Friday, November 26, 2004

it's been a while.. never noticed i still had a blog till i browse around other ppls blog from lowyat.. lol... been reading back my old one and had a few good laughs, so.. what the heck.. might as well continue it...

stpm's gonna over soon!! 5 more days... having my PA book on my lap now while surfing around.. haha... busy making wallpapers for my upcoming LAN party.. sigh, have to persuade my dad again to bring my comp... his reason for me not to take it is afraid of the probability to knock the comp.. ?!?!?!
sheesh.. all the other 9 players dun have problem.. whereas i'm the only one who has a father whose being so protective over the computer when i am the one who NEEDS to use the computer..
probably he dind't know the fact that it's not some small time thing... my friend's been planning it since middle of the year now...

was talking to becky over the webcam in msn at around 9 seomthing...hyperactive woman.. she went for clubbing.. went home at around 2am plus... and still wanna chat... then get to see some of her 'leng lui' friends over there in reading.. haha... she looks kinda chubbier liao.. after all the potatoes for her meals i suppose.. but it looks better la.. no more skin and bones....

anyway, need to get back to studying... 5 more papers to go in 3 days.... *sigh*

some samples of the wallpapers..

original version

one of the edited ones..

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