Friday, December 10, 2004

spent our morning still in christy's house... rosemary prepared breakfast.. and her kitchen.. wow.. you'll be shocked.. you open the cabinet intending to make a cup of milo from the 3in1 packets... and you noticed that it has expired since jun 2003.. take another packet of coffee.. well, that's not too bad... it just expired a few weeks ago... even the eggs in the fridge.. it's already been there for weeks.. hahaha
it's a surprised we don't get food poisoning..

we checked in in cititel at about 1 plus.. 2 rooms, one for alice and the children, and another for me and my mum... grace has to stay with rosemary cause she has to be there early for to prepare for the wedding as she is the bride's maid.. so, might as well...

we shopped in megamall.. (sigh, shopping with my mum and sis can be quite a bore in such a huge complex).. went for lunch in esquire kitchen and freelanced around the shopping mall by myself.. bumped into mun chai with the children, sarah and aaron in mph..later, went to watch ocean's twelve with brandon and lingwei in GSC...

brother joined us for dinner in esquire kitchen (yes, again).. bought shoes (YAY, new shoes~!), well, that's the only important thing for me. hahaha
went to bed after the mall closed


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