Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's All About DotA

well, there's supposed to be a badminton game at 10.. but that yee weng, never book earlier, couldn't get a court.. in the end, it's the 3 of us again.. brandon, yee weng and i.. so, instead of playing sports (which we actually thought of pingpong since there was no badminton) we went to imax for a game of DotA.. It's my first time there after all these years.. since form 5 i think.. anyhow, we played 5v5 with steven lee, kah hong and gang who happened to be there too.. played until 12 plus and it costs 5.60 per person (rm3 per hour i think).. brandon has to catch a bus at 230..
went home, ate my lunch (rice with duck) and "trained" my DotA.. actually, more like doing some "research" from lowyat... yee weng came over anyway to copy some DotA maps from me.. downloaded the Dotamercenaries also..
eventually, the whole evening, was reading bout it... bout all the recipes and at night.. hhaha.. chatted a while and played till about 4?! lol..


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