Tuesday, December 14, 2004

jze sern's and his dad came down.. treated my parents and my sister (not including me =( ) for lunch... have to eat alone at home... but i guess i'm gonna do that very often for the next few weeks...

went to parade after my long afternoon nap... alice bought some seiko watch which cost RM8++ , grace in bum city.. and me? sigh... just walking around... malls should have more shops for guys la.. =(
went to marrybrown's for some tea break.. and my sis asked me to do some car wash cause it's so dirty. luckily she's good enough to go to some carwash shop to do the job...
in the end, all i need to do is to clean the floor mats..

went bak kut teh for dinner.. saw kiat win there... come back, read some book.. play with nieces... damn... my lfie sounds so pathetic... =(


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