Thursday, December 23, 2004

was out practically the whole day... woke up quite late cause been playing AO till 330am.. lol.. barely had time to prepare myself to meet up with my frens in jj at 12.. reached there aronud 1230 though... and we gathered together in coffee bean. siah, kar wai, omega, wai san and von were already there when i reached. chatted abit.. and bought tickets for the phantom of the opera.. 7 tickets altogether.. me, siah, von, omega, wai san, cindy and cheryl.. went to bamboo house for lunch and mei yin 'visited' us there.. she looked much prettier though.. suddenly, cindy says that ei leng is joining us for the movie.. in the end, we bought a ticket one row in front of us (and i took that place la)
the show was quite nice.. brings back alot of memories about my sister last time when she was 'christine' in her school play.. after the movie, we went back to coffee bean.. and lepaked there till everyone goes back... it was quite late though at that time.. and i had to rush home to cook myself dinner.. then i realised i forgot to buy present for thean seng's party.. so, i had to walk all the way to the opposite end of jusco to buy smoethign.. and the cashier was being so slooooowww.. sigh... by the time i've finished my 'shopping', realised it was too late, so i bought dinner for myself.. sigh..
went to thean seng's house at 930.. and no one was there.. not even thean seng..luckily jit vern fetched me there, otherwise, had to wait alone.. then, kah hon, boon jin, yeewun and amelia came... by 10.. still no sight of thean seng's friends.. around 1030 like that.. only they came and they had their carolling performance.. haha... it was quite alrite lar... just normal singings... no parts or whatsoever.. but it was ok...
then, we played some guessing name game.. need to follow some cues wan.. if you failed, that person can draw on your face/skin... hehe.. then we had the gift exchanging session where we take gifts randomly.. haha.. i bought this lizard thingy that expands to 600 times its orignal size when it submerges into water.. and a girl called gabriena (aih, steal and modified my name) took it.. haha... then i got 3 used cassette tapes of linkin park from a girl that looks like jac...
overall, the day was quite fun lar... tmr will have a half day AO then off to church... so fast xmas eve... =)


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