Friday, December 03, 2004

feel so hungry now.... everyone's taking a break.. played since 9am till now. too bad for yew lok, wasted half a day cause his comp got network problem after removing a virus.. played cs till afternoon, then mohaa.. wanted to play NFSU but got cdkey problem...

for the LAN party, we're supposed to have 2 teams... each team in one room.. first team is in boon jin's bedroom consisting of boon jin himself, thean seng, jason and yee weng... while the others are xing min, di lun, yew lok and me! which is just the room beside boon's room that's being connoected through the toilet.. lol, thean seng's a good snipist while yee weng? sigh.. always camping.. then there's this map called "de_ratz" where all of us are miniature size humans inside a kitchen.. CS's started off in a freezer while terrorist (who's supposed to plant a bomb by the sink) starts off in the opposite room... hahaa.. they even got a matrix poster on the table and condoms isnide some drawers...

btw, sister's back from singapore early this morning.. too bad for her, i took away our router cause supposed to be used for our network.. but luckily, boon jin managed to get a 5 port switch from his dad's office, which means there's of no necessity for my router..

sigh, so bored now.. di lun's busy chatting with msn.. over the other room, boon jin and yee weng playing fifa, jason and yew lok playing gunbound... thean seng? hmm.. surfind friendster again i guess.. and xing min's just walking aronud.. haha.. guess he's worse than i am... *sighs*

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