Thursday, January 06, 2005

was being awaken by a telephone call at 10 plus... it was boon jin asking me to go to tesco now.. i was like "but i just woke up, let's make it at 11 kay?" then, i went back to my slumber sleep for like another 10 min.. hehe.. woke up, had my breakfast, helped to put up the flourescent light... got ready just in time and we left for tesco at 1050..

went to the parking area.. it was full~! in the end, we had to park behind jusco area and have to walk for about 5 min to reach the supermarket entrance.. my, was it big... there are misc stores at the lower level, like the friendly records, restaurants, food court, etc. Then we went up on this escelator where they're no steps.. so that trolleys are able to be used there.. We went shopping about, looking at ALL the the items... bumped into thean seng later and he joined us cause he dind't want to go back so soon with he parents. We bought pins for the air pump, dumb bells (2x5kg) for bj and i.. We didn't have trolley to carry those, so i had to go back all the way down stairs to get one... bumped into omega and his dad in the music department and siok kwan (our prefect ex-treasurer) on the way down.. There's this voucher thingy.. wehre you'll get a RM1 voucher for every RM30 purchase.. Well, our dumb bell costs RM29.90 ; short of 10 cents.. so, bj bought a 80 cents snickers and i bought a RM5 plus shaver... haha.. went to redeem our voucher and saw shakila working and thean seng went to flirt with rachel lau on the other counter..

After that, off to lunch at Cafe Hoong... the setting's changed.. it's not so bright and it's air-conditioned.. ate economy rice b4 heading to see the jusco new supermarket.. Went to see the RM25k plasma tv and wanted to see if the dumb bell there was cheaper.. See see, there's none being sold.. Went to look for some korean drama movie and visited yee hui on the way down.

The supermarket's been extended.. The old Pizza Uno location is being replaced by it.. Sushi only costs RM0.88 and there's this non-halal department, where it's hidden right behind of jusco at the wine department.. haha.. quite funny.. bj's mum calls it the dungeon.. At that time, my tummy is aching badly.. in the end, i had to use the jj toilet... bumped into siah's mom and the way there.. lol..

So much for my morning trip.. Off to now... =)


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