Friday, December 17, 2004

wasted my whole day playing anarchy online.. it's a MMORPG game which had an offer that is, it's FOC until 06'... played from afternoon till evening b4 i go for carolling in elim... and the carolling, haha.. i tot i was late.. cause was still busy playing AO at that time...

for the first day, i actually cooked for myself; made meat and vege.. looks kinda delicious.. hehe... dun really like to cook esp if you're eating alone... have to 'defroze' the food first, then have to 'pou fan', have to cook, and aft eating, have to clean up everything.. sighh.. so time consuming... luckily not gonna cook for tmr...

in elim, all the songs they sing.. some of it never hear b4 wan.. and some songs got parts (joined bass).. :S my first and last practise.. dunno how am i gonna cope up... it's kinda like a small 'sketch' with christmas songs embedded to it.. then, we'll be walking in neighbourhoods singing..

came back, at around 10 plus.. played AO again.. till middle of the night.. if it's not for the carolling, think i've wasted my whole day.. damn, i easily get addicted to games... =(

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