Monday, January 24, 2005

woke up early in the morning for another visit to the dentist.. and frustratingly, when we reached the clinic in greentown, didn't realise that they only serve outpatients on tuesdays only.. so, dad and i went all the way to medan kidd... there was so many ppl there.. and unfortunate for me.. i need to re-filling in my teeth cause the old one came out... and when it was my turn, the doc told me to go back to greentown cause if i've to do there.. i'll have to be on a waiting list which may last for few months... !?!??!
sigh, so, he just put some temporary filling in for me and charge me RM2 for it.. (not to mention RM1 for registration).. sigh..

later, did some minor spring cleaning.. that is the liviing room, just wipe those bottles on tope of the shelves.. after taht, have an 'appointment'.. a movie appointment actually with flippy and licia.. went to watch national treasure at 245... bumped into myin with sulina in McD.. myin looked prettier alrite..
after that, head straight right for the cinema (got the tgv application form right b4 that) after the movie, went to shop for presents.. bought sache's present and then sinnyi's one.. walked back home after that..

at night time, surprisingly... chin ping called me up.. was complaining bout her job... lol.. and was supposed to make a plan to go out with sinnyi since it's her bday.. but she skipped tuition and felt guilty so wanna stay at home and study.. haha..
ooh, did i mention that yiche and goh came back? she supplemented a credit card for me~!! ahaha.. yay... anyhow, was kinda busy smsing that night.. was msging sinnyi, chin ping and siah at the same time... quite long never mutli-msg liao.. while
online, ordered a dvd burner from Mika ( since my cd-rom also 'kong' dee...
anyway, was busy playing minesweeper with jill in msn.. then played solitaire with her.. now, playing pool with shake... hmm.. gonna zzz soon..


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