. and this time, had to wait longer though there were more parking area.. lol.... the numbering machine (the one that distributes your queue no.) had some technical problems and everything has to be done manually.. anyway, waited for like almost 2 hours.. and when i see the doc, she said she has alot of patients today and had no time to do filling for me.. so, she set up an appointment for me on the 28th of feb @ 9.30am.. afraid it'll clash with the stpm results.. oh, and since i drove there, i went to ei leng's house to 'pick up' my present... haha.. kinda procrastinated that for quite a while liao.. and she bought for me sound wrist rest with the shape of a cow.. haha... it's some rubbery cow with liquid inside.. (for ages 5 and above <-- that really cracked me up)

after i went home, and rested a bit, had to do some paint-job in the kitchen area where the comp is located... painted the sides of the wall, and wiped the windows of the wet kitchen.. it was horrible... dirt + grease... had to throw the cloth away after that..


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Anonymous said...

stpm results gonna out on the 28th? really?