Tuesday, January 25, 2005

argh.. was forced to wake up at 8 plus cause have to go breakfast with parents and sis.. the thing they didn't know is, i slept at about 3 something and thus, i only had like 5 hour plus sleep.... =( went to tesco after that just to show my sis the new place...
came back home at about 10 somethign... wanted to sleep back.. but ended up watching my sassy girl.. haha.. then, had lunch (got salmon fish~!) and finally, sleep~!! haha.. slept till like 5 plus.. then at 6, went to cgmc for basketball..

went to pasar malam with ian, jason and bj..(yw supposed to come along too but he's still eating in menglembu that time) well, i drove.. actually, i should also lar since they've always fetched me to school and i can't repay them.. that's the least i can do... my dad did grumble abit lar... but oh well... =/

we parked near theng chin's house and walked over to PM.. bought some foods, checked out some ppl... lol.. (black shirt and green shirt girl) it was quite enjoyable lar.. chit chatting and listening to all those lame jokes that i didn't hear it for months.. haha.. went back to bj's house to eat out food and browsed through bj's comp... that jason, teruk case... go use bj's icq and talk like he's gay... hahaha.... went home at about 1130.. so tired..


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