Sunday, February 27, 2005

Angels and Demons

found myself a new hobby... well, a temporary one actually.. it's reading book!! "angels and demons" by Dan Browns.. By reading his book, can learn alot of stuffs from there though.. for example, in his "Da vinci code".. actually learnt alot about christianity; jesus and mary; and that mary magdalene is actually not a prostitute (which i found that it's true).. and about leonardo da vinci's painting... it's rather amazing how he figured out all these things.. because of that, i actually went to search on stuffs like cryptography... haha..

then on this angels and demons.. it's more on physics terms.. first thing i learnt was about ambigraphy where a writing is legible both upwards and downwards.. (rotate it 180 degrees and it reads the same thing).. and today, i read about antimatters which is created by the collision of 2 super fast particles that are generated from a machine called the particle accelerator.. and that when these 2 fast particles collides, it generates matters and antimatters.. (in that book, the collision produces a mini big bang).. and guess wat, i did some researching on the net and found that everything that is being written is true.. including the corporation (CERN) and it's research on antimatters.. and also, the big bang theory was actually beign proposed by a catholic priest with the name of Georges LemaƮtre..

haha.. must be thinking i'm such a freako who does 'researching' on fictional books.. well, that's what happens when you get curious whether all those information are for real or not.. guess i shall get back to reading now... lol..

Saturday, February 26, 2005

for the first time, after so many months.. it rained heavily!! it was literally pouring, with thunderstorms and the wind could even blow the umbrella away.. i was at church that time... had to venture thru that curtains of raindrops.. (dunno whether it's the right metaphore to be used)

suddenly, gaming's back to like 10 yrs ago.. played nintendo emulator games with bj.. haha.. it actually does support multiplayer.. too bad ian's not around... he would have loved it.. imagine, things ppl do when they're bored.. but at least, thanx to jinann, i get to read 'angels and demons' for the time being.. :)


Friday, February 25, 2005

never knew i'm that sporty.. back when i was in form 1/ form 2, my stamina's one of the worst among the scouts.. but thankfully for scouting, it did improved me alot in terms of physique and stamina... for example, today.. we had this training for capt ball.. where he had to run outside for stamina training.. reminds me of the 6km run.. i actually jogged non stop for like 15-20 min or so... uphill, rocky roads, cars at the side, etc.. was even one of the few ppl who're in front.. lol... guess my stamina ain't that bad after all eh...

capt ball started at 5.. one hour training and one hour playing.. my jumping skills not at optimum level liao.. probably of the one hour training b4 that.. it exhausted all my energy.. but it was good lar.. at least, can exercise more often from the fact that it's quite useless for me to stay at home... :/


Thursday, February 24, 2005

FACON Educational Fair 2005

thought today would be a day to rest... but events keeps on coming in.. went for the education fair with bj at 1pm that was being held in syuen hotel..

saw alot of ppl there.. first person i see is ei leng and vi gie.. they're heading out from the building and ei leng told me that ian's inside with jo.. haha.. saw yee weng's whole family and mei yin's parents too.. we only asked about NTU, NUS and INTI.. but took alot of brochures and pamphletes..

went to boon jin's house right after taht where ian and yee weng joined us later.. supposed to make the 'cny video' that we directed in genting.. but in the end, they only went to view all the pics being taken in genting..

basketball in fair park at 530.. there was 8 of us there.. ferdi ; yee weng ; boon jin ; ian ; OJ ; me ; yen kheng ; jason.. then later, andy and some unknown guy came to join us... our game stopped after i made an offensive foul towards yee weng... his glasses crooked liao.. :( but later aft that, an uncle and a topless guy wants to play with us.. 3 on 3.. ferdi joined them.. and man, we kena trash teruk... but apparently, that uncle happens to be perak state basketball coach (dunno whether current or former).. he's damn good man.. crazy wan...

all these event is very exhaustful to my mind and body..... guess i really am gonna sleep early tonight.. :/


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Genting Trip - Day 2 (last and final day)

bj's phone alarm rang first at 830.. while mine rang at 845... well, i've to wake up at that time cause i've to call sheik yan and wish her a safe flight to australia.. i went out of the room, go knock ian's room door... seeing there's no reply.. i went back to sleep... ooh, and bj already woke up by then cause he tot everyone awake liao.. haha.. while he was bathing, i went back to sleep at 9.. and woke up an hour later.. hehe.. that bj 'entertained' himself by drying his hair for one hour!! lol.. oklar.. abit exaggerated, cause he got read reader's digest also..

in the end, it's sai to the rescue.. haha... first thing i did was call jason's room thru the 'room to room' service.. and luckily i did that.. cause kf still has to work and when i called, he was like "shit! 10 oclock already ar!?!??" (his work starts at 10) then, i go kacau ian they all... go bang on his door until he opens it up.. (haha.. i love to exaggerate..) after that, everyone wakes up dee.. lol.. everyone bathed (except for me cause i bathed the night b4) and this time, our 'meeting room' is the 2nd room.. cause the 1st room really in a mess lar.. ate buns, twiggies and cup noodle for breakfast... played tai di till we check out... our check out time is 12 and i bathed at 1155.. hehe... by 1215, we still in room B taking video of OJ committing suicide.. lol... we kept our luggages in the bell counter while we continued our last day roaming..

went to kyros kebab for our lunch where we met up with kean fatt, jason and yoong sin there... saw amelia (sc2 girl) and her amc friend + bf... FYI, i didn't eat while the rest did.. :) Yee Weng and OJ actually bought 2 meals!! after that, we walk to OSIM where we enjoyed the massaging service.. haha.. sat on a 16k chair.. and it was AWESOME.. even better than the one in lowyat plaza.. it was goodbye to kf, and we walked to some 'jungle' then to a garden.. we splitted up with jason they all cause they had to start work soon at 2..

then, it's our 'gila' time again.. we actually planned to do a 'cny video clip'.. haha.. you know, where all the kids (usually little girls) will dance and sing all the cny songs... then we 'imitated' them lar.. bj's the camera man.. using his own camera (no sound cause we intend to put in our own music later) while all of us the singers (except for OJ cause he scared malu).. we went to all kinds of places.. from the hotel lobby to the gardens outside to have our 'scenes act out'.. haha.. there was this fountain at the 'main garden' where we directed a 'porn' picture show.. haha.. some of us lies down on the marble floor and then bj will take the pic in a way such that the fountain will look as if it was being 'ejaculated'.. lol... then we did different types of poselar.. some drinking, licking.. and even filling it into a

we were so exhausted and tired after all those; went back to first world hotel lobby to rest... i was damn hungry at that time and i HAD to walk back up to buy myself lunch.. went to marrybrown and purchased a RM6.07 (including tax) burger.. it felt so good swallowing each bite of the burger.. haha.. then that jason, seeing me eating, felt hungry himself too.. so ian, oj and jason went back to kyros kebab to buy another lebanese bread.. BJ and YW was playing chess while i was wandering around... enjoying the last moments of the cold surroundings.. oh, while i was away to buy myself lunch, melissa chi (jason's sister), loo ann and gang went to genting.. bj said that she sniped our group like a shotgun.. haha.. b4 long, we went to collect our bags and we realised we were late.. we planned to be at the cable car at 345.. but at that time, they were still in the toilet.. picked up our bags at 350 and brisk walk all the way to the cable car.. and the worse thing is, the cable car suddenly stopped once we "lifted off".. the gondola was swinging and that yee weng was so afraid.. how pessimistic (thus, the small anus) but all went well after that.. we managed to reach the bus station at 425 (our bus was scheduled to leave at 430)

all of us was too tired and slept throughout the trip.. reached ipoh at 645 where we waited for our parents in medan kidd.. and good news for me from my dad.. the dvd writer arrived earlier in the morning and also the lowyat shirt.. once i arrived at home, straight away i open up the package, had dinner and installed the dvd writer.. and everything works perfectly.. chin ping came at 8pm to check her mail while waiting for guan sing to come pick her up for they're going to watch movie later..
most of the time, was busy editing pics and transferring pics with bj... i tot i would rest early that night.. but in the end, slept at 130.. sigh..


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Genting Trip - Day 1

Finally, a time when i can get out from the heat in ipoh.. our trip begins at 1100 where our bus departs from the keris genting agency.. it only takes me 5 min to pack up everything... haha.. luckily yee weng dind't come that early.. still had time for me to upload songs to my mp3 player.. :)

we took a video b4 boarding the bus.. and we had the whole bus all for ourselves..(with just one or 2 extra ppl inside) we sat 3 in a row with ian, bj and yw in one WHILE me, oj and jason sat behind them.. ian slept throughout the ride, bj and i listening to mp3s while the others watched kickboxer.. it took approx 3 hours to reach cable car station...

sat on the cable car, enjoying our view of the scenery around.. this jason dunno why keep on looking for dinosaurs when there's none around.. the air's getting colder as we move on higher up.. hoping to see some pretty gals on the cable car oopposite us.. lol... btw, we got abit pantang bout out trip.. cause the fare is RM'48'.. and then, our cable car is number '44'

once we 'landed' on the other side, we headed straight towards first world hotel where we checked in our luggage.. damn, if i've known better, i should have went for hotel management.. lol... some of the front desk gals are actually quite pretty.. bj and i actually had this 'sniping' competition.. to get quantity and quality of babes in genting.. (sick eh? yeah, i know) and i had the best pic of the girl in counter 20... lol.. and guess wat, our room is in floor '14'!! (our room numbers are from 650 - 652)

all of us 'crashed' the first room (652).. put all our luggages there.. then EAT!! the food i tell you, it's so blardy expensive.. although our packages is free, but the food could kill you@! we went to KFC to eat.. and we ordered a family treat... we were starving by then.. Surprisingly, yoong sin is around genting and wanted to join us.. apparently, he's working in the hainan restaurant.. we wasted RM6 on the stupid motion master.. it's not scary or thrilling.. the only thing that they succeeded is to make me feel dizzy.. due to bad graphics, bad animation and stupid "virtual swirling".. the movie's about car racing.. dumbass.. cause jason said the prev time he went, it was some dinosaur thing and they even got 3f goggles to wear..

after that, we explored around the place... taking pictures of erm.. everywhere!! realised that we dind't have anything for breakfast the next morning, we went to ria apartment to shop for cup noodles.. it was a long way down and an even looonger way up... the slope's like tilted more than 30 degrees.. but the best part was the photo taking while enjoying the cool air gentings... we purposedly walked outside the perimeters just to get the fresh air.. we were so creative with the pictures, that we could just pose anytime we want.. haha.. even made some silly pics.. (well, most of them actually) then, during sunset, we could see the horizon, the change in colour of the skies.. the moon in the blue skies, then the red horizon, then the dark sky.. (so ghey.. sigh..)

our dinner was JUST cup noodles cause we had late lunch also lar.. but we met up with kf after that and he took us to this 'staff canteen'.. supposedly, the food there is as cheap and nice as ipoh.. and it's kinda true lar... all std ipoh price.. not like the ones in the hotels.. that was more for supper lar.. haha.. (and because some of us was still hungry)..this tubby wanted to sleep with us cause he says his hostel sucks... then jason suggested him choosing a room.. "A, B or C" in whihc he chose B which was jason's and oj room.. lol.. then they complain later cause kf snores very loud wan... haha...after that, we sat and lepakked at the 'main garden' i call it.. where the 3 hotels meet.. took pics there too.. but it turned out to be quite blurry lar.. cause it's a night shot after all and we're not that experienced in taking it.. (not to mention our camera's are not built for it)

met up with jason chi after his work and we went to starbucks for a drink... actually, most of them didn't drink cause wanna save money... most of us had hot chocolate (including myself) where jason chi had this 20% staff price..oh, then there's this counter 8 girl that we saw few minutes ago and we asked chi about her.. apparently, he said that she's the most beautiful girl there and every guy in the front desk will be chasing after her.. lol.. then there was this incident when there was this guy who chased her for one day, and the next morning.. her neck's filled with love bites.. haha...(her harga saham turun mendadak).. by the time we left starbucks, it's already 12 plus and it's about time for us to head to our rooms.. well, one room actually.. haha...

oh, our 'room stories'.. lol.. at first, it was after our dinner.. and we had nothing to do.. so, we played some stupid card games.. where each of us represents a single card... then we played this "who has the.... " game. Boon Jin won the award of having a heart-shaped, dysfunctional dic; who is gay ; mei yin loves him; most handsome.. haha.. Yee Weng won the sexiest butt;has the smallest anus (cause of the cable car event tmr); loves mei yin; nipples like raisin.. Ian ar.. i only remember him wanting to give a blow Jason has the smallest dick.. haha.. 3 out of 4 times he won that award while OJ wons the one with the largest dick; has a heart shaped shit; and is not a virgin.. while me, i only won one and i forgot what is that.. lol... then, we decide whose gonna sleep with who.. i end up sleeping with bj, oj with jason and ian with yw.. ian with yw paling pitiful wan.. cause they're supposed to sleep in the current room where we trashed!! haha.. so all messed up.. there was this 'freaky' incident where we played the 'pair up game'.. each of us will have our 'counterparts' where ian's one is joanna, jason - sizuka, yee weng- mei yin, sai - ei leng, boon jin - michelle and OJ - jonathan aka bek cheng.. lol.. then, jason took the 'female deck' while i took the 'male deck' and we shuffled.. next, we put the cards together randomly.. and the results... lol.. you wouldn't believe it.. everyone got back their OWN counterparts.. well, except for me and OJ.. OJ got ei leng and i got bek cheng!! what's this?!?! haha.. imagine the odds... anyway, the rest of the room events is just playing cho tai di and speed...

slept at 2 plus and i woke up in the middle of the night cause i got nose bleed.. hehe..

sample of some pics being taken..


Monday, February 21, 2005

i needed to courier back the dvd writer to mika.. dad insisted on it cause whatever goods that you buy, it need to come in perfect condition... woke up early just to wrap the writer.. i even have to pay the postage fee myself..
i tried watching movies on tv thru my comp... watched a korean movie called 'the classic'.. actually, korean movies are not bad after all.. i've always thought they always end up bitter leaving the audience tears in their eyes... but after watching my sassy girl, it's kinda nice though.. then this 'the classic' is not bad after all.. talks about love btw 2 generations..

played sports in the evenin.. actually, sketch first at 430... then only played basketball at 5 till like 6? went to yee weng's house after that to play ping pong.. tehre's 6 of us! gary, ian, jason, yw, bj and i... haha.. all going for the genting trip tmr except for gary.. oh, and i still suck at ping pong.. then the father offered some ha peng.. i ate alot.. lol.. and drink alot of the F&N orange crush..
supposed to do shopping that night wan for the trip tmr.. but everyone lazy to go.. and i still havent packed yet.. sigh.. :(
oh, chatted with becky just now.. for once, i didn't provoke her.. haha.. sigh, feel so sleepy.. but my last time to chat with omega and shake.. and that hw finally wins me in minesweeper..sigh... oh well, i'm just not concentrating.. haha..


Sunday, February 20, 2005

last day outing with sheikyan and omega

woke up at noon.. aih, and i just online and sleep only... until like 6 plus when i'm supposed to go to jusco with sheik yan and omega.. watched shall we dance at 645.. the show's very nice i think... talks about ballroom dancing...
after the movie, we went shopping, or it's sheik yan and omega went shopping while i was the potter.. went to guardian to buy facial products, then, buy stationaries, clothes, socks and top up card.. met up with sek hee cause we're suppose to go supper together with his sunway friend and yee hui.. oh, jason came while we were buying stuffs... i actually bought the delifrance garlic bread, and i finished it ALONE!! the others dun wanna eat.. pity me throat.. all because of my greediness and the aroma of that garlic bread.. sigh..
for supper, we went to yes cafe behind jusco.. the girls finally get to eat their dinner (my treat) and ate tom yam fried rice... we shifted inside cause there were too many mosquitoes... haha.. and ordered ice cream inside.. sek hee's friend quite funny lar.. abit the not so outgoing type.. but he's friendly though.. keeps on asking about studies, uni, career and stuff.... :)
anyway, followed yee hui back... we dropped by in his house cause wanted to take something for sek hee... sigh, guess that'll be the last tiem i'll be seeing sheik yan and omega b4 they leave for australia.... hmm... =/


Saturday, February 19, 2005

3rd visiting day

3rd and final day for visiting i guess.. same old ppl, anand and gang... first stop was at ferdi's house.. but ian needed man power to help out in his church first.. so, he fetched me, michelle and yee weng and stopped by in cgmc.. helped carry some stage extension.. oh, met jason ling there who had his practise for worship.. yee weng had to follow us cause he left his car in the church last night and the gate was closed when he wanna take it the night b4..

ferdi's mum made sarawak laksa for us to eat.. although i dun really eat spicy stuff, but it was really good plus it's not that hot after all... paul was the new-comer (but he only came for ferdi's house).. he brought his ps2 along but dind't play much.. ei leng was suppose to come but she couldn't find the house and pulled out in the end..
anyway, we coulnd't stay long in ferdi's house cause still got alot of houses to go, namely, mine.. haha.. came my house, collected ang pau, and palyed a few rounds of black jack.. left at 145 or so and headed off to ian's house... where we just chilled out there.. the same old thing, black jack and collect ang pau.. lol.. btw ferdi kalah teruk to yee weng inblack jack.. ferdi's the banker as usual and yee weng's luck damn good...
next stop, boon jin's house... chatted with his mum.. (and her mum thinks that michelle is yee weng's gf..) i took my dvd writer from him which arrived earlier in the morning.. made a pit stop in my house to put the writer in my house b4 heading off to ei leng's house... hmm, it's quite long there... all of us played with her brown dog whose name is 'yellow' and we suspect that the dog is gay.. haha.. he's attracted to guys... got one time when ian is scratching the dog, he licks him but when michelle did a similar gesture, the dog bit her... hahaha.. oh, we played mahjong there also... 4 of us, ei leng, me, ferdi and yee weng, while the rest of the ppl played carom.. did i mention that bj actually joined us? hehe..
later, mei yin came when we were just about to leave to her house... mei yin's afraid of dogs.. haha.. teased abit (or alot), we took some snap shots of the group also..
finally, the last stop: mei yin's house... yeah, as usual, palyed black jack.. but this time, yee weng become banker cause he wins so much... we left at around 530..

time for me to set-up my dvd writer.. at first, i forgot to set my jumper settings.. after that, i can't eject that damn writer!! the button doesn't seem to be working... heck, tot after church, i'll come back and kaji to fix it.. so, after my dinner, i replug everthing again, but still the same problem.. aihh.. so, have to live with it lar.. cause if wanna exhange, RM6 back to JB, and another RM6 back to ipoh.. so, i downloaded a software that can eject cd drives from window... hopefully, i can live with it lar.. bj borrowed me this whole series of summer scent and also the classic.. watched the first episode.. :)
k.. feel tired.. need sleep... *yawn*


Friday, February 18, 2005

sports at night

damn tiring lar... halfday i was like a pig and the other half play sports like mad... oksy, let me tell you bout the first half...

First Half:
woke up by boon jin's call at 10 to bank in money for the DVDRW to mika... after banking in, i went back to sleep.. i told bj i'll come back online at 1030.. but i slept till 1130.. haha.. online lo, then i watched charmed at 1330 like that while having lunch.. helped my bro download smallville and stargate SG-1 too.. after that, sleep back till 330.. then, adrian came at about 345 and that's all for the first half..

Second Half:
reached elim at 350 and i went inside the church to while waiting for the others to come.. at that time, james was playing the piano while adrian, edward and lai yee went out to buy ball.. eventually, everyone's here at 430 and hence, our practice starts... we started off with an unofficial monkey game.. then, we had this training where there will be groups (2 girls and a guy) and they will try to score a goal while passing to each other from one end to the other.. each drop of the ball costs 5 pumping.. lol..
after that, got this stamina training thingy where we ran one big round starting from elim hall, around chateau garden and then back to elim hall.. our game then started.. played till like 7pm.. followed kian mei back.. she had to fetch kar poh first in pasir putih... then, we kinda got lost there.. lol.. after fetching him back, he ask us to patah balik cause he forgot to take something... took us sometime to find our way back.. then, we went one big round just to get back home.. lol... went to buy drinks at the shell station near my house.. the 100 plus can is so expensive... RM1.60 each.. so, i bought the 100 plus bottle which differ in 20 cents with an additional 175ml..

came home, settled down and rested for a while b4 heading off to cgmc at 915 for games.. ian offered to fetch me though and came at 920.. anyway, reached cgmc and there they were.. the usual ppl.. jason, ian, yee weng, johnathan, boon jin, mike and andy.. we played basketball, ian's version of dodgeball, galah panjang, and then back to basketball.. ended at about 1130 and we went off for supper at weng fatt in ipoh gdn south.. i ate ham & bacon sandwhich that costs RM3.50 while the board outside states RM2.. aihh.. then, drink 2 cups of water, kopi o ice and iced leong sui.. went home at 1230... bathed for the 2nd time.. had to wait for my hair to dry and take advantage to blog... apparently, mika sent the dvd writer dee.. hopefully can get tmr.. and nanodoes got his rune cd liao. :)


Thursday, February 17, 2005

dad's returning today.. took advantage of the car to go to the bank to bank in all my ang pau money and went to the post office to deliver the rune cd to the lowyat guy... Went to ian's house after i'm done to just lepak there... we tried to admit ourselves in oxford uni and scholarships that are attached to it.. haha.. nbtd...
couldn't stay for long cause i've to pick up my dad from the bus station at 12.. i just had like 10 min or so when i reached home b4 setting off again.. i reached medan gopeng right on time... surprisingly this time, my dad let me drive home.. cause usually once i pick him up, he'll drive the car wan... but we made a pit stop at my mum's school to pick up some stuffs.. then my dad came down just to say hi to my mum.. must have missed her cause few days never see liao... how loving... hahaha.. (eeww.. it's my parentS)

Joined ian and jason for lunch at wooley about 1.. but i had my lunch at home first lar.. oh, and i made a discovery... wooley upstairs punya recreation part actually has a foosball table and all the arcade machines costs like only 20cents per game!! haha... the foosball's only 50 cents for 6 balls... not bad eh?
jason got a call from anand while having lunch and we joined them for a game of monopoly in ee lin's house.. there was this one big group over there.. anand, ee lin, michelle, yen kheng, ferdi, me, ian, jason and yw (who came late) ferdi, jason and i made alliance while the other 4 (yw substituted ian who went home early due to thunderstorm and his pc's not off) another alliance... it's like perang salib.. haha.. christian's vs non christians (coincidentally) but we lost.. haha.. cause go where also got discount rates wan..

Went to cgmc after ee lin's house where i went there to sibuk about the sketch that ian they all are involved in.. yw went back early cause he complained that his leg was still hurting due to his injury (but i think he got masalah cinta) and bj came.. he tot got sports but ended up watching the sketch.. haha..there was jason as the dad, ian the director, and some other younger kids.. oh, then there's this f5 gal from amc.. looks quite pretty though.. happens to be the scriptwriter too..
was kinda hoping that shake was free geh... cause was supposed to watch seoul raiders with her.. but she was busy buying stuffs the whole day... hopefully there's some other time la.. (but she's gonna leave on wed liao)

night time, wathced new police story! the show's very nice lor.. haha.. and the vcd quality is good... think i can return it next year cause von won't be around dee.. haha.. oh, and i accepted this invitation on some blog called "stupid ppl" started by huey wen.. =P

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

last day in ipoh for eng kiat

i woke up on time today to do my house chores at 930... and i'm supposed to go for breakfast with von, ek and siah to drink white coffee at ah chow's coffee shop.. von fetched me at about 11 when i had just enough time to finish my house chores with a few minutes to spare.. reached the place at 1120 and siah still wasn't there... von called her up and she was still at home.. lol.. we ate some pork noodle with our hot coffee (cold for von) while waiting for her..
Eng kiat still havent buy his bus ticket back.. haha.. and he actually planned to leave at 1.. anyway, we headed of to sri maju bus station to buy his ticket after our bfast with siah along.. but there was no stop to malacca.. therefore, we went all the way to medan gopeng and purchased a 3.00pm ticket.. he changed it to 3 cause we're supposed to have lunch at siah's house where her mum will make yee sang for us to eat..
Hence, we went to siah's house at 1220 or so but only managed to reach her house at 1300 cause of traffic jam.. finally, i'm able to recognise and familiarise the first garden road so that i can go to her house next time.. haha..
Anyway, while we were at siah's house, we played her new apple i-book.. it's my first time playing with a Mac comp.. then, we played this nanosaur game and also some marble extreme game thingy.. where you control a marble in a 3d environment.. it was quite fun.. haha.. oh, then i was kinda excited to play with siah's shih tzu.. but the dog was terrifying.. so fierce and unfriendly.. his hair was like all trimmed up (must be siah's fault) and was barking all the while.. then, i tried to be friendly with it by feeding him biscuits.. but after feeding him, he still kept on barknig at me.. horrible.. sigh... then, her mum came back after fetchin yuet whey from school.. she didn't have time to prepare the yee sang, so we had noodles instead.. actually, good also lar.. cause we kinda had a late breakfast and i had lots of layered cakes b4 that when siah's mum offered them.. it was so delicious.. but quite 'chai' la..
had lunch with siah's mum too and we talked about studies and places to eat around.. haha.. but too bad we can't stay any longer cause it was around 230 and we had to make a move.. but luckily i was smart... i said "auntie, we still wanna try your apple cake b4 we leave" hahaha.. i was capable enough to finish of 5 pieces in like 5-10 min or so... lol. it was SOO DELICIOUS.. then i asked auntie for the recipe but didn't really give me.. haha.... but she was kind enough to let me take back some home to let my mum try it.. 5 pieces altogether.. 5 for me and 5 for von.. yeah, it's still on my kitchen table waiting for my mum to be back...
Siah's mum led us to the shorter way to medan gopeng since it's 20 to 3... we managed to reach there right on time.. wished farewell to ek and home! was able to get home early to actually blog and have to go to the new house later to water the plants and also to von's place to copy some pics..


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2nd visiting day

when i looked at the clock the moment i opened my eyes, it's like "oh shit! it's 11am!~".. and i still had to water plants,feed fish, and sweep the floor while i'm supposed to go visiting at michelle's house at 1130... another rush case...
Anyway, somehow, miraculously, i was able to settle everything and am able to call ian last minute where he was already on the way to fetch jason, i can now join them.. time for another visiting day!!

First stop was supposed to be at mich's house but we went to ee lin's house first.. At that time, ee lin just came back and was kinda shocked that we were there cause we're supposed to be at mich's house... so, we waited for her to get ready and we went to mich's house and come back to ee lin's house again.. so, we walked to mich's house which is just a road away and we found the rest of the ppl there.. anand, chee ming, ferdi and of course, michelle... they were gambling at that time.. so, we joined them for a game of black jack while eating all the cny cookies.. and this ferdi.. he's so generouse with his money.. he kept on losing in black jack as he's the banker and his luck mmg suay lar.. haha.. then, i think almost all of us won.. (except for ian lar.. no win no lose)

after that, we went back to ee lin's house.. and this jason received his 2nd ang pau from her mum.. the story goes like this, the first time he went there, he said he was bernard..then now, his name is jason.. lol.. then auntie also played along lar.. and gave him his 2nd ang pau.. well, we gambled over there again with ferdi as the banker.. but his luck was better this time lar... i actually lost a few ringgit.. sigh, never had any luck at card games..

next, we went to xing min's house where we met up with wei tek there.. didn't do much at xing's house though... his dreamcast's controller has a problem and nobody gambled there. instead, we just chatted abit, browsed through his anime collection and FHM mags.. lol.. wasn't there too long when we moved on to yee weng's house next....

At Mr Au's house.. we found him with his ankle all wrapped up; suffered from ankle sprain the prev day while playing basketball.. this time the story's different.. i didn't play cards anymore... instead, i played mahjong with wei tek and ferdi.. haha... and i won RM12 altogether... haha.. but when yee weng replaced ferdi, he kept on winning.. although he's a newbie.. his cards are so damn nice.. after the tiles have all been drawn out, he already 'kiu wu'... and the rest, as usual, black jack.. ferdi lost almost RM40 plus overall..

later back at home at about 430 or so.. rested abit at home.. was supposed to join yvonne they all for seoul raiders but the show's at 450.. couldn't make it cause i still hve to do house chores.. so, i lepakked in the house, online, watch tv, newspaper etc until like 830 when i went to von's house where we meet up there.. at that time, kar wai was already back home and there's only ek, von, omega and shake.. pity von and ek.. was supposed to have dinner after their movie.. but got interrupted cause she has to fetch her dad and then fetch kar wai home.. by the time everything's settled.. it's already 8 something.. so, they just had cookies at home..
Oh, after we came, we went to pasar malam and it was so pathetic.. so little stalls were set up. probably cause it was raining heavily at 7 something.. therefore, we walked all the way to fook tsing and settled down there for our dinner/supper.. ate satay, chicken wing, koay teow.. haha..i'm a big eater..
after that, we went to cue1 cause von was dying to play pool... haha.. it was kinda ok lar... though i still suck at it.. i actually lost to von the first round but won back in the 2nd.. shake and omega also improving dee... but von improved drastically.. haha..

it was almost midnight that time when von has to be back at home.. so, i tot that's all for the day.. but when we reached her house, we decided to go in and play cards.. and we played "bridge"! taught shake how to play while omega and von just learned how to play not long ago.. it was quite funny though, cause omega and von seemed to be always pairing up while ek and shake/me in the same group.. only towards the end when there was man hunt at 130 when von dun wanna play cause she wanna watch it.. haha... pity ek though.. think he lost every round except for one time.. and omega kept on winning except once.. lol.. went back at 2am cause shake still has to wake up early the next morning to make her passport, her blazer, medical checkup, etc..


Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

First duty for Valentine's Day is to help my mum in her school; as a photographer... cause they hired some lion dance thingy to be performed there.. my mum called at 830 and i was still sleeping buy then.. haha.. dun even have time to the toilet and went straight to school... saw sze yan there..

While i was surfing the net, my sister suddenly rang up.. I picked up the phone and she said "eh, come down to kl now!".. i was like dumbfounded.. haha.. apparently, the person's that she's supposd to come down with for a business trip suddenly had a meeting and couldn't make it.. so, it's a bit dangerous for a woman to go down to kelantan alone.. therefore, it's either me or my dad whose supposed to go down to kl today and the next 2 following days to kelantan.. and i pushed it to my dad.. =/
luckily, managed to get a plusliner ticket at 330 and fetched my dad there... i went straight to ian's house after that though... just to visit him..
he showed me some video that he made himself for valentine's day and alot of other pictures with his church friends.. then, apparently, yee weng actually DID went out with mei yin.. haha.. michelle called ian and said that she saw yw with myin together.. haha. and commented that yw dress like very err.. (going to interview type; tuck in shirt, etc.) while myin dress till very class. haha.. so glad for him..
(btw, we kinda planned alot of things lar when we went to bj's house last night... helped him set up a date and played NFSU2 with ts and yw..)

i've to catch a movie at 630.. and von only told me bout it at 445 like that.. so, i've to really RUSH to get ready.. cause i've to water the plants (that needs to take half an hour), eat, bathe, feed the fish and peel mandarin oranges (cause gonna busuk liao) haha.. plus i've to pick up sheik yan some more... anyway, managed to leave the house at 605 and reached jj at 635.. haha.. not bad eh? we watched constantine! very good show.. though i dun like the idea that angel gabriel is evil.. haha...
show ended like about 845, then we headed to onn kee to eat nga choi kai.. meanwhile, i went back home to put back the car and omega will be picking me up from my house.. (she joined us after the movie) the nga choi kai also quite nice... 8 of us all summed up to RM50.60 i think.. kar wai and another von's friend is there also lar..

later, all of them came to my house after sending siah back home when her mum came to pick her up at the nga choi kai place.. came my house for the mahjong.. since von's house dun have and they wanna learn how to play.. well, we played mahjong, black jack, in between till like 1am or so... then everyone went back...
oh, did i mention about cp's case? aih.. while i was in the cinema, she called up and ask me where grassland is.. i misund and tot it was medan gopeng and i gave her wrong directions.. in the end, she got fed up & lost and didn't want to talk to me anymore... sad case.. haha...
well, so much for valentine's day... quite nice lar... get to spend it with friends.. wonder what's installed for tmr..


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cameron Highlands, here i CoMe!!

finally, a day that i can actually get out from this super warm weather.. we departed from ipoh like about 10 plus and had bfast in gunung rapat.. grace couldn't go along cause there wasn't any place left in the car.. it'll be either me or she that would stay at home.. cause christie's quite big and there's my bro in front and rosemary at the back too..
The trip took longer than expected cause my dad drove quite slow and there was traffic jam in all the major centres.. especially brinchang.. met up with 'sai lui and her husband' and 'ah chia' over there... went for lunch in brinchang where it's supposed to be the makan place in cameron cause tanah rata only offers malay food...
oh, when we reached err... kampung raja that area, we winded down the car's window and it was sooo nice!! haha... the wind's cold and the air is freshy cold.. get to see alot of 'pluck your own strawberries' places and flowers to be sold..
Anyway, as i was saying, since it was sai lui's bday, my bro so sai sum and bought a bday cake nearby to celebrate with her.. then ah chia's quite happy with christie cause he's quite friendly and very 'chin chai'... they went to buy 1+3d in brinchang.. haha.. We're supposed to go yum cha over in brinchang but my sister said that the place is like so congested and doesn't have that 'feel'(after walking for so long), so, suggested that we move on to tanah rata to have a hot cup of coffee in the smoke house.. Since lunch was paid by sai lui's husband, michael, they agreed that it's our turn to pay for the 'yum cha'.. ahaha.. it was a funny sight though; michael, james and christie all 'rebutting' to pay for lunch at the counter... lol..
oh, while we were walking around brinchang, went to several shops.. first was a phone shop, and the other a souvenier shop... there're some pewter paintings that costs almost RM1000!! crazzy... (RM950 to be exact) then, wanted to buy some cute collection of tea bags of various flavours for omega's farewell present.. haha.. but ended up not buying... (didn't think she fancy tea that much)
oh, the fun part was at the smoke house.. it was so 'london'ish.. although the drink there is blardy expensive, but it's quite worth it for a one time thing cause we have to pay for the setting and the ambience too.. there's this red phonebooth that's similar to london's type... and we pose and took pic there... haha... well, we took ALOT (and i mean alot) of pictures over at smoke house cause the scenary was so DAMN NICE!! they've got a award winning garden, and the setting in the house (where all the tables are in) was beautiful.. my brother pose at the grand piano and there's even a bar when i posed as a bartendar and i was serving wine to my sister.. (we took the bottle and the cup from that place.. lol)
then, christie and i went to the "for private residents only" and took some pics at the stair case.. then, there's a route to the back garden and we took pictures there... it's so beautiful.. haha.... probably shall put in some pics later...
after had our coffee and garlic bread.. (that meal costs RM89.90 for 8 ppl where we only had coffee and tea and 2 plates of garlic breads)
next, we went to some "taman permainan" to take a walk and savoured the cool air.. we had our 2nd child hood there.., hahaha.. we did so many poses ... we became statues, kung fu fighters, christie became spiderman, my sister went on the slide, etc... hahaha.. it was so fun... imagine, us adults playing and taking pics where all the kids are around... lol...
next, we went to shop for strawberries and flowers.. the flowers are so cheap, and my bro bought it since monday's valentine's day... haha.... and could last till that time... if i had a gf i'll probably buy back a bouquet of roses from there.. lol.. he bought RM10 and there's like one big bunch of flowers.... haha....
sounded like it was quite a short trip rite? but it lasted till quite late and we reached home at 650.. we spent most of the time wasting time on the road also.. due to the traffic jam.. oh, and the car's got this burning smell and we suspected that it's the clutches fault cause it was like stop and go, stop and go; at the hill slope..

Part 2:
Omega's Farewell
Back at home, we rushed to church and obviously, late for it since we only reached home at 650 (even though we dind't bathe).. but the mass was quite short though.. ended at 745.. homily was short and was conducted by a foreign priest... anyway, followed von and she drove ourselves over to omega's place for her farewell.. actually, kinda dumb though cause amy was in church and dind't follow us.. haha..
everyone was already in omega's house when we arrived (except for amy lar).. there was cmay there also but no siah... went to eat steamboat at a shop behind her house at RM18 per person.. dind't eat much though and i think it's quite pricey (not to mention oily and very yit hei cause can fry wan)
went back to omega's house after dinner and played cards(but cmay and delicia went back after dinner)... jason brought the playing cards when he joined us halfway when we were having dinner... we played tai di and shake always win.. played black jack where i became the dealer and lost!! =( [gambled 10cents only].. haha.. learned some new game.. dunno wat you pair up 6 cards so that each pair adds up to 10, etc....
but couldn't stay for long lar, von has a curfew cause she drove and went back at 12.. quite a tiring though but had fun lar.. too bad can't make it for lik wai's bbq thingy.. can eat more... haha...


Friday, February 11, 2005

Chor Sam!

surprisingly, i woke up quite early since i slept like 3 something in the morning... when i woke up(at about 10), my sisters were watching the ring on hbo.. her first time watching it.. haha...
called jv to plan about today's visiting... and it started off at 12 something where we're supposed to go to sinn yi's house first.. we played one knot there, then in between, then mahjong.. wan yoe's mahjong set hopeless wan... got missing tiles.. haha... but we just played for a short while lar... cause it was quite late at that time.. still got alot of houses to go... (actually, the original plan was just to cheryl choong's house aft that)
anyway, our next stop was to li yen's house where we're supposed to pick jill and jin ann up from there and head to cheryl's house..but we were caught in a traffic jam (dropped cp in jj).. arrived there after quite a long time and lepakked there for a while.. played mahjong one or 2 rounds... then, since liyen was there, might as well she joined us rite...she was worried at first cause she got date with ricky and is afraid can't make it back in time.. haha...
then, while on the way there.. jin ann suddenly wanna go back to change.. so, destination changed to jin ann's house... haha.. received ang pau at her place and we cooled down there while waiting for wei tek to arrive... ooh.. her house's pineapple tart is DELICIOUS! hahaha.. i could've finished everything if she would let me.. :)
wei tek came not long and we headed straight to cheryl's house..(finally).. alot of ppl was already there, namely km, su lyn, kah hon.. well, not alot lar.. haha..
ate and chat there till 7 and then off to dinner with chin ping and yee lyn... met up with them in chee lim's house and we ate in a place called 'legends' where it's at the same row with salam... stephen choong's working there.. haha.. anyway, the food kinda suck there... (luckily i had lamb chop which always tastes nice) and wanted to play pool after that... tot of going to friends cafe to play there where there's less smoke.. but they'ev already cleared the pool table and ended up in cue 1... the outing was kinda pathetic though... no laughter, no joke etc.. oh, met up with guan sing while heading for pool and i played one on one with him.. i kinda suck that time.. haha... so damn unlucky... lost 3-1 for him.. once was because i entered the black ball and white ball together and the other was because we were shooting the ball in order (so that the game will last longer) and the last person who shoots in the last ball wins.. haha...
went home at about 11 plus and i found ALOT of strangers in my house.. all my sisters fren. haha.. grace does't even know half of them... all daniel kew's friends... ooh, and the "mrs yee's outing" is cancelled tmr cause she's in kl.. probably i'll be following my family to cameron's the next day...


Thursday, February 10, 2005

2nd day of CNY

it was so hard to look for breakfast on the 2nd day of cny.. everywhere was either FULL or NOT OPEN... in the end, we just ate where it's near.. that is yoke fook moon.. lol.. we ate dim sum!! haha...
spend my whole afternoon after bfast creating video from my sister's wedding pics.. as i said yesterday, supposed to visit annie's house.. but somehow it failed cause suk mun tot we were just joking with the fact that i'm going too... haha.. in the end, dind't bother too much and continued on with my video editing..
luckily cl was bored.. haha.. she called me and came over to my house just for fun... with her, she brought along jill and jill brought along jo and yee hui.. haha.. later, cp came and then jv and kah hon.. the guys were in gerald's house b4 that... played mahjong and just lepakked around.. kinda fun though judging from the fact that i wasn't with my friends since cny started...
they went home at about 7 when i had to get ready for our family dinner at sun lee how fook at 8.. we met choi san yeh there... and i tot he was jobless for the year.. haha... the food there was quite delicious though... by 9, only 2 dishes came.. but after my bro gave ang pau to the waitress, the food all came at once.. haha (yeah, i know it has ntg to do with the ang pau)
after dinner, was supposed to go out with cl to jv's house.. but cl was busyy... so, i went out with von they all... omega had a bbq and we were supposed to join her.. but all of us have our family dinner...
anyway, i fetched von, delicia to omega's house where jason was already there by then.. the bbq actually ended at about 9 plus and omega msged me at 9 asking me whether i'm still coming.. haha..
we went inside om's house and received double ang pau from her mom!!.. haha.. followed jason back to his house then we go to fook tsing in one car.. cause it's quite troublesome driving 2 cars... had satay there and chit chatted till about 1.. (jason's curfew)... then we went to von's house and lepakked till like 3 something... played cards and watch tv at the same time.. haha...
so far for 2nd day of cny... tmr's supposed to go visiting with jv.. wonder how it'll be like...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


first day of cny!! wake up at 9 plus.. got ready and dressed up for the chinese tradition of 'chum cha'.. anwyay, just the same old routine.. had to 'deliver goodies' (chai choi, mandarin oranges, tong sui and ang pau) to my neighbours and then sit down in "mahmah"'s house (my direct neighbour on my right).. collected alot of ang paus from them b4 returning to the house for the ceremonial tradition.. we'll be sitting at the round table in the kitchen where we eat all the "goodies" as mentioned b4, then we'll chum cha to our parents, wishing all the cny wishes and they'll give ang pau to us.. after that, we shall have our family pic taken (plus other smaller groups/individual ones).. b4 leaving the house, we had the "firecrackers" to 'hoi moon' (open door) for dunno what purposes... then, off to ku ma's house which is like just 3 houses away... went there wish everyone and then off to tapah to my eldest unc's house..
that will be where all my other relatives gather around... this time, there's a new face (or perhaps a few more) there.. namely, christie.. my sister's indian husband.. was so afraid that they couldn't accept him due to his skin colour... but surprisingly.. everyone seems to be qutie alright with it... my unc's wife even bought number (mai chi) on christie's number plate... lol....
went home relatively early this year cause everyone was so tired... i myself even slept for half an hour or so the moment i reached home..

played mahjong in the evening all the way till night time.. and guess wat? i won!!! haha.. RM22 to be exact.. from james and rosemary.. and i'm like the newbie in mahjong... haha.. guess it's all beginner's luck..
went for late dinner in koh samui while my parents will have their dinner with his bro and sisters... by the time i came back from dinner, it was like 10 plus... and the sad thing is.. everyone of my sibling is actually out with their friends and I.. well, just stuck at home... trying to make a video from my sister's wedding pics...

somethuing different this time though in the 'online chat' world.. was chattng with annie when suk mun joined in the conversation and then boon jin! haha... well, have to expose him to more 'social (crap) conversations'... bj was relatively quiet though and pissed annie quite abit.. (plus she's drunk from heineken beer)... but it ended quite well lar.. with annie inviting all of us to her house tmr after lunch... hopefully bj will go lar, then at least if i wanna bail... i could do that easily...
anyway, getting late and my throat's just recovered this morning.. better not abuse it and make things worse.. since it's like 2 something now....

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

in the middle of my dream + reality, i hear a very familiar voice... it was rosemary! they're back! then i woke up, saw christie in the living room..we looked at the wedding pics and sache's honeymoon trip in hanoi...and then, everyone's rushing me to get dressed to go for breakfast... went to canning gdn hollywood for breakfast then went to jj to buy clothes for cny.. i bought this khakis at the lobby and then a white shirt from the departmental store.. quite a lot of ppl was there... took christie to the camera shop so that he could replace his car's controller's battery.. and then went to the supermarket to meet up with the rest... went to tesco after that to loook around and my bro bought a carton of jolly shandy... (no more stock for anglia)

came back for lunch and my brother cooked this australian style 'dory fish.. haha.. it's very nice and the lunch was very prosperous.. we had 'siu yuk', chicken, duck, fish, vege, chicken legs, etc... but our lunch was quite late though.. around 3.. cause by the time we came back from tesco also was like almost 2... i wanted to go to see the doctor for my throat, but in the end.. decided to just make and drink those herbal chinese tea..

whole afternoon after lunch, helped christie to fix some of his cave pics that are too underexposed by editing it in photoshop.. taught him some of the basics of the camera and also photo editing lar... haha. they were so amazed at what adobe can do for them.... lol...

slept after that, had dinner at almost 830... after putting money in the ang pau for my dad.. had white wine for dinner.. everyone's going out later.. and i? well, have to stay at hoem and do house chores.. haha... not that sad lar.. have to lar... swept and mop the floor and the help my mum peel some err.. thingy.. lol... while burn cds for my dad....


Monday, February 07, 2005

my first chore when i woke up was to clean the room's netting and cleaned the computer table... well, that's about it.. haha... played LOTR the whole day while doing house chores at the same time.. (believe it!) but it's just minor stuffs lar... like taking out the mattress to be 'sun-tanned', fold the clothes.. actually, i feel kinda bad lar.. seeing my dad wipe all the subtle things that i wouldn't have noticed... he's preparing for the arrival of james and grace lar... expecting them to be home at aronud lunch time..

went for basketball in the evening and it was really 'tiring'.. haha... i warmed myself up by jogging all the way there... saw alot of old faces there prob with the fact that it's cny and everyone's home again... by the time i went back at 7.. koko and grace already came back... gave me the Canon A80 accessores and had dinner.. was sweating all over by then... haha.. my mum's jealous cause i bought something so exp for my dad for xmas and nothing for her... lol... but it's because i bumped into that thread in lowyat and it was very cheap.. and my mum? i dunno what she wants...

supposed to go out with my sis to do some cny shopping but end up she went yumcha with siva.. supopsedly siva's hair style is like guy's sebastian... the afro type.. lol... oh, omega's farewell's is held on the 12th according to the official farewell planner... but because siah couldn't make it, she has to change the date.. in a way, good also lar, then i no need to skip church... haha...

later at night, brandon came to take the cable for his camera.. then, we played magic for 2 rounds.. he used my cards to built a deck... haha... kesian him he kinda kalah teruk but i also dunno how to play liao.... sigh... have to sleep early today, hopefully my throat will be cured the next day..

ps: my throat's getting sore!! think i ate too much choc biscuits in cp's house yesterday.. sigh.. drink so much water today also uselss... hope it gets better otherwise, bye bye cny food.... :((


Sunday, February 06, 2005

was a good boy and did some house chores today.. firstly, i cleaned up the air-cond filters... then, wiped all the windows in the room.. chee lim called while i was about to finish and told me that she's back since friday and wanted to pinjam dvds to watch cause she was too sien... haha... but i had lunch after that then only i got time to call her up...
lazed a bit on the bed b4 going online... couldn't online for long though, cause had to go jj at 4 to watch 'himalaya singh' (which i regretted watching it) at 440.. met up with them in popular... there was sy,von,ym,omega,jason and licia.. siah was buying coloured paper to make valentine's card for marc.. and shake..haha.. i've no idea why she needs so many coloured paper for.. oh, bout the show... it was terrible.. no storyline, no meaning.. and pure dumb.. there's even a 'ciplakked' mr bean.. can't they even be more original?
after the movie, jason fetched me back while the girls have a convent gathering in yeolde... upon reaching home, dad was putting up the curtains... so, i've to help him manage the one behind the tv... then, since mum was busy... cooked abit for dinner cause there wasn't enough food... played LOTR after that b4 going out to help chin ping.. her comp's got prob and asked help to fix it.. i tot it'll only be a short trip to identify the problem... but see see... took me almost 2 hours there.. her monitor screen was just 'black' when i switched on the comp.. saw, i assumed the graphics card (which is connected to the mobo) is faulty... means have to change a new mobo... suddenly her mum pencerahan and asked whether can use the comp in her office anot since it's abandoned... anyway, went to her office, brought back the comp.. and can't fix it.... cause after transferring the hard disk, it says I/O error... lol, gave up in the end and suggested her to buy a new comp since it's like almost 6 yrs old...
came home, chatted and msn can't connect again... sux.. waiting for my sister's line to get through cause have to send her reload number...


Saturday, February 05, 2005

saturday morning... was woken up by my sister's msg telling me that she can't COD for me... then, mum called, ask me to open the door for the students to come in.. In the end, i slept till like 11 plus.. haha.. actually, woke up earlier at 10 (i think) to call my brother to remind him about the COD in 1utama... well, he was sleeping too i guess cause his voice sounded like he just woke up...
woke up, ate breakfast near 12, and played battle for middle earth till afternoon since my dad went out with my uncles and my mum had a lunch appointment with her ji muiz.. i only ate lunch at about 3 plus cause wasn't hungry b4 that... was supposed to go DotA with brandon wan.. but i've to jaga rumah plus got no transport.... :(
went for capt ball at 430, and surprisingly, adrian was already there by then.. (cause he's usually late) then, he asked me to fetch edward somewhere nearby... we started playing near 530 after their EY thingy and alot of ppl played.. including cheryl choong, and the rest of the EY ppl... had to go back at 6 cause dad wants to go early to church to buy a cross...


Friday, February 04, 2005

back to school again..

had to get up early to prepare myself to school again... but this time, the mission is to sell the computing books.. but first, i had to teman bj go to public bank to help in transfer money for the 'seed' thing.. oh, b4 that.. i've to re-activate my maybank2u services cause last night they rejected my password for 3 times.. sigh... had to call the customer service... as i was saying, after banking in the money in public bank, we came back to my house,scan the receipt and sent it to the seller.. then my mum came back and gave me some lecture on the mariaville carnival thing..

off to school after that, parked inside and got stopped by the jaga.. say cannot park in school, bro matt will scold him, bla bla bla.. so, i told him that we'll be seeing brother matt later and tell him about it.. (which was obviously a lie) anyway, we came off clean by the time we left school...
oh, this time out computer lab trip was quick compared to lasy week... went inside, sold off old the books quite promptly and went off... wanted to look for jv to get details on some t-shirt printing shop.. but couldn't get him.. so, tot of looking for wan yoe lor.. but she said the contact's number with the end, had to go back and ask sinnyi for shum's number... went for lunch in the canteen lar b4 going back.. this time got no thean seng though.. he's supposed to join us to go to parade.. but we changed our mind and go home instead... so, he went back to his CF... haha..
did i mention about bj's fate with bj's "my girl"?? haha.. go where also can see her wan... from the CF room to the comp room, then staffroom.. and all the way to the car park.. lol.. oh, then the money from the book... dind't untung alot lar.. cause has to pay back bj for the graphic's card and stuff... hmm... but it was ok lar.. at least some side cash to use... :)

went back, online, slept a little.. then help my dad clean the living room b4 going for capt's ball... but anyway, never got to go cause it was raining heavily and adrian never showed up... ended up helping my mum do some homepage after helping my dad with the chores...

at night, went out with von they all... walked to jj first to meet up with shake there at 930 b4 proceeding to question mark cafe at 1030.. omega came along la... and i actually joined them at about 1015 or so.. sigh.. at least, there're books to entertain me in mph.. tried to play ez2dj but i kinda suck in it.. dunno why 02jam looks so simple.. that was because there was this whole bunch of convent girls outside mph la that's why ended up in capcom.. got su lyn, kian mei, the sc3 indian girls, shake and omega lor.. haha.. one big group there... after that only i met up with them and jason fetched us to ?cafe..

but he left shake and i there first while he and omega go fetch his sister and the rest.. so, we were stuck there for about half an hour b4 they come back... sigh..
all of us ordered lamb chop... haha. but all different flavours.. oh, there were von, omega, jason, delicia, shake and me... was quite fun talking to them... and we chatted till like 1230 b4 we go back... kesian jason,.. his curfew was at 12.. haha.. but the food only came at 1130..


Thursday, February 03, 2005

didn't wanna wake up so early cause my bed it's soooo comfortable... but then, it's gonna be 1130 and i had to wake up.. thought of playing Battle For Middle Earth once i get up but was afraid kena lecture again.. so, first thing i did was.... have my breakfast then wiped all the ceiling fans... meantime, my dad did some painting job in the kitchen.. and well, after cleaning the fans, i've to wipe the wet kitchen's toilet's window (which was all greasy.. eew) and had to paint some parts that my father couldn't reach with the wooden chair..
played battle for middle earth in the afternoon, then slept till 6 plus... had an appointment with gary at 730..
anyway, after dinner, waited for gary and he came with aaron and anotehr guy at about 8... went to mike's place... had a bottle of beer, 2 cups of whisky (venom) while play cho tai di with gary and then went to eat at the shop next to mike's place... was with gary, aaron, jon and diana.. ate koay teow and after that, went back to mike's place and had a bottle of house wine... well, kinda drank alot but it was ok then... the worse was 2 shots of whisky straight down the throat cause had to join them for supper next to mike's place... my face was like a pumpkin they say.. hahaha..
anyway, luckily aaron had to go home early. (at 1130) so, i can follow him back.. otherwise, God knows what tmie only i can go home.. supposed to bank in the money for the crystal, but by the time i came back online... i can't do that anymore.. (some maintenance thingy i guess) i suppose had to do it early morning tmr... hmm..


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

another day to rise early... had to go to the dental clinic again.. and this time, had to wait longer though there were more parking area.. lol.... the numbering machine (the one that distributes your queue no.) had some technical problems and everything has to be done manually.. anyway, waited for like almost 2 hours.. and when i see the doc, she said she has alot of patients today and had no time to do filling for me.. so, she set up an appointment for me on the 28th of feb @ 9.30am.. afraid it'll clash with the stpm results.. oh, and since i drove there, i went to ei leng's house to 'pick up' my present... haha.. kinda procrastinated that for quite a while liao.. and she bought for me sound wrist rest with the shape of a cow.. haha... it's some rubbery cow with liquid inside.. (for ages 5 and above <-- that really cracked me up)

after i went home, and rested a bit, had to do some paint-job in the kitchen area where the comp is located... painted the sides of the wall, and wiped the windows of the wet kitchen.. it was horrible... dirt + grease... had to throw the cloth away after that..