Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kl trip - Day 2

went to subang airport at about 8 plus to make omega's passport.. got caught in a jam but luckily, there weren't many ppl over there.. and we actually settled everything b4 930..
supposed to drop by my brother's place to rest for a while wan.. but see see, we've to go straight out to neehad's house.. her house is actually quite beautiful.. she has a pond with a beautiful garden.. anyway, we went inside, wait for her other fren, amy to arrive... i took a nap there cause was actually lack of sleep...
(oh yeah, i have a cup a horlicks there too.. haha)

anyway, with the arrival of amy (a malay girl whose quite plump but she's fair and dyed blonde with nice facial features) we headed off for our busy schedule.. first, we went to omega's hostel to pick up amy's bf while on the way to amy's condo where omega will park her car there.. then nihad had to fetch another malay girl (fizah i think) and all of us met up at amy's place in PJ to swap cars...

so, off we went to kl central so that we could take the monorail to Imbi where timesquare is... but something funny happened.. haha.. there was NO ELECTRICITY~! so, all the public transportation is down~!! (well, except for bus and taxi la that is) so, we were stuck in kl central... and we've to wait for fizah's bf to come.. at first, we had to take monorail to TS cause we didn't know the way there.. but luckily, fizah's bf knows the direction and we went there by car..

as predicted.. timesquare also close down due to the power failure... and it's 2 something 3 at that time and our stomach is still empty.. and we've to walk and walk and walk... and we found FOOD~!! haha.. ate chicken rice only though... and it tastes good cause we're starving~!! haha... by the time we finish our lunch.. the power's back on~! haha.. so, we proceeded on with our usual plan that is to cosmos (TS's theme park).. it's RM25 per entry man.. so damn expensive... so, we sat on ALOT of rides most of it more than once... (especially the roller coaster) we actually posed during the coaster ride cause they have candid shots.. hehe..
basically, they're alot of other rides lar.. got bumper car.. ooh, then there's this DNA mixer which i didn't ride (afraid i'll really get nauseatic later) they really shake and twist you like a cocktail... then we saw this group of 'ninjas' (they actually covered their whole body.. only their eyes are visible) so funny cause they were sitting in the DNA mixer.. hahaha

went off from TS at about 7 and we rested at amy's place b4 going for dinner in hartamas... the setting is kinda similar with what you can find in ipoh.. stores all around and numbered tables.. food's not bad though...
For the first time, i played foosball at some place near there.. it's RM2 per game with 9 balls to play with.. while the rest played pool with RM20 per hour which we joined in later... (played for 2 hours of pool)
our original plan was to go bar-hopping.. but by the time we finished our game of pool, it's already 1130 and all of us are already half-dead (well, except for me actually) hehe.. so, we retired earlier than expected and reach back at about 1 something to 2...


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