Thursday, December 16, 2004

first official day to be home alone.. Woke up early to clean the house, sweep and mop the flooor, clean up some mess,.. so that dun humiliate myself with a messed up house when my frens come.. siah was delayed as first though.. supposed to come at 10... but in the end, came at 1030... we're making baked macaroni.. lol..

right after she came, i've to fetch omega, shake and delicia... went to jj to shop for ingredients... (and siah forgot the shopping list, so have to rely on her memory).. almost got everything in jj, except for some mozzarella cheese which is unavailable in jj due to the renovation (the frozen food section is not available)... have to go back all the way to omega's house, take the makro card from her mom, then to makro...
bought sausages and the cheese there..

printed out the recipe from the comp, and preparation began~! first, we boiled water for the macaroni and the chicken cubes.. shake chopped the sausages, delicia fried them.. after the macaroni is cooked, siah fried them together with the sausages in a super big pan... she even spilled some of it... (should get a stool for her next time).. after everything, we baked the mixed macaroni and sausages with the cheese as the surface.. and omega, well, she helped abit lar.. hehe.. but was busy with the comp most of the time.. while waiting for the macaroni to be baked in the oven, delicia made the soup... oh yeah, we bought sunkist orange juice to be shared among all of us... :D

we made 2 trays.. and it was so filling~!! we only managed to finish one tray for lunch.. means the other whole chunk is to be eaten for dinner.. how could i manage to finish that man!? only managed to finish 5/9 of it for dinner... hehe.. fortunately, managed to import help from chin ping to finish it... for supper. lol...

after lunch, we chill out and chit chat in the air-conditioned room... the weather was so blardy hot... aihh...then see omega's photos for dunno what ceremony... helped her scanned some pics and uploaded to friendster.. siah went back slightly early though, at 4 while the rest at 530... quite tiring... *yawwnn*


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