Friday, January 28, 2005

back to school..

woke up at 1030, had roti canai for breakfast, and then off to school at 11 plus.. our purpose there was to sell our computing notes while boon jin wanna take pictures of some lower 6 girls... anyway, when we reached there.. we head straight to the computer lab and found mr mathan and the upper 6 class inside.. went to look for pn. leela on the other side of the building (in the new lab) and talked to her bout it... she agreed and suggested that we talk to mr mathan since he's now in charge of the upper 6 students.. went back there to the lab, talked to mr mathan, showed him the notes.. and he ask us to ask the students ourselves... haha..
anyway, concerning the students... bj was walking around when a guy called alvin (i think) got some problem with his C programming.. and asked help from bj.. then bj just type one line and voila.. can liao.. hahaha... then he's like praising bj whole day..
oh, the only pretty girl there (or up to the standard is only kai sien.. haha)
so, we talked to them and agreed to buy it.. i actually tot of selling RM5 (softcopy) to them.. but they wanted hard copy... so, we printed out a copy in the lab.. and then i go and photostat it from chai seng... which he came just now.. it was RM30 total.. 9 copies + 2 copies for teacher.. now, i think i'm gonna sell RM10 per book..

after we're done with the printing stuff,saw thean seng in CF room and greeted him a while.. they were doing praise and worship at that time.. the only girl there was only mun siong and the number of CF members really decreased lar..after that, we went to the computer lab to pass sinn yi her present.. feels like old time seeing all the other prefects doing compilation there... then, went to lsc to visit jv... bj helped him with some frontpage thing... went for lunch in the canteen after that.. all the arrangements are different already though... now, they even sell waffles.. haha...
and that bj, keep on talking to jv bout sy... aihh.. oh, then ts came down from cf.. and joined us after jv left... and guess wat.. lik wai's working in SMI!!! haha... as a lower secondary teacher... some computer lab assistant.. imagine.. working as a teacher... lol... well, at least he get paid for RM500... 6 hours work, 3 hours break (free periods).. so nice.. after lunch, went back and ts followed us...

lazed around on the bed for like 2 hour or so b4 going for capt ball... drove there (dad deliberately approved) and saw a lot of unfamiliar faces.. then again, it's been 2 years since i last played.. the only familiar faces are edward, aarom kam and the chong brothers... (not to mention adrian la) though, kar poh came late with kian mei and yian yan.. the game was quite fun.. it's been a long time since i had so much 'activity'.. lasted all the way until 730 from 430..

slept abit at night b4 onlining, after my mum's tuition.. then, cp called and say wanna go out later at about after 1030.. i was like.. "okayy..." anyway, she came, i was still onlining... then left, dunno where to go, ended up buying ramlee and then she said swanee needs help on some computer stuffs.. so, i had to go over to her house to help her and we chatted there till like midnight... yeah, she lectured bout my present to sinnyi. say very inappropriate to buy 'deodarant' to a girl for her bday... sigh, felt so bad after that.. =/


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