Friday, January 14, 2005

KL trip - Day 3

There's only one plan for the day.. that is to lowyat plaza.. woke up relatively late cause we had an exhausted day the day b4.. dind't manage to get a taxi, so omega drove to kelana jaya lrt station and we moved on from there... took lrt to kl central then monorail to imbi.. had lunch in kfc at central and off straight to lowyat..

i actually can 'window shop' for the first tiem.. hahah. that place is basically a computer fair... the shops are arranged in a disoredered manner...
anyway, i went to the first cycom.. asked bout the CF card.. the fella give me
RM150... i tried bargaining then the fella say cannot, so went to another place... the fella say RM160, then another shop, RM155.. then i tot buy from cycom wan.. but after asking for mroe, found a shop RM145~! then i was like.. "wah, so cheap" asked for other shops also can't get cheaper.. then got one by the escalator also RM145.. but that time jason wanna go up and see more mar, then i tot.. nvmlar, come down only buy since it's near the escalator.. so, mai went up lor. then ask one shop.. RM144~! haha.. 1 buck cheaper.. tehn the fella got high speed some more wan.. reduce the price for me until RM173 from RM180.. in the end, i bought that one lar.. haha.. high speed 45x.. then i went back down and ask for the high speed wan.. the fella say RM195.. aihh.. so tipu lar..
ooh, then another funny thing.. the top floor got one err.. sell those massaging charis one. the misc department.. then i was like saying "aih, walk so long, got massage also nice" then, i went to look look, the promoter go ask me wanna try anot.. hahaha.. then i act like i wanna buy like that.. give so many comments.. crap so much..i tried a 16k massaging chair.. lol.. ask me whether want to try the foot massage also anot.. hehehe.. so funny.. feel kinda pai seh...then i told her maybe later i take my father come here and see... cause we browsearound for alot of massaging chairs liao.. and i said thsi one not nice cause cannot fit my whole body since i'm so tall.. hahaha.. then the fella give me her number and the brochure.. lol.. feel so bad.. waste all her saliva only..
anyway, after that.. went shopping in time square.. bought christmas present for my sister.. had dinner there in the food court... by the time we went home.. it's almost bout 11 plus.... and my bro's still not back yet.. later, right after i finish bathing, i hear voices down the hall... and there they were... shireen and the mum.. hehhe.. and my bro's supposed to sleep with me~! (which he dind't eventualy, dunno why)
oh, we watched national treasure on the dvd. (i think it's actually vcd but burnt into dvd format) the movie was kinda like dan brown kinda plots... but of course dan brown's nicer la.. haha... tmr's the last day... miss home.. :)


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