Saturday, February 19, 2005

3rd visiting day

3rd and final day for visiting i guess.. same old ppl, anand and gang... first stop was at ferdi's house.. but ian needed man power to help out in his church first.. so, he fetched me, michelle and yee weng and stopped by in cgmc.. helped carry some stage extension.. oh, met jason ling there who had his practise for worship.. yee weng had to follow us cause he left his car in the church last night and the gate was closed when he wanna take it the night b4..

ferdi's mum made sarawak laksa for us to eat.. although i dun really eat spicy stuff, but it was really good plus it's not that hot after all... paul was the new-comer (but he only came for ferdi's house).. he brought his ps2 along but dind't play much.. ei leng was suppose to come but she couldn't find the house and pulled out in the end..
anyway, we coulnd't stay long in ferdi's house cause still got alot of houses to go, namely, mine.. haha.. came my house, collected ang pau, and palyed a few rounds of black jack.. left at 145 or so and headed off to ian's house... where we just chilled out there.. the same old thing, black jack and collect ang pau.. lol.. btw ferdi kalah teruk to yee weng inblack jack.. ferdi's the banker as usual and yee weng's luck damn good...
next stop, boon jin's house... chatted with his mum.. (and her mum thinks that michelle is yee weng's gf..) i took my dvd writer from him which arrived earlier in the morning.. made a pit stop in my house to put the writer in my house b4 heading off to ei leng's house... hmm, it's quite long there... all of us played with her brown dog whose name is 'yellow' and we suspect that the dog is gay.. haha.. he's attracted to guys... got one time when ian is scratching the dog, he licks him but when michelle did a similar gesture, the dog bit her... hahaha.. oh, we played mahjong there also... 4 of us, ei leng, me, ferdi and yee weng, while the rest of the ppl played carom.. did i mention that bj actually joined us? hehe..
later, mei yin came when we were just about to leave to her house... mei yin's afraid of dogs.. haha.. teased abit (or alot), we took some snap shots of the group also..
finally, the last stop: mei yin's house... yeah, as usual, palyed black jack.. but this time, yee weng become banker cause he wins so much... we left at around 530..

time for me to set-up my dvd writer.. at first, i forgot to set my jumper settings.. after that, i can't eject that damn writer!! the button doesn't seem to be working... heck, tot after church, i'll come back and kaji to fix it.. so, after my dinner, i replug everthing again, but still the same problem.. aihh.. so, have to live with it lar.. cause if wanna exhange, RM6 back to JB, and another RM6 back to ipoh.. so, i downloaded a software that can eject cd drives from window... hopefully, i can live with it lar.. bj borrowed me this whole series of summer scent and also the classic.. watched the first episode.. :)
k.. feel tired.. need sleep... *yawn*


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