Sunday, February 27, 2005

Angels and Demons

found myself a new hobby... well, a temporary one actually.. it's reading book!! "angels and demons" by Dan Browns.. By reading his book, can learn alot of stuffs from there though.. for example, in his "Da vinci code".. actually learnt alot about christianity; jesus and mary; and that mary magdalene is actually not a prostitute (which i found that it's true).. and about leonardo da vinci's painting... it's rather amazing how he figured out all these things.. because of that, i actually went to search on stuffs like cryptography... haha..

then on this angels and demons.. it's more on physics terms.. first thing i learnt was about ambigraphy where a writing is legible both upwards and downwards.. (rotate it 180 degrees and it reads the same thing).. and today, i read about antimatters which is created by the collision of 2 super fast particles that are generated from a machine called the particle accelerator.. and that when these 2 fast particles collides, it generates matters and antimatters.. (in that book, the collision produces a mini big bang).. and guess wat, i did some researching on the net and found that everything that is being written is true.. including the corporation (CERN) and it's research on antimatters.. and also, the big bang theory was actually beign proposed by a catholic priest with the name of Georges LemaƮtre..

haha.. must be thinking i'm such a freako who does 'researching' on fictional books.. well, that's what happens when you get curious whether all those information are for real or not.. guess i shall get back to reading now... lol..

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