Monday, January 31, 2005

healthy lifestyle..

guess wat, i actually woke up at 7 and went to golf club with yee weng, boon jin, ian and brandon to play tennis and table tennis.. bj picked me up at about 740, and then met up with them there.. played tennis first, then only moved on the pingpong.. we actually got 'halaued' cause we weren't members.. haha.. all because ian go kacau the guard and tell him that yee weng's not a member, then the guard ask yee weng not to play first and let his other friends (us) play... we 'claimed' that we were members lar.. haha.. after feeling uneasy, we proceeded to ping pong and played till about 1030 cause ian has to go back and fetch his bro.. but brandon, yw and i followed ian back to his house first while bj has to make his way back home.. we went for braekfast in ipoh gdn south with ian too after he fetched his bro..
after bfast, went to ian's house again to teach ian how to use for dota.. haha.. played with ian's new camera and brandon played a game in it was kinda lag.. 2 sec lag.. while me, kinda fooled around lar.... haha..

went home for lunch at about 1230, had dinner and try to read some 'articles' on dota since we're gonna play it in imax at 2 with bran, yw and chun yao... at first, almost couldn't go cause i have no transport.. yee weng has to fetch his sister and mother, while brandon can't drive.. at the end, my father dropped me at the traffic light opposite jusco and i've to walk all the way to imax... it was almost 3 at that time.. worse thing is, there wasn't anyone there when i reached.. then i called them up and see see yee weng is waiting in the car... haha.. anyhow, we kinda played first and not long after that, brandon came to join us.. played till like 4 cause yw has to fetch his mom and brandon has to go back home to get his wallet.. i stayed there cause chun yao was there and he's supposed to 'teach' me how to play, but i ended up playing 02jam instead.. haha.. it's been a long time since i last played that...
they came back shortly after that and had a few games.. it was quite nice la.. cause we win every match (cause we have chun yao, brandon and wai kong on our team).. now that i've mentioned that wai kong.. sigh.. he's so damn LOUD... brandon's sitting the other end of the room with his headphones on his head also can hear his LOUD voice... haha.. he's so damn lan si and keep on saying how hebat he is... haha... by the end of the game, he kena 'fire' baik baik by the other fella... haha... followed chun yao back home (cause he has to fetch wai kong to ipoh gdn)

reached home at about 7, had dinner and played magic myself at night... haha... long time never touch liao.. forgot most of the rules... sigh, have to sleep early also today cause have to go to the dentist again tmr.... supposed to go kledang hill with ian they all wan.. too bad... =(


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cleaning Day

woke up at around 9 and started off with doom3~! parents then later came back and brought back roti canai as b'fast... then, kena lecture and marah for playing comp game... sigh..
not long after that, some "technician" (dunno what's it called) came to do wiring for the heater... but ended up did alot of surface wiring cause changed alot of err.. the house's wire system... lol.. then, it kinda affected the plug from my bedroom, and eventually, i've to clean the area under my bed which was like not touched for years.. and i mean it literally..
then they drilled some hole in the bathroom, which i've to wipe the bathroom windows lar.. (annual job) and the wet kitchen (where the heater is installed) have to be cleared up after he's done with it.. (which was by then late evening).. had to mop the whole house...

basically, it's the one in my room's that such a mess.. so much dust... but luckily no dead cockroaches.. (though i saw a lizard and some spiders) after that, can feel my room's so clean.. haha.. squeaky clean....
then at about 6, had to get ready for my mum's bro's wedding.. haha.. i think that's his 5th wife.. and he's like 50-ish.. only got 2 tables and the dinner's held in ipoh gdn east's restaurant.. (same row as piazza cafe) ate alot there.. hahaha..

came back and can finally online!! parent's slept early though.. such a tiring day for them...


Saturday, January 29, 2005

License renewal day.

finally, i can renew my driving license liao.. went to JPJ right after breakfast at 9 and the service was quite prompt.. probably because there weren't alot of ppl lar.. and i bodoh bodoh take my passport size photo instead of the IC one.. so, went back there the 2nd time after taking my ic sized photo.. luckily no need to really wait...
after that, we went straight to the barber.. came home, slept a bit.. then wiped the err.. "windows" on top of the aquarium... completed it in 2 phases though.. one was b4 lunch, then another was after lunch (and also my nap =p)
slept abit after that (again) b4 going to elim for capt. ball... that adrian ask me to come at 430, in the end, he only came at around 515... !@#!
anyway, when i went to elim, i kinda joined their youth session.. didn't know there was one... then i saw a rooom with alot of ppl inside and just abruptly went in... haha.. then got stuck there till 5... but the 'session' was kinda good lar.. gave alot of 'insights'..
we started to play at 5.30... and i had to go back at 6.. so, only played till 5.50 and reached home exactly on 6.. hehe..

went to church at 7, then i'll be having dinner alone at home cause my parents had a dinner appointment and then straight to the new house... means, i'm all alone at home now.. haha.. kinda nice though.. can do anything i like.. but basically just online only lar.. =/


Friday, January 28, 2005

back to school..

woke up at 1030, had roti canai for breakfast, and then off to school at 11 plus.. our purpose there was to sell our computing notes while boon jin wanna take pictures of some lower 6 girls... anyway, when we reached there.. we head straight to the computer lab and found mr mathan and the upper 6 class inside.. went to look for pn. leela on the other side of the building (in the new lab) and talked to her bout it... she agreed and suggested that we talk to mr mathan since he's now in charge of the upper 6 students.. went back there to the lab, talked to mr mathan, showed him the notes.. and he ask us to ask the students ourselves... haha..
anyway, concerning the students... bj was walking around when a guy called alvin (i think) got some problem with his C programming.. and asked help from bj.. then bj just type one line and voila.. can liao.. hahaha... then he's like praising bj whole day..
oh, the only pretty girl there (or up to the standard is only kai sien.. haha)
so, we talked to them and agreed to buy it.. i actually tot of selling RM5 (softcopy) to them.. but they wanted hard copy... so, we printed out a copy in the lab.. and then i go and photostat it from chai seng... which he came just now.. it was RM30 total.. 9 copies + 2 copies for teacher.. now, i think i'm gonna sell RM10 per book..

after we're done with the printing stuff,saw thean seng in CF room and greeted him a while.. they were doing praise and worship at that time.. the only girl there was only mun siong and the number of CF members really decreased lar..after that, we went to the computer lab to pass sinn yi her present.. feels like old time seeing all the other prefects doing compilation there... then, went to lsc to visit jv... bj helped him with some frontpage thing... went for lunch in the canteen after that.. all the arrangements are different already though... now, they even sell waffles.. haha...
and that bj, keep on talking to jv bout sy... aihh.. oh, then ts came down from cf.. and joined us after jv left... and guess wat.. lik wai's working in SMI!!! haha... as a lower secondary teacher... some computer lab assistant.. imagine.. working as a teacher... lol... well, at least he get paid for RM500... 6 hours work, 3 hours break (free periods).. so nice.. after lunch, went back and ts followed us...

lazed around on the bed for like 2 hour or so b4 going for capt ball... drove there (dad deliberately approved) and saw a lot of unfamiliar faces.. then again, it's been 2 years since i last played.. the only familiar faces are edward, aarom kam and the chong brothers... (not to mention adrian la) though, kar poh came late with kian mei and yian yan.. the game was quite fun.. it's been a long time since i had so much 'activity'.. lasted all the way until 730 from 430..

slept abit at night b4 onlining, after my mum's tuition.. then, cp called and say wanna go out later at about after 1030.. i was like.. "okayy..." anyway, she came, i was still onlining... then left, dunno where to go, ended up buying ramlee and then she said swanee needs help on some computer stuffs.. so, i had to go over to her house to help her and we chatted there till like midnight... yeah, she lectured bout my present to sinnyi. say very inappropriate to buy 'deodarant' to a girl for her bday... sigh, felt so bad after that.. =/


Thursday, January 27, 2005

revising computing notes

woke up relatively late again at about 11 plus and watched charmed on my comp... my dad then came back telling me that he installed the cd player into his car.. the 2 speakers at the back for the cd player whild the front 2 is for the radio/cassette...

anyway, went to boon jin's house at 1 and we revised our computing notes by adjusting the formatting and filling in one or 2 blanks... plan to go to school the day after... after we're done with the notes, we played NFSU2.... a single player game, we changed it into 2 player game.. haha.. bj used his steering's wheel accelerator and brake, and also the game pad.. we took turns with the game pad and the accelerator... quite fun actually... haha.....

went for basketball at 6 plus till 7... ate dinner and then slept till 945... chatting with boon jin on what we're gonna do on valentine's day.. hmm.. wonder what i'll do this year... stay at home perhaps? or try to find someone to go out with... hmm.. sigh...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

woke up relatively early and used my whole morning on frozen throne... and watched tv in the afternoon... such a leisure and life-less life.. oh well.. i could live with it some time...
luckily, there was basketball in the evening to provide me a good exercise... although it's just like an hour.. but it's sure damn tiring....

ooh.. just now, havent really relaxed for some time.. after bathing, went to the air cond room and just lie there.. hahaah.... so relaxing.. almost fell asleep.. but just had to online... hmm..
btw, the ipta application form thingy sucks man.. dunno what to choose... all the web sites dun have information on each course.. they only like have whose in chaarge of wat and quite cacated wan lar.. sad case.... sigh..


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

argh.. was forced to wake up at 8 plus cause have to go breakfast with parents and sis.. the thing they didn't know is, i slept at about 3 something and thus, i only had like 5 hour plus sleep.... =( went to tesco after that just to show my sis the new place...
came back home at about 10 somethign... wanted to sleep back.. but ended up watching my sassy girl.. haha.. then, had lunch (got salmon fish~!) and finally, sleep~!! haha.. slept till like 5 plus.. then at 6, went to cgmc for basketball..

went to pasar malam with ian, jason and bj..(yw supposed to come along too but he's still eating in menglembu that time) well, i drove.. actually, i should also lar since they've always fetched me to school and i can't repay them.. that's the least i can do... my dad did grumble abit lar... but oh well... =/

we parked near theng chin's house and walked over to PM.. bought some foods, checked out some ppl... lol.. (black shirt and green shirt girl) it was quite enjoyable lar.. chit chatting and listening to all those lame jokes that i didn't hear it for months.. haha.. went back to bj's house to eat out food and browsed through bj's comp... that jason, teruk case... go use bj's icq and talk like he's gay... hahaha.... went home at about 1130.. so tired..


Monday, January 24, 2005

woke up early in the morning for another visit to the dentist.. and frustratingly, when we reached the clinic in greentown, didn't realise that they only serve outpatients on tuesdays only.. so, dad and i went all the way to medan kidd... there was so many ppl there.. and unfortunate for me.. i need to re-filling in my teeth cause the old one came out... and when it was my turn, the doc told me to go back to greentown cause if i've to do there.. i'll have to be on a waiting list which may last for few months... !?!??!
sigh, so, he just put some temporary filling in for me and charge me RM2 for it.. (not to mention RM1 for registration).. sigh..

later, did some minor spring cleaning.. that is the liviing room, just wipe those bottles on tope of the shelves.. after taht, have an 'appointment'.. a movie appointment actually with flippy and licia.. went to watch national treasure at 245... bumped into myin with sulina in McD.. myin looked prettier alrite..
after that, head straight right for the cinema (got the tgv application form right b4 that) after the movie, went to shop for presents.. bought sache's present and then sinnyi's one.. walked back home after that..

at night time, surprisingly... chin ping called me up.. was complaining bout her job... lol.. and was supposed to make a plan to go out with sinnyi since it's her bday.. but she skipped tuition and felt guilty so wanna stay at home and study.. haha..
ooh, did i mention that yiche and goh came back? she supplemented a credit card for me~!! ahaha.. yay... anyhow, was kinda busy smsing that night.. was msging sinnyi, chin ping and siah at the same time... quite long never mutli-msg liao.. while
online, ordered a dvd burner from Mika ( since my cd-rom also 'kong' dee...
anyway, was busy playing minesweeper with jill in msn.. then played solitaire with her.. now, playing pool with shake... hmm.. gonna zzz soon..


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rest Day

woke up at approx 11 and everyone's seem to be so glooomy when i woke up.. apparently, my parents went to tesco at 830 and wasted more than 2 hours there.. just for the rm4 voucher (in which they only managed to use up rm2 cause they didn't know that for every rm10 you can only use rm1)
practically, the whole day was tv and sleep... watched die another day in the afternoon.. and slept from 330 till 7.. woke up, have dinner.. watched another show again.. actauly, i'm supposed to watch a chow yun fatt show at 815 but my dad's on the tv now and i havent' bath yet cause my mum's in the bathroom..
hmm.. guess it's my turn now... =)


Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's All About DotA

well, there's supposed to be a badminton game at 10.. but that yee weng, never book earlier, couldn't get a court.. in the end, it's the 3 of us again.. brandon, yee weng and i.. so, instead of playing sports (which we actually thought of pingpong since there was no badminton) we went to imax for a game of DotA.. It's my first time there after all these years.. since form 5 i think.. anyhow, we played 5v5 with steven lee, kah hong and gang who happened to be there too.. played until 12 plus and it costs 5.60 per person (rm3 per hour i think).. brandon has to catch a bus at 230..
went home, ate my lunch (rice with duck) and "trained" my DotA.. actually, more like doing some "research" from lowyat... yee weng came over anyway to copy some DotA maps from me.. downloaded the Dotamercenaries also..
eventually, the whole evening, was reading bout it... bout all the recipes and at night.. hhaha.. chatted a while and played till about 4?! lol..


Thursday, January 20, 2005

supposed to play badminton with brandon and yee weng at 10... but since there wasn't many of us... we ended up playing ping pong... there's another one on saturday and this time there's girls.. wanted to call sheik yan along for the morning match but brandon was afraid that will feel left out since it's all guys.. so, wait for saturday since mei yin is playing that time also.. dind't realise that jill's not working too.. :)
after ping pong, brandon came over to my place to look at my magic cards... he's interested in buying *yay! it's about time i sell it*

since yee weng returned my games folder and i have frozen throne... i filled up my afternoon time with the campaign missions of frozen throne... later, brandon and yee weng came over to play DotA.. installed (which took quite long due to some troubleshooting problem) and played not for very long...
not long, tuition students came. can't continue on.. went to boon jin's house after waiting for my parents to be back (and brandon choosing what cards he wanted to buy) to play.. as for me, i'm trading in my MX440 + RM60 with his FX5200.. played cs for a while and it's off back home..

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Furnitures~!

my dad's always quite keen in new stuffs... well, he bought a new cabinet for the wet kitchen that costs RM250 only~! it's posh looking type of cabinet.. quite tall.. too bad can't post a screenshot.. oh, he also bought a dvd player for only RM99~! haha... put it in his room... all these stuffs from some shop in bercham..

on my "daily life".. lol.. lipatted baju in the morning.. helped my mum burn some CDs and dubbed some tapes.. hmm.. these days quite into pool.. man, it's been a very long time since i've last played AO... haha.. wonder am i gonna continue it ever..


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Trip to Dentist..

woke up early in the morning for a dentist appointment... had to do filling for my teeth due to some unwanted circumstances... doc told me that i can't use that side of the mouth for the whole day..
came back, wiped windows and watched charmed.. and guess wat, i slept the whole afternoon till dinner time~!! haha.. it's been quite a long time i sleep that much in the afternoon... night time, another routined night.. but this time,chatted with brandon and ling wei..


Sunday, January 16, 2005

did practically nothing on this very fine sunday... =) the only event that i had was having supper with omega, jason, licia, kean fatt and jill... at first, sheik yan and siah's supposed to join...shake couldn't make it cause no parents approval and siah's still on her way back home from penang.. we went to victoria's junction and we just practically yum cha.. chatted and took pics.. haha... sigh, delicia found her 'conversations' then.. all about anime...hahaha
after that,they came to my house so that i could copy all the photos in kl from omega's SD card.. well, that's all about now..


Saturday, January 15, 2005

KL trip - Day 4

when i woke up at looked at the clock.. it's already 8 plus... and i was like "shit, we're late for the passport thing".. see see, oemga and jason already left earlier without me.. oh well, i just went back to sleep until they returned... hehe..
okay.. cut things short.. went to pack our stuffs... then off to idp to hand over the passport to them...
then, went to sunway pyramid.. shopped abit... i wanted to go ice skatingg.. but nobody to accompany me.. had lunch in sushi king which costs so much~!! hmm.. didn't have much money left then... anyway, headed to ipoh right away after that...
came back... found my maddotz on my desk.. installed in on my mouse.. haha.. went to church at night, dinner, online.. bla bla.. back to the old routine.....


Friday, January 14, 2005

KL trip - Day 3

There's only one plan for the day.. that is to lowyat plaza.. woke up relatively late cause we had an exhausted day the day b4.. dind't manage to get a taxi, so omega drove to kelana jaya lrt station and we moved on from there... took lrt to kl central then monorail to imbi.. had lunch in kfc at central and off straight to lowyat..

i actually can 'window shop' for the first tiem.. hahah. that place is basically a computer fair... the shops are arranged in a disoredered manner...
anyway, i went to the first cycom.. asked bout the CF card.. the fella give me
RM150... i tried bargaining then the fella say cannot, so went to another place... the fella say RM160, then another shop, RM155.. then i tot buy from cycom wan.. but after asking for mroe, found a shop RM145~! then i was like.. "wah, so cheap" asked for other shops also can't get cheaper.. then got one by the escalator also RM145.. but that time jason wanna go up and see more mar, then i tot.. nvmlar, come down only buy since it's near the escalator.. so, mai went up lor. then ask one shop.. RM144~! haha.. 1 buck cheaper.. tehn the fella got high speed some more wan.. reduce the price for me until RM173 from RM180.. in the end, i bought that one lar.. haha.. high speed 45x.. then i went back down and ask for the high speed wan.. the fella say RM195.. aihh.. so tipu lar..
ooh, then another funny thing.. the top floor got one err.. sell those massaging charis one. the misc department.. then i was like saying "aih, walk so long, got massage also nice" then, i went to look look, the promoter go ask me wanna try anot.. hahaha.. then i act like i wanna buy like that.. give so many comments.. crap so much..i tried a 16k massaging chair.. lol.. ask me whether want to try the foot massage also anot.. hehehe.. so funny.. feel kinda pai seh...then i told her maybe later i take my father come here and see... cause we browsearound for alot of massaging chairs liao.. and i said thsi one not nice cause cannot fit my whole body since i'm so tall.. hahaha.. then the fella give me her number and the brochure.. lol.. feel so bad.. waste all her saliva only..
anyway, after that.. went shopping in time square.. bought christmas present for my sister.. had dinner there in the food court... by the time we went home.. it's almost bout 11 plus.... and my bro's still not back yet.. later, right after i finish bathing, i hear voices down the hall... and there they were... shireen and the mum.. hehhe.. and my bro's supposed to sleep with me~! (which he dind't eventualy, dunno why)
oh, we watched national treasure on the dvd. (i think it's actually vcd but burnt into dvd format) the movie was kinda like dan brown kinda plots... but of course dan brown's nicer la.. haha... tmr's the last day... miss home.. :)


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kl trip - Day 2

went to subang airport at about 8 plus to make omega's passport.. got caught in a jam but luckily, there weren't many ppl over there.. and we actually settled everything b4 930..
supposed to drop by my brother's place to rest for a while wan.. but see see, we've to go straight out to neehad's house.. her house is actually quite beautiful.. she has a pond with a beautiful garden.. anyway, we went inside, wait for her other fren, amy to arrive... i took a nap there cause was actually lack of sleep...
(oh yeah, i have a cup a horlicks there too.. haha)

anyway, with the arrival of amy (a malay girl whose quite plump but she's fair and dyed blonde with nice facial features) we headed off for our busy schedule.. first, we went to omega's hostel to pick up amy's bf while on the way to amy's condo where omega will park her car there.. then nihad had to fetch another malay girl (fizah i think) and all of us met up at amy's place in PJ to swap cars...

so, off we went to kl central so that we could take the monorail to Imbi where timesquare is... but something funny happened.. haha.. there was NO ELECTRICITY~! so, all the public transportation is down~!! (well, except for bus and taxi la that is) so, we were stuck in kl central... and we've to wait for fizah's bf to come.. at first, we had to take monorail to TS cause we didn't know the way there.. but luckily, fizah's bf knows the direction and we went there by car..

as predicted.. timesquare also close down due to the power failure... and it's 2 something 3 at that time and our stomach is still empty.. and we've to walk and walk and walk... and we found FOOD~!! haha.. ate chicken rice only though... and it tastes good cause we're starving~!! haha... by the time we finish our lunch.. the power's back on~! haha.. so, we proceeded on with our usual plan that is to cosmos (TS's theme park).. it's RM25 per entry man.. so damn expensive... so, we sat on ALOT of rides most of it more than once... (especially the roller coaster) we actually posed during the coaster ride cause they have candid shots.. hehe..
basically, they're alot of other rides lar.. got bumper car.. ooh, then there's this DNA mixer which i didn't ride (afraid i'll really get nauseatic later) they really shake and twist you like a cocktail... then we saw this group of 'ninjas' (they actually covered their whole body.. only their eyes are visible) so funny cause they were sitting in the DNA mixer.. hahaha

went off from TS at about 7 and we rested at amy's place b4 going for dinner in hartamas... the setting is kinda similar with what you can find in ipoh.. stores all around and numbered tables.. food's not bad though...
For the first time, i played foosball at some place near there.. it's RM2 per game with 9 balls to play with.. while the rest played pool with RM20 per hour which we joined in later... (played for 2 hours of pool)
our original plan was to go bar-hopping.. but by the time we finished our game of pool, it's already 1130 and all of us are already half-dead (well, except for me actually) hehe.. so, we retired earlier than expected and reach back at about 1 something to 2...


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kl trip - Day 1

supposed to reach omega's house at 730.. but i woke up late and was there at 745.. had some last minute changes though.. that is von is coming along also.. yay~! haha... then, after fetching all of them, we finally departured at 830 and reached kl at about 11..

first thing we did is to pick omega's friends up, nihad, to settle their jpa stuffs together in IDP.. as we were getting hungrier, we went to buy some snacks to alas perut first b4 proceeding of to putrajaya.. went to some jpa office to get some affidavit i think.. haha.. then ate lunch in ayamas at the alamanda shopping complex in putrajaya,..

anyhow, went back to the jpa office.. cruised around putrajaya... we went to this's some 'kelab' thingy where they actually have the river with beautiful grass.. they got sports game there and also a jetty with speedboats....
went back to idp to finish off some stuffs.. but see see, omega has to make a passport so that she can get her COE to make her visa....

off to von's hostel after that and lepakked there for a while after fetching omega's fren back.. met up with my sis at one utama after that, she took us to eat italian food for dinner in italiano then lead us back to koko's house.. ooh.. we bought our breakfast b4 that.. i bought muffins while the others cup noodles...
we were so tired... slept quite late and have to wake up early next morning to make the passport.. omega, jason and i stayed at my bro's place... lucky for me, i've the whole room all by myself.. =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

first thing i did was to have lunch with omega and jason all the way in greentown.. and no! i'm not being a lamp post.. supposed to help omega shopped for a camera from mr poon.. my dad knows the owner and called him earlier in the morning... anyway, after lunch, went to poon's shop and she bought a casio exilim EX-Z55 at RM1550..
oh, omega finally got her offer from melb uni.. therefore, i'm gonna leave for kl tmr... and yeah, it's a bit not nice for me to go with her alone.. then, realised taht my sis's place still have another room to stay and so i asked jason also lor.. the more the merrier to me.. and dun wanna create misunderstandings...

anyhow, after buying the camera, went to bj house for a supposedly mini-lanparty... but when i reached there.. bj said that yw cancelled cause he has things to do.. so, we called thean seng along with 2 comp... after a couple of hours, yw said he's on the way.. haha... played cs and quake 3 as usual and went back at 6 something for dinner..

dind't do much at night though... have to pack things and ya, online... sigh, felt so bad bout becky.. wasn't being a really good fren.. didn't even really look for her when she's back and not knowing that she's already back in reading.. yeah, yeah.. a terrible friend... hmm.. well, she's angry la of course.. but i dun blame her.. oh well, hope i'll be a better one next time she's back... gtg get some sleep... have to be at om's house at 730... sigh..


Monday, January 10, 2005

i'm supposed to look for a job with jill in the morning.. so, i woke up at 9 plus and tried calling her since she said she has trouble sleeping, afraid that she can't wake up.. well, surprisingly, wheni called her, she do sound energetic and i was like "wah, wake up so early wan?" then she said.. "yeah, i never sleep at all" *dumbfounded*
oh well, but in the end, my father had to use the car and left after reading his newspaper till bout lunch time.. which was one plus....
then, i'm supposed to join shake in parade at about 2-3.. cause earlier they went to the saloon... anyway, they wanted to watch k.hustle at 245 but afraid couldn't make it at first.. but in the end, rushed for it... so, i went to parade with jill at 3 to look for the job since the car's available... anyway, we went to fill in application for osim and gintell.. the basic salary for osim is 1.2k and hv commission while gintell only 600 basic salary but they have better commission plus intensive.. so, after everything's done.. jill has to meet up with her bf there.. oh yeah, saw chee yun working in parkson and wei tek met us there.. haha..
after that, loiter for about 5-10 min then shake says that their movie over dee and meet them in the bowling alley.. so, i met shake and her friends, huey wen, 'auntie' and a guy from ipoh.. (damn, i can't remember their names) unfortunately, one lane can only play 4 ppl only... so, i've to sit there and watch.. oh yeah, did i mention bout shake's hair?? hahaha..... it's so horrible... :P the fringe is like so short so looks like some china-girl like that.. in the end, i've to buy hair clip for her since i was so free that time.. hahaha

anyhow, they somehow managed to key in 5 names in the scoreboard.. so, i can play with them.. lol... the counter doesn't let me rent shoes, so, i've to share with the ipoh guy.... halfway playing, the screen says that the prepaid bill has expired, went to ask at the counter.. and they said that it's only for 4 ppl so, the number of bowls also follow that 4 ppl... WTF??? stupid parade....

Anyway, couldn't join them after that cause i got ping pong with yw and bj... haha. i wore jeans and the polo shirt to play... so HOT~! coulnd't play for lnog and went back b4 7.. then yw so cham.. like putus cinta.... haha.. he said he got a bad feeling bout MY...

went home for dinner... and my mum ask me whether wanna be music taecher in her school anot cause the current one was absent for work today; had family problems to settle... so, i kinda agreed into it and she said "great, start tmr" !!?!?!?!
i'm not even ready... my piano skills still needs brushing up.... so, i went to play some songs and my sight reading is still as bad.. hahaha oh welll.. F* it lar..
lazed around for a while and then went out with yee weng and boon jin at 930 plus... supposed to go to yum cha and listen to yw bout my... but ended up in tesco cause yw havent been there b4... after that, went to friends cafe.... drank some milk shake.. then off to bj's house to play comp.. we played quake 3 and cs:source all the way till 1 am.. then only go home...oh yeah, told my mum that i'm not gonig to work tmr dee. hehe...


Sunday, January 09, 2005

beep beep beep.. it was eng kiat's phone and it was set for 8am.. the next thing i know... i hear shower sounds from the toilet... and then after a few minutes or so.. a big "bump" on the bed.. then... "wake up~!" with a voice sounded like yvonne's...
oh well, rise and shine... washed my face and saw shake and omega already packing their stuffs.. went back to laze about on the bed again.. when my phone rang.. well, apparently, omega and shake won't be joining us for b'fast cause they couldn't sleep last night (mega 2 hours and shake 3) but licia was able to join us lar.. cause she wok e up late for church...
so, we packed our things.. got ready and went to dim sum in ming court.. we met up with kar wai there.. the amount we eat wasn't really that much but the price came out to be 60 plus compared to only RM123 the night b4...
anyway, the 2 guys wanted to buy soem souveniers b4 they leave and we have still some time to spare.. so, we ended up in a shop called florist and souveniers.. kinda like those malay wedding flowers? haha...anyhow, they bought a cup and some crystals...
by that time, we were already late for the bus... supposed to leave at 11 and it's already 1045... so, we sped off to the bus station at medan gopeng once they're done...
Back at the bus station.. eng kiat and MK suddenly handed the souveniers to von and kar wai.. said that it was for them.. haha.. how sweet and thoughtful of them.. haha.. we snapped some shots b4 they left and b4 you know it. i'm already back at home lying on my precious beddd....

Slept till 1 and i remembered i was supposed to go to cp's house.. already promised her.. and coincidentally, my sister is about to leave to the bus station also... but it turns out that her bus is at 2.30... oh well, i've to wait till then...
In cp's house, i just guided her with the ntu site and it took hours for her just to fill in the application form.. by the time she was done, it was about time for me to go back too.. cause she has to give tuition to guan sing's sister...
On the way back to my house (she fetched me), realised that her brake ain't working properly, so, suspected it was the brake oil.. went back to her house and the hood wouldn't open.. tried seeking for a mechanic near her place but he wasn't at home... ended up in caltex and the brake oil is practically empty.. tot that after we bought it from that petrl station and refilled it everything will be ok... but turns out that the brake still remains unchanged.. therefore, we went back to the petrol station and seek for help again only to find out that the pipe for the brake oil leaks.. haha.. so dangerous... so, cp has to drive very slowly all the way back to my place and then to hers... luckily it was just a short distance.
I went home.. slept again.. (lol) till dinner.. and right after dinner, i had to go to my mum's school to help her... we rearranged and cleared up the 'kitchen' space.. then, helped her chop and she sign some papers... spent almost 2 hour plus there...
well, came back.. and finally~! i'm able to online.. hahaha.. kay.. it's almost 2am now and i have to wake up early tmr to look for job with jill... nite..


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Outing with von and friends

woke up late in the morning.. cause i'd rather laze around on my bed to day dream... ate wan tan mee for bfast and watched "The One" on HBO while doing that.. just when i tot the whole day was going to be another routined day... well, at least my sister brought us to lunch at sun lee how fuk... ate quite filling there....

Reached home around 2.. settling down on my bed AGAIN.. when my sister asked whether i wanted to watch any movies in TGV.. Happily, I say YES~!.. haha
So, we went to watch kungfu hustle at 2.45 in which we left the house at 2.25~!! it was ok then if there was no traffic.. which apparently is worse than b4 cause they have the Tesco opened not long ago... fortunately, my dad drove.. (i think he still doesn't want me to drive cause he's not really into watching movie.. but then again, it's been years since he last watched one and well, it's a chinese movie anyway)

We actually reached there at 2.45.. where my dad dropped me first to purchase the tickets. Was so afraid that they dun sell it judging that we're late.. Luckily, they have.. haha... but i still have to wait for my dad to park the car b4 proceeding to the cinema.. I bumped into thean seng while waiting for my dad.. haha.. he was being flaked out by jovial (his date) Oh well, waited till about 3 then we went in.. Fortunately for us.. the movie just started.. haha... The show was not bad overall lar... it's kinda expected to be dumb funny lar... reached home at about 5 plus...

was looking forward for tonight's dinner though.. gonna eat in bkt tambun.. rested a while till 6. then get ready for the dinner... sigh, we left the house at 640.. and my parents have church at 7... and the JOURNEY, well, it's the timing that's bad.. every traffic light we go to.. MUST be red... and the jam in bercham was devastating.. in the end, i only reached von's house at 655 with only 5 more min for them back to church...

Anyway, met von's friends..mun khit {yes, sounds like monkey that's why ppl prefer to call him M K), eng kiat and kar wai.. then, we waited for the arrival of omega, shake and delicia.. so, off we go to bkt tambun~!!
i followed omega's car with shake and delicia in it.. and kar wai drove the other car.. well, there's 8 of us and we ordered 7 DISHES~! there's vege, fish, prawn, the siput babi, taufu, egg, lai liu har.. fortunately, the prawn's dish is smaller.. (think we asked for small judging that there's so many)
btw, i was supposed to go out with cp at 9 plus.. cause she said she's laeving to singapore and wanted to chat b4 she leaves... but too bad.. i'm having such a nice them with them.. went back to von's house and decide where to go next... Eventually, we ended up in cue1 cause we wanted to play pool.. it was the first time for shake, omega and licia, so.. had a tutorial session first b4 really started playing.. then, we had a few matches. and eng kiat is actually quite good in pool.. anyhow, just when we decided to go back... all of them last minute say wanna stay over in von's house to watch a vcd.. lol.. so, in the end, von has to fetch me back first to take my stuffs, then omega supposed to take shake back to take her stuffs and von will pick them up from mega's house..
anyway, as i was saying, von fetched me back home first.. but she has to buy prawn mee for her dad.. so, i took the opportunity to bath first..

Once gathered in von's place.. we 'settled down' abit first.. then, we went to chat while downloading pictures from von's camera to our thumbdrives... listened to some music.. get scolded from von's mum.. u get the drill..
after that, we went watched bridget jones diary 2... all the way till 4.. the other 2 guys was fast asleep... pity them.. they slept only for 3 horus the night b4 and they went to sunway that morning.. anyway, we retired at about 4 plus... and well, sweet dreams.. =)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

was being awaken by a telephone call at 10 plus... it was boon jin asking me to go to tesco now.. i was like "but i just woke up, let's make it at 11 kay?" then, i went back to my slumber sleep for like another 10 min.. hehe.. woke up, had my breakfast, helped to put up the flourescent light... got ready just in time and we left for tesco at 1050..

went to the parking area.. it was full~! in the end, we had to park behind jusco area and have to walk for about 5 min to reach the supermarket entrance.. my, was it big... there are misc stores at the lower level, like the friendly records, restaurants, food court, etc. Then we went up on this escelator where they're no steps.. so that trolleys are able to be used there.. We went shopping about, looking at ALL the the items... bumped into thean seng later and he joined us cause he dind't want to go back so soon with he parents. We bought pins for the air pump, dumb bells (2x5kg) for bj and i.. We didn't have trolley to carry those, so i had to go back all the way down stairs to get one... bumped into omega and his dad in the music department and siok kwan (our prefect ex-treasurer) on the way down.. There's this voucher thingy.. wehre you'll get a RM1 voucher for every RM30 purchase.. Well, our dumb bell costs RM29.90 ; short of 10 cents.. so, bj bought a 80 cents snickers and i bought a RM5 plus shaver... haha.. went to redeem our voucher and saw shakila working and thean seng went to flirt with rachel lau on the other counter..

After that, off to lunch at Cafe Hoong... the setting's changed.. it's not so bright and it's air-conditioned.. ate economy rice b4 heading to see the jusco new supermarket.. Went to see the RM25k plasma tv and wanted to see if the dumb bell there was cheaper.. See see, there's none being sold.. Went to look for some korean drama movie and visited yee hui on the way down.

The supermarket's been extended.. The old Pizza Uno location is being replaced by it.. Sushi only costs RM0.88 and there's this non-halal department, where it's hidden right behind of jusco at the wine department.. haha.. quite funny.. bj's mum calls it the dungeon.. At that time, my tummy is aching badly.. in the end, i had to use the jj toilet... bumped into siah's mom and the way there.. lol..

So much for my morning trip.. Off to now... =)


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2nd and last day i'm helping my mum out at school... this time, i was right on time (even though there's a heavy jam near makro) however, it was worse than yesterday the sales for the uniform.. hardly had any 'customers'.. eventually, we have to become doorman, babysitters for some time.. we played with some kids in the playground though.. cause some of them cried and the teacher took them to the playground to 'pujuk' them.. there's this girl, who has the name of clairol (reminds me of clairol herbal essence).. potential to be a pretty girl.. beautiful eyes and according to shake, very nice laughter.. hahaha... oh well, it turned out to be quite tiring as the day b4...
went for lunch at dai fong restaurant.. where we always hang out during physics tuition breaks... ate those chu yuk fun.. then she went to buy buttons.... by the time we went back to school, which was actually quite early.. it's as long as half a day.. (even it's just 2 hours plus).. nothing to do.. and the weather was so warm.. can die of boredom.. haha.. well, i pity shake though, cause she's not supposed to be there.. haha...
by time we reached home, i played one mission in AO.. then slept till almost 8.. haha.. when i woke up i tot it was middle of the night cause everything is so dark and quiet.. ate late dinner as usual even though i ate lunch b4 12.. lepakked around till 9 plus then onlined and played AO with jason and bj as usual... slept around 1 something? hmm.. chun heng craeted a new character to farm money...


Monday, January 03, 2005

first day of school~!! and i'm not excluded from waking up early.. had to help out in my mum's school to sell uniforms... the only person i felt bad for is shake cause i dragged her along with it.. haha... so, woke up at 730.. left house at 8.. and reach school at 835 (yeah, 5 min late)
the 'sales' wasn't as busy as previous years.. just the beginning it's quite busy.. cause that time parents just sent their children over.. middle of the session, there was nobody at all.. luckily there's a familiar face for me to chat with.. otherwise, i'd be bored to death.. morning session ended at 1045.. then, we went to ipoh gdn south for lunch.. mum gave me RM10 for the both of us.. our lunch costs us RM10 exactly.. haha.. ate koay teow and siu yuk.. yummy.. hehe.... then, i went back home to 'oh si' haha.. went back to school at 1230... chatted and sell clothes till about 3.. went home, bath.. read a few pages of the NLP book, then slept till dinner in the air cond room.. so warm~!! aihh...
when i woke up, dinner wasn't really ready yet.. the chicken is still being 'burnt' inside the turbo... so, i watched tv and only ate my dinner at 8 while watching those cantonses series.. after that, went online at 930... didn't played AO though.. hehe.. just lepakked aronud.. chattted abit... another long day tmr...


Sunday, January 02, 2005

woke up at 11plus.. near 12... haha.. been a lazy pig... didn't do much actually, got woken up by my mum, telling me what to do for tmr's uniform selling cause i asked shake for help.. i hate late breakfast and therefore late lunch.. ate lucnh while watching beverly hills ninja... haha... after that show, slept till dinner (cause nothing much to do since mum's having back tuition..)
at night, played AO with jason and boon jin... did some research on notebooks too cause shake was asking me and i needed to buy one for myself later.. +D


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year everyone~!!
woke up quite late at 10 plus today... got greeted with 'chiak sai' from shake in yahoo msngr which was sent to my hp.. haha.. relaxed most of the day.. went to some malay wedding in bandar baru tambun... came home, watch tv, played AO, go to church, come back, have dinner... and comp again.. haha.. that's about my life for the first day of a whole new year.. haha.. anyway, do enjoy 2005 and have a blessed year to everyone~!!