Saturday, December 11, 2004

had a complimentary breakfast (buffet style) in the hotel.. i think the amount of food we devoured cover up most of our cost... hahaha... ok, to hell with food... back to the salient events...
checked out at around 1330.. went straight to the assumption church.. had lunch at A&W.. had some coney dogs, stole chicken from my sis... that's bout it.. hehe...

then, the wedding ceremony.. the moment i reach there... i saw my sis.. with her cleavage all appealing and seems almost to be half naked... then, the church has to cover that up with a black scarf... lol... my sister then arrived in a car where shahrukhan sat b4.. haha.. wow, she looks stunning with that cheongsam... they paid photographers to do a candid shot the whole day.. and one of them, a lady, kept on taking photographs of ashley.. the wedding was accompanied by showers of blessigns (it was raining heavily outside) and drizzled as soon as it was over..

we went back to shireen's place (bro's gf) and rested there till dinner.. james is really a good cook lar.. he made sandwiches that looks like those you get from the classy restaurants..

at the wedding dinner, which is in some bungalow that was converted to a restaurant, it was like some academy award event.. ladies dressing up all elegant and posh, greeting each other in a fashionable manner.. but the ambience was superb... it's some kind of those you see in "my best friend's wedding" with tents outside the garden, and also tables in the house la.. rosemary and christy has a special table for 2 and the family members of both sides sat next to them.. the MC, also the best man, became the life of the event.. he's hilarious, damn good singer and macho too.. and christy's frens.. are like thoes mexican type of ppl.. hahaha... loud and crazy and talks gibberish.. and there's this guy called edward, one of christy's fren, is so pervertish and likes my grace.. haha.. (must be the breasts i suppose)

overall, the dinner was great though i could hardly remember what i ate.. it was so little that we had to go for supper after that.. haha.. it's not like those traditional chinese dinner.. the moment you come in, the receptionsists (grace and wei na) would ask "would you like to have chicken or fish?" haha... imagine.. and the main course (i chose the chicken) came out to be so small.. with 3 long pieces of chicken breast.. my mum's even better.. she has BOTH chicken and fish..compliments from the owner of the place.. after the whole dinner, they had a houseparty in the main hall where everyone danced in a pub-like manner.. and my MUM.. so damn sporting... lol... that was why it took us so long to leave the place.. haha

went back to shireen's place after that, changed and it's off to ipoh.. it was almost midnight that tiem.. and as i said b4, we went out for supper cause all of us are still hungry... then my brother so funny.. reminded us of his own bday. hehe....
reached home at about 330 in the morning..

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