Thursday, December 02, 2004

exam is over.. and here comes LAN party.! woke up early in the morning to clean up the house b4 proceeding to boon jin's house.. started off by wiping the house window from 7 something.. then, have to scrub the garden's seat and table.. cause my dad just bought a new swing to replace the old garden seat and while i was cleaning my room,i have to help out my mom with her school's petty cash thing.. cause she just hired a new clerk and i kinda need to 'guide' her with excel stuffs...

after that only i could move on to boon jin's house.. and oh yeah, my dad finally gave me the permission to bring my comp there after persuading and telling him the whole BIG situation.. oh well, went there, set up my comps and played cs source.. around 7-8 of us are there though.. partly cause some 'members' still have their bio paper in the afternoon... boon jin, yee weng, thean seng was there first.. then chun hao came with seng hui.. should look at the team's spirit la... right after their paper, jason and yew lok came over liao. hahah... but they have to go for some steamboat thingy in MP at 7.. too bad i arleady told my mom that i'm going home for dinner..

it's all so different at home without my comp and my mum's taking a one month break of tuition cause they're going to aus in the middle of the month.. stuck with my sis for half the month..
oh well, gotta cont now... tmr's the big day... =)


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