Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rest Day

woke up at approx 11 and everyone's seem to be so glooomy when i woke up.. apparently, my parents went to tesco at 830 and wasted more than 2 hours there.. just for the rm4 voucher (in which they only managed to use up rm2 cause they didn't know that for every rm10 you can only use rm1)
practically, the whole day was tv and sleep... watched die another day in the afternoon.. and slept from 330 till 7.. woke up, have dinner.. watched another show again.. actauly, i'm supposed to watch a chow yun fatt show at 815 but my dad's on the tv now and i havent' bath yet cause my mum's in the bathroom..
hmm.. guess it's my turn now... =)


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