Saturday, January 29, 2005

License renewal day.

finally, i can renew my driving license liao.. went to JPJ right after breakfast at 9 and the service was quite prompt.. probably because there weren't alot of ppl lar.. and i bodoh bodoh take my passport size photo instead of the IC one.. so, went back there the 2nd time after taking my ic sized photo.. luckily no need to really wait...
after that, we went straight to the barber.. came home, slept a bit.. then wiped the err.. "windows" on top of the aquarium... completed it in 2 phases though.. one was b4 lunch, then another was after lunch (and also my nap =p)
slept abit after that (again) b4 going to elim for capt. ball... that adrian ask me to come at 430, in the end, he only came at around 515... !@#!
anyway, when i went to elim, i kinda joined their youth session.. didn't know there was one... then i saw a rooom with alot of ppl inside and just abruptly went in... haha.. then got stuck there till 5... but the 'session' was kinda good lar.. gave alot of 'insights'..
we started to play at 5.30... and i had to go back at 6.. so, only played till 5.50 and reached home exactly on 6.. hehe..

went to church at 7, then i'll be having dinner alone at home cause my parents had a dinner appointment and then straight to the new house... means, i'm all alone at home now.. haha.. kinda nice though.. can do anything i like.. but basically just online only lar.. =/


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