Saturday, June 05, 2004

Such a peaceful saturday morning here in sabah.. the weather is cloudy, everything's so quiet..probably cause my 2 nieces ain't around for they have followed my 2nd sister to 'escort' sache to the airport.. i'm not able to blog yesterday night to 'record' the events for yesterday cause i had a terrible diarrhoae which lasted the whole night.. fortunately, the pain is gone now.. the only pain that still lingers are my thigh, buttock and backbone muscles (not to mention a minor headache too).. probably cause i've overstrained myself from the beach yesterday..

hmm... about yesterday, well, it was quite an exhausting but exhilirating experience.. we started off at 9 in the morning.. the boat's supposed to be scheduled to leave at 930 but we were a bit late... but it doesn't really matter.. cause we rented the whole boat for ourselves..

The boat ride was a thrilling affair!! the boat literally flew up and down, splashing into the waves, with the sea water splahed into all of us.. the 2 kids especially, really enjoyed themselves.. i didn't know how long the boat ride lasted, maybe 10-15 minutes? not sure.. but we arrived safely on the manukan island.. the moment we reached the jetty, we saw schools of fishes swimming around.. it was beautiful! the sight from the jetty on the island was really absurd.. the swaying trees, the sandy beaches and most importantly of all, the sea is beautiful...

Settled ourselves down at some picnic table for tourists.. we picked the one near the jetty cause there's a big crowd at the far end of the beach... First, we surveyed around the whole island..then there was this buffet lunch which is at a cost of RM60 per head.. the seafood are so fresh! but it's actually abit pricy plus the fact that we already prepared sandwhiches and junkfoods early in the morning.. After surveying around, it's time for a SWIM!! the main purpose to be there is actually for snorkeling.. therefore, we practised to breath through the gadget before going to the snorkeling place.. *sigh* it's not as simple as it seems though.. swallowed loads of sea water while practising to snorkel.. Finally, after much hardwork, we managed to stay under the sea for quite some time.. Then, it's time for us for the real experience!!

We went to a place which is supposed to be rich with fishes.. The water was clear, no doubt.. but we couldn't really find any fishes.. Only one small spot where we can only see several fishes swimming around.. After some time there, we went back to our 'territory' and rested for a while.. Yiche then suggested to snorkel near the jetty where we saw the abundance of small little fishes.. I was the first to go there, cause the others are lying down dead on the poncho which was then used as a picnic mat.. Anyway, there really was alot of fishes there.. the only setback is that the water was quite muddy.. I saw this really big colourful fish.. seems like the colours of rainbow actually..

By the time everything was over.. i was dead tired! think i overstrained myself.. lol.. at around 4, we went island hopping to sapi island and the other islands which was just all around... the ride wasn't as thrilling as before cause the boat speed wasn't really fast.. We went back to the harbour, ate some fried chicken there then settled down back at home.. Everyone dropped dead on their respective bed.. and me, i was busy visiting the toilet frequently... *sigh*

Oh well, we'll be leaving to Tambunan now... ciao!

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