Wednesday, December 22, 2004

spent my whole morning and night playing AO again... teamed up with a guy called syntenin, woqelo and some some dunno what guy, lvl20 soldier.
afternoon, went for lunch with chin ping, sinn yi and wan yoe.. actually, i already made lunch myself, cause they're still lots of food in the freezer.. dun wanna waste it.. the day b4 also i found some spoilt vege... and guess wat, i forgot to wash clothes this morning.. only realised that after i bath and i see the bucket quite empty.. then i realised i already soaked it in soap water.. anyhow, i did made it quite on time.. well, perhaps 15 min late, but wan yoe reached later than me.. hehe.. went to secret recipe for lunch... i only had a drink which costs 6.50~!, cp & sy took tomyam soup which cost 11.50 i thnink.. and wanyoe? lol.. a kid's fish and chips set.. they had a cheese cake for dessert.. and wanyoe gave cp and i this fluffy little ball thing.. ok, so i thought it was a bit girlish to own one.. but we soon found out that she made that herself~!! (v hard to believe... haha)
saw quite a number of ppl in jj though.. sulina, pei shan, mr chin (at SC), yen shann, yee lyn, etc. didn't see siah though although she said that she saw me in SC and passed by there a few times..
after lunch, they went to shop.. for shoes and those transparent bra dunno why cp had to buy those.. probably dun wanna make it so obvious to lik wai when she's out with him later.. then, headed on to capcom.. wasted money to try and the drum sets and the keyboard thing (which so happened to be quite faulty!~!)
went to the new house after that to water the plants.. came back, well... after watering the plants and alll, back to AO.. hahaha..
jason, bj and i supposed to meet outside the general store at 830 after our dinner.. but bj was late cause he had to go to pm.. played a few team missions.. too bad jason had to fetch her cuz from the bus station... played until 12.. then jason and i 'ventured' our own through the subways... we recruited a few ppl.. and eventually, we teamed up syntenin (which i did that earlier and lvled up very fast) and it was the best team ever... we've journeyed right into the heart of subway.. but in the end, had to back off cause the others were dead and only left 3 od us (jason, me and syn).. played till 3 something.. haha... after dying a couple of times.. but it was quite an enjoyable moment.


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