Tuesday, January 11, 2005

first thing i did was to have lunch with omega and jason all the way in greentown.. and no! i'm not being a lamp post.. supposed to help omega shopped for a camera from mr poon.. my dad knows the owner and called him earlier in the morning... anyway, after lunch, went to poon's shop and she bought a casio exilim EX-Z55 at RM1550..
oh, omega finally got her offer from melb uni.. therefore, i'm gonna leave for kl tmr... and yeah, it's a bit not nice for me to go with her alone.. then, realised taht my sis's place still have another room to stay and so i asked jason also lor.. the more the merrier to me.. and dun wanna create misunderstandings...

anyhow, after buying the camera, went to bj house for a supposedly mini-lanparty... but when i reached there.. bj said that yw cancelled cause he has things to do.. so, we called thean seng along with 2 comp... after a couple of hours, yw said he's on the way.. haha... played cs and quake 3 as usual and went back at 6 something for dinner..

dind't do much at night though... have to pack things and ya, online... sigh, felt so bad bout becky.. wasn't being a really good fren.. didn't even really look for her when she's back and not knowing that she's already back in reading.. yeah, yeah.. a terrible friend... hmm.. well, she's angry la of course.. but i dun blame her.. oh well, hope i'll be a better one next time she's back... gtg get some sleep... have to be at om's house at 730... sigh..


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