Monday, December 06, 2004

Wasted my whole morning in school. i went there to take my school leaving cert for my scholarship application. Unfortunately for me, when i reached there, Mr Louis just started his meeting. But luckily for me, i have Ian and Yew lok to accompany me there.. we waited for like until 11 plus only the meeting was adjourned. By then, Ian has alraedy left cause he has to rush for a camp in which the bus leaves at 11am. So, i have to help him ask to certify some stuffs and put it in his mailbox. Well, just when i thought as soon as the meeting was over, the procedure would be quite fast. But see see, there was a problem with the print out. The allignment was out of the range of the printing area. Luckily, it was just a small part which was then debugged by Mr Mathan who typed out the details of my certs with my own supervision.. lol..

By the time i reached home, it was already time for lunch.. Watched futurama on my sister's laptop and after that, pathetically played cs with bots.. Was quite tired after that, and tried to get some nap. Then, my sister pandai pandai ask me to go jogging in which i hesitated..hahah... tot i could get some sleep after that, but got a phone call from my mum and i had to fetch her back from school..


When i woke up, it was already 7 plus.. was quite surprised my parents never woke me up for dinner. Apparently, they already went out leaving me and my sis on our own accord. Ate leftovers whatever that's left from my mom's school which included some sandwiches, curry bun from foh san, currypuffs and egg tarts.. it was quite filling though, and appetising. Then, kinda lepak online, read mails, surf lowyat, etc. The usual stuff.. hmm, wat to do next??

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