Saturday, December 25, 2004

woke up at 9 am (it's quite early judging that i slept at around 3am) and did some house chores, check my mail and finally, lowyat's back online~!! need to know bout the MX510 orders... and they're supposed to COD at midvalley at 8... guess i've to pay extra RM10 for poslaju... sigh..
got lots of disruptions though... alot of phone calls... kai ma called all the way from NYC~!! how nice.. they said they've been looking for my house number from 8 something till 9 something (their time, which is still eve night over there) talked to them for quite some time.. and it was nice lar..cause it's been a while since i last communicated with them.. then, called chee lim... chatted with her for quite a while...
later, jit vern came with jin ann to have lunch together.. he came bringing unwrapped presents and all the other accessories to wrap presents.. but we decided to have lunch first before wrapping them.. so, we went to eat in dave's deli after calling up yee hui in jusco.. he had only one hour lunch break from 2 to 3.. all of us had lasagna while jin ann only had ice lemon tea..
jit vern shopped a while to buy gifts for his dad.. while me, well, i'm suppose to buy soemthing too but i dun haev anything in mind.. perhaps, shall ask my sis cause usually i'll be sharing presents with her. bumped into jinfei and andrew though in friendly.
went home, wrapped presents, feeling all exhausted.. and they had to go 'visiting'.. i almopst didn't want to go cause was feeling too the end, jin ann and i slept while jit vern drove us to guan sing's parent's shop.. handed him his present (which happened to be a sat there and drink a while and then we went to guan sing's house. he tried on his new clothes that was bought from jin ann in giordano.. went to dinner with yee hui and chee lim in anika selera.. but we went there late la.. cause jitvern got stopped by police for not stopping at the red light.. luckily he only gave a warning..
so, by the time we went there, cl and yh already finished eating.. and there wasn't anywhere to sit, so.. they left so that we could sit... ordered some koay teow and we got conned~!! 3 koay teow (si hum and egg) and it costs RM8~!! how to divide??? sighh..
reached chin ping's house at around 9... and when i went in there.. there was only chee lim, yee hui and chin ping there. i was like where's everyone?! then i wished chin ping merry xmas.. she didn't even choi ngo.. aihh.. means something bad must have really happened.. and so happens that kan yee lyn (one of the organisers) ffk cause her frens not coming.. hmm.. duno lar.. seems complciated..
in the end, there were only me,chinzwen and bf, chee lim, yee hui, chin ping, jit vern, jin ann, guan sing, anand, ee lin, wan yoe and sinnyi.. luckily sinnyi and wan yoe went out with chjin ping to buy back some food.. all those 'chap chap' stuffs.. hehe... then we had lots to eat.. got satay, wat tan hor, fried mee... then we played cho tai di till everyone goes back at about 1130... by that time.. everyone was like half dead liao...haha... but this christmas.. the first christmas without family.. well, that's how i spent it with my friends... :)


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