Tuesday, December 21, 2004

didn't do much today.. played AO...in the morning, i teamed up with a guy called Adamstrange.. well, he's quite a 'licik' guy.. ask me not to loot anything, and he keeps everything to himself, said that by the end of the day he'll split the money with me.. in the end, only gave me 2k.. whereas we killed quite a number.. ku ma came earlier with some tong yuen for me.. then, she bought lunch for me too.. how nice of her.. sister asked me to do some NTU subj registration thingy which was quite frust cause it loads so damn slow..
evening, painted the store room.. then went to chee lim's house to 'cho tong yuen' the tong yuen wasn't really that nice lor.. compared to how my mum made and the one that ku ma brought this morning.. but they said they like those soft soft and squishy ones... haha...
for dinner, sigh.. was quite a disaster.. found some spoilt vege.. and took the fresh ones out of it to cook.. then made the chu yuk peng.. dunno why.. but it ended up tasteless and i think i overcooked it.. probably i forgot to add something when i season it.. sighh.. but basically, just spent the whole day in front of the comp. sigh, what to expect when you're all alone in the house with nothing to do???


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