Saturday, January 08, 2005

Outing with von and friends

woke up late in the morning.. cause i'd rather laze around on my bed to day dream... ate wan tan mee for bfast and watched "The One" on HBO while doing that.. just when i tot the whole day was going to be another routined day... well, at least my sister brought us to lunch at sun lee how fuk... ate quite filling there....

Reached home around 2.. settling down on my bed AGAIN.. when my sister asked whether i wanted to watch any movies in TGV.. Happily, I say YES~!.. haha
So, we went to watch kungfu hustle at 2.45 in which we left the house at 2.25~!! it was ok then if there was no traffic.. which apparently is worse than b4 cause they have the Tesco opened not long ago... fortunately, my dad drove.. (i think he still doesn't want me to drive cause he's not really into watching movie.. but then again, it's been years since he last watched one and well, it's a chinese movie anyway)

We actually reached there at 2.45.. where my dad dropped me first to purchase the tickets. Was so afraid that they dun sell it judging that we're late.. Luckily, they have.. haha... but i still have to wait for my dad to park the car b4 proceeding to the cinema.. I bumped into thean seng while waiting for my dad.. haha.. he was being flaked out by jovial (his date) Oh well, waited till about 3 then we went in.. Fortunately for us.. the movie just started.. haha... The show was not bad overall lar... it's kinda expected to be dumb funny lar... reached home at about 5 plus...

was looking forward for tonight's dinner though.. gonna eat in bkt tambun.. rested a while till 6. then get ready for the dinner... sigh, we left the house at 640.. and my parents have church at 7... and the JOURNEY, well, it's the timing that's bad.. every traffic light we go to.. MUST be red... and the jam in bercham was devastating.. in the end, i only reached von's house at 655 with only 5 more min for them back to church...

Anyway, met von's friends..mun khit {yes, sounds like monkey that's why ppl prefer to call him M K), eng kiat and kar wai.. then, we waited for the arrival of omega, shake and delicia.. so, off we go to bkt tambun~!!
i followed omega's car with shake and delicia in it.. and kar wai drove the other car.. well, there's 8 of us and we ordered 7 DISHES~! there's vege, fish, prawn, the siput babi, taufu, egg, lai liu har.. fortunately, the prawn's dish is smaller.. (think we asked for small judging that there's so many)
btw, i was supposed to go out with cp at 9 plus.. cause she said she's laeving to singapore and wanted to chat b4 she leaves... but too bad.. i'm having such a nice them with them.. went back to von's house and decide where to go next... Eventually, we ended up in cue1 cause we wanted to play pool.. it was the first time for shake, omega and licia, so.. had a tutorial session first b4 really started playing.. then, we had a few matches. and eng kiat is actually quite good in pool.. anyhow, just when we decided to go back... all of them last minute say wanna stay over in von's house to watch a vcd.. lol.. so, in the end, von has to fetch me back first to take my stuffs, then omega supposed to take shake back to take her stuffs and von will pick them up from mega's house..
anyway, as i was saying, von fetched me back home first.. but she has to buy prawn mee for her dad.. so, i took the opportunity to bath first..

Once gathered in von's place.. we 'settled down' abit first.. then, we went to chat while downloading pictures from von's camera to our thumbdrives... listened to some music.. get scolded from von's mum.. u get the drill..
after that, we went watched bridget jones diary 2... all the way till 4.. the other 2 guys was fast asleep... pity them.. they slept only for 3 horus the night b4 and they went to sunway that morning.. anyway, we retired at about 4 plus... and well, sweet dreams.. =)

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