Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kl trip - Day 1

supposed to reach omega's house at 730.. but i woke up late and was there at 745.. had some last minute changes though.. that is von is coming along also.. yay~! haha... then, after fetching all of them, we finally departured at 830 and reached kl at about 11..

first thing we did is to pick omega's friends up, nihad, to settle their jpa stuffs together in IDP.. as we were getting hungrier, we went to buy some snacks to alas perut first b4 proceeding of to putrajaya.. went to some jpa office to get some affidavit i think.. haha.. then ate lunch in ayamas at the alamanda shopping complex in putrajaya,..

anyhow, went back to the jpa office.. cruised around putrajaya... we went to this's some 'kelab' thingy where they actually have the river with beautiful grass.. they got sports game there and also a jetty with speedboats....
went back to idp to finish off some stuffs.. but see see, omega has to make a passport so that she can get her COE to make her visa....

off to von's hostel after that and lepakked there for a while after fetching omega's fren back.. met up with my sis at one utama after that, she took us to eat italian food for dinner in italiano then lead us back to koko's house.. ooh.. we bought our breakfast b4 that.. i bought muffins while the others cup noodles...
we were so tired... slept quite late and have to wake up early next morning to make the passport.. omega, jason and i stayed at my bro's place... lucky for me, i've the whole room all by myself.. =)

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