Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2nd visiting day

when i looked at the clock the moment i opened my eyes, it's like "oh shit! it's 11am!~".. and i still had to water plants,feed fish, and sweep the floor while i'm supposed to go visiting at michelle's house at 1130... another rush case...
Anyway, somehow, miraculously, i was able to settle everything and am able to call ian last minute where he was already on the way to fetch jason ling..so, i can now join them.. time for another visiting day!!

First stop was supposed to be at mich's house but we went to ee lin's house first.. At that time, ee lin just came back and was kinda shocked that we were there cause we're supposed to be at mich's house... so, we waited for her to get ready and we went to mich's house and come back to ee lin's house again.. so, we walked to mich's house which is just a road away and we found the rest of the ppl there.. anand, chee ming, ferdi and of course, michelle... they were gambling at that time.. so, we joined them for a game of black jack while eating all the cny cookies.. and this ferdi.. he's so generouse with his money.. he kept on losing in black jack as he's the banker and his luck mmg suay lar.. haha.. then, i think almost all of us won.. (except for ian lar.. no win no lose)

after that, we went back to ee lin's house.. and this jason received his 2nd ang pau from her mum.. the story goes like this, the first time he went there, he said he was bernard..then now, his name is jason.. lol.. then auntie also played along lar.. and gave him his 2nd ang pau.. well, we gambled over there again with ferdi as the banker.. but his luck was better this time lar... i actually lost a few ringgit.. sigh, never had any luck at card games..

next, we went to xing min's house where we met up with wei tek there.. didn't do much at xing's house though... his dreamcast's controller has a problem and nobody gambled there. instead, we just chatted abit, browsed through his anime collection and FHM mags.. lol.. wasn't there too long when we moved on to yee weng's house next....

At Mr Au's house.. we found him with his ankle all wrapped up; suffered from ankle sprain the prev day while playing basketball.. this time the story's different.. i didn't play cards anymore... instead, i played mahjong with wei tek and ferdi.. haha... and i won RM12 altogether... haha.. but when yee weng replaced ferdi, he kept on winning.. although he's a newbie.. his cards are so damn nice.. after the tiles have all been drawn out, he already 'kiu wu'... and the rest, as usual, black jack.. ferdi lost almost RM40 plus overall..

later back at home at about 430 or so.. rested abit at home.. was supposed to join yvonne they all for seoul raiders but the show's at 450.. couldn't make it cause i still hve to do house chores.. so, i lepakked in the house, online, watch tv, newspaper etc until like 830 when i went to von's house where we meet up there.. at that time, kar wai was already back home and there's only ek, von, omega and shake.. pity von and ek.. was supposed to have dinner after their movie.. but got interrupted cause she has to fetch her dad and then fetch kar wai home.. by the time everything's settled.. it's already 8 something.. so, they just had cookies at home..
Oh, after we came, we went to pasar malam and it was so pathetic.. so little stalls were set up. probably cause it was raining heavily at 7 something.. therefore, we walked all the way to fook tsing and settled down there for our dinner/supper.. ate satay, chicken wing, koay teow.. haha..i'm a big eater..
after that, we went to cue1 cause von was dying to play pool... haha.. it was kinda ok lar... though i still suck at it.. i actually lost to von the first round but won back in the 2nd.. shake and omega also improving dee... but von improved drastically.. haha..

it was almost midnight that time when von has to be back at home.. so, i tot that's all for the day.. but when we reached her house, we decided to go in and play cards.. and we played "bridge"! taught shake how to play while omega and von just learned how to play not long ago.. it was quite funny though, cause omega and von seemed to be always pairing up while ek and shake/me in the same group.. only towards the end when there was man hunt at 130 when von dun wanna play cause she wanna watch it.. haha... pity ek though.. think he lost every round except for one time.. and omega kept on winning except once.. lol.. went back at 2am cause shake still has to wake up early the next morning to make her passport, her blazer, medical checkup, etc..


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