Monday, January 31, 2005

healthy lifestyle..

guess wat, i actually woke up at 7 and went to golf club with yee weng, boon jin, ian and brandon to play tennis and table tennis.. bj picked me up at about 740, and then met up with them there.. played tennis first, then only moved on the pingpong.. we actually got 'halaued' cause we weren't members.. haha.. all because ian go kacau the guard and tell him that yee weng's not a member, then the guard ask yee weng not to play first and let his other friends (us) play... we 'claimed' that we were members lar.. haha.. after feeling uneasy, we proceeded to ping pong and played till about 1030 cause ian has to go back and fetch his bro.. but brandon, yw and i followed ian back to his house first while bj has to make his way back home.. we went for braekfast in ipoh gdn south with ian too after he fetched his bro..
after bfast, went to ian's house again to teach ian how to use for dota.. haha.. played with ian's new camera and brandon played a game in it was kinda lag.. 2 sec lag.. while me, kinda fooled around lar.... haha..

went home for lunch at about 1230, had dinner and try to read some 'articles' on dota since we're gonna play it in imax at 2 with bran, yw and chun yao... at first, almost couldn't go cause i have no transport.. yee weng has to fetch his sister and mother, while brandon can't drive.. at the end, my father dropped me at the traffic light opposite jusco and i've to walk all the way to imax... it was almost 3 at that time.. worse thing is, there wasn't anyone there when i reached.. then i called them up and see see yee weng is waiting in the car... haha.. anyhow, we kinda played first and not long after that, brandon came to join us.. played till like 4 cause yw has to fetch his mom and brandon has to go back home to get his wallet.. i stayed there cause chun yao was there and he's supposed to 'teach' me how to play, but i ended up playing 02jam instead.. haha.. it's been a long time since i last played that...
they came back shortly after that and had a few games.. it was quite nice la.. cause we win every match (cause we have chun yao, brandon and wai kong on our team).. now that i've mentioned that wai kong.. sigh.. he's so damn LOUD... brandon's sitting the other end of the room with his headphones on his head also can hear his LOUD voice... haha.. he's so damn lan si and keep on saying how hebat he is... haha... by the end of the game, he kena 'fire' baik baik by the other fella... haha... followed chun yao back home (cause he has to fetch wai kong to ipoh gdn)

reached home at about 7, had dinner and played magic myself at night... haha... long time never touch liao.. forgot most of the rules... sigh, have to sleep early also today cause have to go to the dentist again tmr.... supposed to go kledang hill with ian they all wan.. too bad... =(


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