Thursday, January 20, 2005

supposed to play badminton with brandon and yee weng at 10... but since there wasn't many of us... we ended up playing ping pong... there's another one on saturday and this time there's girls.. wanted to call sheik yan along for the morning match but brandon was afraid that will feel left out since it's all guys.. so, wait for saturday since mei yin is playing that time also.. dind't realise that jill's not working too.. :)
after ping pong, brandon came over to my place to look at my magic cards... he's interested in buying *yay! it's about time i sell it*

since yee weng returned my games folder and i have frozen throne... i filled up my afternoon time with the campaign missions of frozen throne... later, brandon and yee weng came over to play DotA.. installed (which took quite long due to some troubleshooting problem) and played not for very long...
not long, tuition students came. can't continue on.. went to boon jin's house after waiting for my parents to be back (and brandon choosing what cards he wanted to buy) to play.. as for me, i'm trading in my MX440 + RM60 with his FX5200.. played cs for a while and it's off back home..

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